12 Brilliant Bathroom Light Fixture Ideas Hunker

August 19, 2018 4:16 am by sandiego
Midcentury bathroom
Look for simple lines even in pendant lights midcentury bathroom
12 Brilliant Bathroom Light Fixture Ideas Hunker

Wall lights are generally installed for ambient, or mood, lighting. There is no specific standard height for wall lights. The proper height for any wall light depends on numerous factors, such as the design and purpose of the light, the style of your decor and the height of the ceiling. Take all these into consideration when you determine the height that will work best for a wall light in your home.

Install the wall sconces at a height that prevents a glare or blinding effect. Other lights, such as a string of lights, can be installed along the floor or ceiling to shine just a bit of light in a home theater or along a hallway. Hang wall lights just above or below special artwork to highlight the piece without creating a glare or shadow. Use wall sconces as accent lighting to create a soft glow in the room for a comfortable feel. Sconces that have colored glass covers or a dimmer provide a warmer, softer glow.

Install wall lights according to what makes sense in your home.

When California-based designer and blogger Brittany Chinaglia of The Vintage Rug Shop decided to remodel her bathroom, she opted for elegant wall sconces hung vertically on either side of the vanity mirror. Lighting the length of the mirror provides radiant ambient light where you need it most, and a fixture with long T8 showcase bulbs like the handmade Vista 2 by Cedar & Moss ( $179 ) is definitely up for the task.

A light fixture without a shade is not for everyone, but if you are like us and love the modern simplicity of an exposed bulb, then look no further — we have just what you need. Both beautiful and budget-friendly, CB2’s Plate Brass Wall Sconce ( $59.95 ) is a great option, and it features a warm brass backdrop perfect for spotlighting your favorite bulb. Who needs a shade when you’re picture perfect just the way you are?

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Generally, you don’t want to be able to see the bulb inside the wall light fixture, which makes 60 to 66 inches from the floor a frequently-seen hanging height. Stay closer to 60 inches if the ceilings are low … 8 feet or less. Alternatively, consider installing the lights slightly higher than 66 inches from the floor if the ceiling is 10 feet or higher.

The classic flared bell jar silhouette is such a fun fixture to add to any space, especially in the bathroom because it is not something you typically see. The Lumens Caravaggio Pendant by Cecilie Manz ( starting from $382.50 ) automatically gives the space a slight industrial edge. Not to mention you get warm ambient uplight from the open top in addition to the concentrated down light from the bottom of the pendant, so basically it’s a win-win!

If you’re still stumped about exactly where to hang your lights, follow the general rule of 80 to 85 inches from the floor to the bottom of your over-sink light, and about six feet from the floor to the bottom of your sconces surrounding the mirror. These are just guidelines, however, and you should try to hang the lights at a height that looks appropriate in your room.

Strategic placement of these contemporary bistro-style wall sconces enhances the visual effect of symmetry created by the two-sink vanity. And bonus, your loo will get an extra boost of brightness courtesy of that additional light reflected off of the vanity mirror. The Tribeca 1-Light Wall Sconce by Sonneman ( $290 ) is a beautifully modern take on the traditional bistro wall sconce, and mounting two horizontally above your mirror would look quite lovely.

Adding anything vintage to your space is an easy way to add charm and character, especially when it comes to lighting. Take it from self-proclaimed “design junkie” Victoria Smith of the blog SFGirlbyBay. She found a beautiful vintage Venetian glass pendant ( $114.62 ) on Etsy to tie her bathroom remodel together just perfectly.

Bathroom lighting is an essential design element in its own right, so your fixtures ought to enhance your decor just as much as your flooring and furnishings. Why not add a little retro flair to spruce up your bathroom vanity? The Candlestick Pendant Light by CB2 ( $70 ) is a great option, with its fun modern take on the classic candlestick.

Bathroom lighting is often an afterthought when tackling home decor, but it won’t be after you check out these striking light fixture installations. We’ve found some of the best modern, midcentury, industrial, and downright avant-garde lighting inspiration. So, don’t be shy. Show your bathroom some love, and make a statement with one of these 12 brilliant bathroom light fixture ideas.

