14 Stylish Ceiling Light Ideas For The Kitchen Hunker

August 18, 2018 8:18 am by sandiego
Turn a wall light into a ceiling light
Industrial ceiling light kitchen
14 Stylish Ceiling Light Ideas For The Kitchen Hunker

If you’re looking for an elegantly simple pendant that offers a soft, warm glow then this is the fixture for you. The Above Pendant provides both downlight and discreet uplight through the curved opening at the top. The interior of this conical shaped Danish pendant is painted with matte white paint to ensure that light is distributed evenly. The result: A subdued and pleasant ambiance perfect for cozying up with your favorite book.

Just because you chose to pair three pendant lights together, doesn’t mean they all have to hang at the same height. Add a little variety and adjust each fixture’s cord length to create a dynamic, staggered cluster. To make it easier, you can even buy a fixture that is pre-grouped in a visually interesting arrangement.

Last but certainly not least, the Catalina Bronze Pendant is a charming accent that is just begging to be added to an industrial or modern style dining room or kitchen. The versatility of this one-light pendant’s bronze finish allows it to blend effortlessly into any color palette, making this one decor decision that you absolutely won’t regret.

Not all great ceiling lights come from upscale brick and mortars. This matte black pendant can be purchased from Home Depot. Large enough to fly solo in a foyer or above your dining room table, the BAZZ’s sleek coupe-shaped design is inspired by the gold and black decor of the Art Deco design era.

14. Alta Brass Dome Chandelier from Lawson-Fenning, starting at $1,150

16. Catalina Bronze Finish Metal Farmhouse Pendant Lamp from Kohl’s, $89.99

Whether you choose to group these hanging lights together over a long kitchen table, or have one pendant stand alone in your home’s foyer, the 251 First Uptown Pendant is an eye-catching fixture that complements a variety of design styles. Made from natural brass, the sleek design (reminiscent of a traditional water vessel) can be the perfect way to add a little something special to your humble abode.

There are those who set out to overhaul their home and leave the kitchen as an afterthought. And then, there are the rest of us who would prefer to spend every waking second in a big, beautiful kitchen, and every single detail — down to the backsplash — matters. If you’re of the latter persuasion, then a stylish ceiling light (or lights) in the kitchen is a must. Forget about recessed lighting, or the standard-issue, ceiling-mount fixture that came with your apartment — here are 14 brilliant ceiling light ideas to illuminate your kitchen with style and grace.

1. BAZZ 1-Light Black and White Wood Pendant from Home Depot, $140.64

Fluorescent lights are undoubtedly energy savers as well as long-lasting sources of brilliant illumination. However, their light can sometimes be too harsh, and the fixtures themselves are often ugly. You can have environmentally friendly lights that are also attractive. Start with a basic box to surround the exposed lights — available at most stores selling fluorescent lights — or build your own, and use diffuser panels and draperies creatively to disguise the bulbs beautifully.

11. 251 First Uptown Natural Brass One-Light Pendant from Bellacor, $106

We love the idea of installing a light fixture that is more art than utility. If you have the space, why not go for double the trouble with chandelier effect pendants?

A unique cluster of seven tapered candle sleeves, the Fulton Seven-light Chandelier is a splendid fixture. Visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing, this fixture’s sculptural industrial design would look amazing in a foyer. This chandelier, also available in a 13-light option, is constructed without glass, and finished in bronze giving it a warm, vintage vibe that we can’t get enough of.

There are a plethora of things to consider when looking for the right ceiling lights for your home. Whether you want to soften the colors in your kitchen, or use directional light to display art pieces in your living room, lighting can make or break a room design. If done correctly, a ceiling light can change the look and feel of any style room. Here are 16 modern ceiling light options that are guaranteed to spruce up your digs.

