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20 Best Lamp Sets May 2018

20 Best Lamp Sets May 2018 20 Best Lamp Sets May 2018

When it comes to lighting angle, this lamp is extremely versatile. It can basically do every twists and turns a ballet dancer can. Want to move your seat to the other side of the table without moving the heavy base? The lamp can make a 180 degree spin on its “leg”. Its body, meanwhile, accommodates folding and stretching to a large extent. Even the head can nod to give extra light or avoid glare to your eyes.

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First impression: the lamp is much more sturdy and solid than it looks in the picture. It’s well-balanced, with a simple top and a very heavy base. This slim lamp is by no means a fragile baby. It will survive even the fiercest cat fights.

For ultimate brightness, you can turn the 3 lights on at the same time. With long arms growing from the same stem into opposite directions, reaching the height of 80”, the lamp can cover a large area and easily light up a whole room on its full intensity. When a dimmer environment is preferred, you can turn off one or two of the lights.

Multiple warmth and brightness levels Remembers previous settings Adjustable lighting angle Has USB port to charge other devices Firm strong base

Although strong in intensity, the light produced is very natural and pleasant to the eye at 3000K in temperature. That’s the warm white spectrum that promotes a soft, cam, and relaxing atmosphere to wherever it shines to.

Here’s a color temperature table from SOURCE for your reference:

Gentle warm light Adjustable height Matchy matchy design Space-efficient Durable and heat-free LEDs Easy to resemble

10. Brightech Contour – Best Modern Floor Standing Reading Lamp

As per my observation, it does get into a very pleasant setting – soft and slightly warm light. However, it doesn’t seem to adjust any further as the light environment changes. I had expected it to maybe become warmer and dimmer when I turn off the background light, for example, which it didn’t. I have stable background light in my room so this is not an important feature to me in the first place, but it would be nice if it worked better.

Nothing adds more style and coziness to a bedroom than a classic wall mounted lamp with a warm shade. The thing with normal bedroom lamps is, however, that if they look good in the room, they are often the case too dim for a read. This set of two Barnes and Ivy Rosslyn lamps stand out for both function and design.

A reading nook should be bright, cozy, and imagination stimulating. It’s where you lose yourself into the bookly adventures!

Coming in a simplistic, space-efficient style and with 5 shell colors, the lamp can match easily with both traditional wood flooring and more modern spaces.

Despite the humble size, the lamp is quite impressive in functions. It illuminates at 200 lumens, and a CRI of 80 – which translate into crisp, sharp light. With 25 LED bulbs, it’s not the type to brighten up an entire room, but nevertheless offers more than sufficient light for you to do basic office work at your desk. You can actually use it without additional light sources for an hour or two. If you’re planning to use it for long hours, however, some background light might be necessary to prevent eye fatigue.

Beautiful classic French style Adjustable arm Warm colored shade Dimmable Can be plugged/hardwired

Bright, crisp light Multiple brightness and color temperatures Adjustable body Responsive touch control Affordable price Durable, energy-efficient LEDs

4. Newhouse Lighting Clamp Light – Best Clip on Headboard Reading Light

Looking for a good task floor lamp to do knitting, sewing, or other highly detailed work in your scrap room? Beware of this Brightech LightView Magnifier baby. Because once you’ve tried it out, you may ever want to do your work without it again.

The lamps comes in a sleek and slender silver-finished shade. It has 3 pivot points so you can direct the light to wherever you want it without difficulty. It looks slender and is indeed lightweight: it’s only 15.8 pounds. This makes it more portable and space efficient. Then again, it looks much more secure next to your reading lounge than in the middle of the room, next to nowhere.

Most if not all traditional lamps have fixed light color temperature. The problem is you don’t usually use a lamp for a sole single purpose. Even for reading, sometimes it’s a bone-dry technical book that needs lots of critical thinking and concentration to digest, other time a romantic novel that requires you to dream as you read.

Gentle warm light Matchy matchy design Space-efficient Easy to resemble

As its charger head comes with two ports, you can simultaneously use and charge the light and/or even your phone as well using the same block.

To enhance coziness and intimate feelings in your bedroom, choose 72 watt halogen bulbs that produce a warm white or amber glow. The ones with temperature of 2700 to 3500K will do the trick.

Compared to the rest of the collection, this is a very small lamp. It features only a 8-watt cool LED bulb, which illuminate at 480 lumens. While this would be insufficient to bring everything in a dark room into view, its focused light would certainly be more than enough to shine on your embroidery frame or small-printed book. The light is cool, helping to boost your alertness and clearness of mind to concentrate better on your highly detailed work.

2. CLAXY® Pendant Light – Best Pendant Light for Reading Nooks

The best reading light on your headboard is one that is portable, produces warm gentle light, but at the same time has a focused area so you don’t have to widen your eyes to be able to read. This Newhouse is such one.

If you’re wondering what to put in your living room or office to add style and soften the look, give this Brightech Maxwell a try.

While much it is much easier to install than a wired in lighting system, a good floor lamp can make amazing changes to a room. Its design as well as the quality of light it illuminates can make a total upgrade to your space and create a whole new atmosphere in your home.

Bright, crisp light Durable, energy efficient LEDs Clear 2.25X magnifying lens Flexible body Solid, sturdy Baseless, space efficient Clamps open to 2.5 inches

The OTUS is an architecture desk lamp with a traditional structure: a round base, a flexible arm, and a round shade. And yet the smart construction makes it look like a lamp from the future.