According to the American Lighting Association, your bathroom mirror is the most critical location in your home for proper lighting, and they’ve even got a formula to help you get it right. Light fixtures on both sides of the vanity mirror equals the best possible bathroom mirror lighting. So it goes without saying that this fixture should be very special, and chosen with care. Our vote, hands down, is the lovely Madeline Sconce from Arteriors ( $495 ) that comes with a pretty teardrop-shaped glass shade and natural iron back plate.

If you’ve chosen vanity lights which are made to be hung on either side of your vanity mirror, you’ll have more flexibility in height. Hang your light fixture at your eye level to reduce shadows and make performing tasks such as applying makeup easier. This rule works best for bathrooms that you’ll be using primarily. If you’re hanging lights in a bathroom that will mostly be used by guests, aim for a height that’s even with the average eye level.

Just because you’re in the bathroom doesn’t mean that your light fixtures can’t be every bit as stylish as the rest of your design-savvy abode. Perfect for a more transitional bathroom scheme, the Vista 2 by Cedar & Moss ( $179 ) is a cool, modern take on the traditional bathroom vanity light bar.

Many people opt for two- three- and four-light fixtures to install above their sink and mirror. If you’ve chosen this route, hang your fixture just above the mirror, leaving one or two inches of wall space between the bottom of the light and the top of the mirror. If your mirror is also a medicine cabinet, do not install the light so low that it inhibits the opening of the cabinet.

The style of the wall light and its size also play a role in determining how high you hang it. For example, install large, ornate Victorian-style fixtures on a large wall in a large room, and high enough so the bottom of the fixture doesn’t meet the heads of family and guests walking by. On the other hand, smaller sconces will look more natural in a smaller room, lower down on the wall … even paired with a small piece of wall art.

Orlando Sorias, the West Coast Creative Director of Homepolish, knows a thing or two about designing a beautiful bathroom. He transformed the bathrooms in his L.A. condo from the self-described ’80s nightmares that they were to the bright and modern spaces you see today. The Beat Fat Pendant in black by Tom Dixon ( $550 ) juxtaposed with the white walls and flooring definitely makes a bold statement that has grabbed our attention.

Bathroom lighting hung correctly can make bathroom tasks easier.

We love the clean aesthetic of simple, understated pendants hanging at the vanity. Functional and yet minimal in design, so not to be visually disruptive, designer Sarah Sherman Samuel implemented this technique in her client’s bathroom perfectly. The midcentury-inspired mini Archer Pendants that she designed for Cedar & Moss ( $189 ) are a beautiful alternative to a traditional bathroom vanity light bar.

Wall lights that are installed for a particular task, such as grooming in a bathroom or reading in bed, require a particular height that makes sense. Two wall sconces on each side of a bathroom or bedroom vanity mirror should be installed slightly above eye level. For example, install the lights at about 60 to 66 inches from the floor on each side of a mirror that hangs over a vanity. Install wall sconces just above the headboard or a few inches above where your head is when you sit up in bed to read.

The dazzling glow of vanity lights provides you with the perfect backdrop to start every day feeling like the star of your own show. And who doesn’t want that? We sure do, which is exactly why we love the idea of framing the bathroom mirror with a little bit of glamour, like the Aura Light by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio ( starting from $375 ). This stunning, exposed bulb fixture not only provides amazing task lighting, but it also adds a romantic detail to your vanity that pretty much guarantees you and your loo will be picture perfect.

The lights you choose to install in your new or remodeled bathroom help set the feel and character of the space. However, nothing can ruin a bathroom’s look like lighting installed at an awkward height. Finding the right height to hang your bathroom lighting is as simple as following a few easy steps.

Always follow manufacturer installation instructions and guidelines on bulb wattage. Follow your local lighting codes, and never install lighting yourself if you’re inexperienced. Work with an experienced electrician when possible. Try to have your mirror available and present when the lights will be installed so you can choose the best height and width.

Have you ever stood in front of the bathroom mirror and wished you could move the vanity light a little lower? Well, your wish is our command! An adjustable wall sconce is a great light fixture to have in the bathroom precisely because of its flexibility and versatility. The 20th C. Library Double Sconce by Restoration Hardware ( $259 ) has three joints to increase its range, not to mention the industrial aesthetic will work splendidly with different design styles.

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