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Turn ordinary shop lights into a lovely art piece for your ceiling. Measure the length and width of the fixture(s) you plan to cover, and build an open wooden box sized to fit around them with 2 inches or so of space on each side and underneath. Cut an acrylic panel to fit the top of the box, and drill holes along the sides for fastening it to the wood. Attach the light box to the ceiling joists using L-shaped brackets attached to the inside of the box so they do not show. Decorate the plastic panel with stained glass paints, parchment or transparent photos on the side that will face the inside of the box. Screw the panel in place, and take a look at your illuminated masterpiece.

If you’ve been looking for a fixture that is just a little bit edgy, and a little bit rock-n-roll, then the Hagne Chandelier could be the piece you’ve been dreaming of. The chic sculptural two-tier design features two bulbs nestled within each aluminum tube tier, running parallel to one another. Casting light outwards and creating plenty of diffuse light, this striking black and gold pendant would look incredible in any modern pad.

This home’s kitchen design is sleek and modern. Natural elements like palm fronds and a woven bamboo pendant bring the outdoors in to create an earthy texture and warmth that we couldn’t approve of more.

The Mobile Chandelier is an elegant dance of balance and light. A modern (and grown-up) take on the baby mobile from your childhood nursery, this fixture’s asymmetrical frame and adjustable arms make it truly unique. This chandelier’s ambient light and intriguing shape will be a perfect addition to your home’s design.

While stainless steel is nice, there is something delicately beautiful about brass. This kitchen fully embraced the romantic finish by incorporating brass hardware with a brass surface mount ceiling fixture, which ties this culinary dream together masterfully.

You definitely don’t want to judge this light fixture by the exterior cover. More than just your average pendant light, the Skygarden is a stunning piece of art. While the outside of the dome is elegantly understated and minimal in design, the Skygarden Pendant’s true beauty lies within — on the inside of the dome. Designed by Marcel Wanders, the dome’s interior features an elegant white plaster floral motif that will leave your dinner guests drooling for more.

You can’t go wrong grouping three simple pendant lights above your kitchen island. Just be sure to double check the length of your island to ensure that you have enough space for this balanced look.

Mixing antique and modern styles never looked so good! The Intueri Light SS-5 Pendant is a playful design that combines a Victorian-like ceiling medallion with minimalist metal discs. Although the design may be whimsical, this fixture takes its job very seriously. The pendant’s metal disc shades act as reflectors directing light downward and providing plenty of illumination.

Geometric elegance describes the Mod Geo Pendant perfectly. This glamorous fixture’s chic design demands to be the star of the show, adding drama to any room it’s installed in. Ideal for a dining room, this contemporary gem won’t go unnoticed and will be the perfect accompaniment to all of your fabulous dinner parties.

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7. Fulton Seven-Light Chandelier from Hinkley Lighting, $1,399

There is something so effortlessly stylish about an exposed bulb hanging from the ceiling — even the way you knot the cable becomes part of the design. This look gets an A+.

The Bell Pendant Light, as you may have guessed, was inspired by the bell form. This pendant, intended to bring people together, was a labor of love for design duo Jacob Rudbeck and Andreas Lund, along with Normann Copenhagen. “…the bell has historically been used to call people to come together—to gather people. With its bell shape, Bell can also be used to create a cozy place to gather in the room,” according to Rudbeck and Lund.

Designed by Taf Architects for Muuto, the Ambit LED Pendant Light is delicately crafted by artisans. In keeping with Scandinavian tradition, the aluminum is hand polished, hand painted, and press spun. We love this fixture in the color Rose, but it’s available in a variety of hues that will add character to almost any modern space in your home.

Make a round fluorescent light disappear beautifully using hula hoops for a light box. Sew a wide hem on each long side of a strip of lightweight cloth about 12 inches across and twice the length of a hula hoop measured around the circumference. Open the hoops temporarily at their seams, and slide the cloth hems over the full length of each, gathering the folds on the hoops. Reattach the ends of the hoops, covering the seams with the cloth ends. Sew a cutout circle, the same size as the opening, to the bottom of the lowest hoop. Hang the cloth and hula hoop cylinder over the fluorescent fixture using fishing line to suspend it from cup hooks in the ceiling.

Can you say, “tres noir-chic?” This ceiling light features an intricate pulley system, which is the perfect addition to any industrial-themed space. The elegant black finish beautifully complements the black millwork and decorative accents throughout.

When you hear the word “chandelier” your mind might immediately conjure images of beautiful crystal and handblown glass fixtures suspended from the ceiling, but rules were made to be broken. You don’t need a 14-foot vaulted ceiling to enjoy the sophistication of a chandelier. The gorgeous Alta Brass Dome Chandelier is a 12-inch high, semi-flush mount, and perfect for homes with lower ceiling heights. This fixture is sure to turn heads.

Originally designed by Poul Henningsen, the Louis Poulsen PH 50 Lamp is one of DWR’s best-selling light fixtures. The pendant is masterfully designed to emanate glare-free light using a layered shade with various sizes and shapes to direct light both horizontally and vertically. The lamp comes in a variety of colors so you can really get creative. Install the Coconut White in an all-white kitchen for a monochromatic scheme, or go with the Mint Blue for a modern, retro vibe.

This Scandinavian-inspired kitchen takes minimalism to the next level. We can’t take our eyes off of the unique mini pendants with exposed bulbs hanging above the kitchen island. Complemented by the warm wood millwork and decorative accents throughout, their brass finish really shines.

These pendant lights are modern creations based on retro style. The classic style chain is a throwback, and the brass finish of the dome-style shade gives it an updated feel. Timeless, yet very of the moment, we love the interplay between the incredibly trendy rose gold accessories and the more traditional-finished brass hardware.

10. Muuto Ambit Pendant Light from Danish Design Store, $349

When School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) student Victoria Kim was asked for the second annual Design Collab with CB2, “What does ‘live well’ mean in the context of home design?” she thought about the people closest to her who make life brighter. The SAIC Together Pendant Light is a beautiful representation of that “brightness.” Made up of eight different sized glowing glass orbs, this fixture projects a luminous glow perfect for a kitchen or dining room, providing enough light so that your guests can pass the salt with ease.

Who says a chandelier is for the living or dining room only? Why not stick a giant work of illuminated art in the center of your kitchen ceiling? Placing a chandelier or an oversize fixture in the kitchen tells your dinner guests that it’s okay to come in, and that the kitchen isn’t just a place for cooking and cleaning.

Build an open board framework with 1×6-inch planks fastened together on edge, then painted or stained as desired. Drill four small holes – one near the bottom of each corner about 1/4 inch from the bottom edge. Cut two appropriately sized dowels, and slide them from the outside of each hole on one side across the box and into the holes opposite. Use those as curtain rods to gather sheer curtains sewn to fit across the underside of the light box. Fasten small screw-eyes into the top edges at the corners to hang the box from decorative hooks in the ceiling joists. The draperies will lend a pretty, diffused glow to a room.

6. Above Pendant for Louis Poulsen from Design Public, starting at $312

Many homes come with a standard flush mount fixture attached to the ceiling like a glowing orb. You, on the other hand, are anything but standard — so naturally, this won’t stand. Change out that basic glass shade, and turn that ceiling area into a work of art. We just adore the DIY starburst flush mount fixture that the girls at A Beautfiul Mess created using a little spray paint and the frame of a mirror.

We don’t know how kitchens became gendered, but when you tell someone you’re going for a dark, masculine vibe this is probably what they imagine. One of the many things we love about this look is that it presents the perfect opportunity to experiment with industrial lighting. For example, these sophisticated drop pendants are a handsome complement to the exposed pipework and ceiling beams.

Oftentimes a glorious pair or trio of pendant lights is featured over the kitchen island or dining nook, but the area over the sink deserves some love, too. These light fixtures are perfectly located to help you see exactly what you’re washing.

We never would have thought to use a swing arm wall sconce as an overhead fixture, but this kitchen pulls it off splendidly.

The Cosmo Pendant Lamp is out of this world! The sculptural shape is formed with spirals of iron wire that come together to create a contemporary and mesmerizing globe. This space-age pendant looks best with a vintage filament bulb, but fair warning: You will have a hard time tearing your eyes away from this stunner.

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