The light it illuminates, while very bright at 1800 lux, is the softest and most pleasant of any lamps I have ever tried. It doesn’t create any glare even on the desktop screen. That is thanks to the smart light diffuser and very clever allocation of the LEDs so that stronger light is illuminated to the sides and softer light in the center. This makes it a far cry from other LED lamps on the market, which causes glare that you can feel even when reading on a rough paperback.

As it has a slender stem and a weighted but compact metal base, the lamp takes a humble space in your small cozy corner or reading nook. The lamp’s simple on/off switch is conveniently placed in the middle of the cord, and is within your feet’s reach. The simple and delicate design allows it to blend in and match easily with any decors. You won’t even notice it’s there – that is, until it is on and add a great luxe look to the room.

LED bulbs are famous for lasting very long. A good bulb boasts to last 50,000 hours. That means if used 8 hours a day, the bulb can last 17 years!

The lamp is made out of plastic and aluminum alloy, resulting in its lightweightness (2.5 pounds). Since it’s not the most solid and heavy, you may need to use one hand to keep it in place while you stretch it. This is not something I’m going to complain about, however. The compactness and lightweightness of the base makes it easier to move around whenever I reorganize the desk, which I do very often.

Now to the body of the lamp. It’s flexible, with joints and swivels you can bend and twist at the head, the arm, and where the body and the clamp meet. This ensures you can pivot the light to the exact angle and position you need it. With a long arm (32 inches or 81cm in total), the lamp promises to bring the magnifying lens to the height you need, even if you’re 6.6 feet tall.

Be it reading, cuddling to watch a romantic movie, or playing chess before you sleep, a soft, warm shade is best for creating a relaxing and intimate environment in your bedroom. The maximum color temperature is 3000k, and as it is a light for reading, it should not be under 2700k so as not to create extreme emotions or anxiety.

If you prefer white or blue light for more focused, intense reading, find more book lights here

With the table being modest in size (14”x14” and standing at 4.7 feet), you can leave it to stand next to your armchair, lounge, or as a bedside lamp.

For turning the light on and off with convenience while you’re in bed or in your armchair, the lamp is designed with a pull chain switch.

The lamp comes in a white shell. It looks simple and neat, apparently no gorgeous beauty that would elevate the fanciness of your room.

The only thing that I wish to add to this crescent moon is the dimmability. If you’re simply in the mood for a TV show and want to add some soft ambience to your dark room, this lamp could be too bright. The best solution is to buy an extra LED dimmer with a remote control – that would make it extremely handy. I just kind of wish Brightech made it a built-in feature.

You probably have known that you can use different bulbs of different wattages to produce the same light output. Therefore, for a desired lumen figure, you have choices over the bulb types. Here’s a table to illustrate:

As it is simple in color and shape, the lamp can match easily with any fixture in your home, especially ones that have contemporary style. You can place it anywhere in the house and never worry about not having enough space for other furnitures. Due to the delicate look, however, it feels more secure in a corner or next to something that have a bold figure, say a sofa or a bookshelf.

For a crisp, bright light to boost your concentration and alertness, touch to increase the temperature. It can get to as high as 6000K, a temperature that imitates the bright daylight on a cloudless sky. If you’re working late into the night and are bound to go to bed in an hour or too, lower it to a warm white at 3000K. Play with the lamp for a while and you will surely find the shade most pleasant to your eyes.

I have to say that this is not the kind of fancy gadgets that will decorate your working space. It looks simple and not exactly sleek or shiny. It’s more well-built for the functionality than it is for aesthetic purposes.

8. Brightech LightView Pro – Best Bright Task Floor Lamp With Magnifier

Overall, this is an item of great value and usefulness. One thing to check before you buy it, however, that your headboard is not too much thicker than 1.5 inches, and is tall enough so that the lamp won’t touch your head when you sit or lie in bed.

Warm pleasant glow Simple design, matching any decor Takes little space Energy-efficient LED Bright, can light up dark room Dimmable Adjustable head

To ensure the right light angle and prevent glare, the TaoTronics comes with a flexible body. There are three places you can twist and turn to adjust the angle and distance: the head, the neck, and where the arm joins the base.

Matchy with all decors Soft, gentle glow Reasonable price Neutral colors Bulb included

For the desired light area and intensity, adjust the height of the lamp by bending or stretching its flexi arm. It could reach up to 24 inches, and at a maximum intensity of 1200 lux, can easily cover your whole table. Light angle is in your full control too, with a twistable head.

As expected for a bed light, the lamp has a folded ivory shade, which creates a warm, gentle white light where it is placed, and prevents glare. The material and color come in a retro simple design, making it match easily with most bedroom styles and decors.

The lamp comes in a very sleek, shiny metal finish. Along the body and the base are some plastic parts smartly allocated at places you’re most likely touch. I really appreciate this feature, as it’s no fun if you accidentally touch the cold metal while using it! The metal and plastic parts are in silver and black, beautifully combined together to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the lamp.

Efficient light for reading Beautiful classic decor Looks high-class, costs little Smart design to stand on narrow surfaces

If you’re working at home and want a setting that enhances your concentration and productivity, putting this Brightech floor lamp next to your desk would be a good move.

The base is a two-tiered table that features black wood. Its two levels provide an awesome space for you to keep your books, magazines, and CDs. The open-air surfaces could also serve as a place to display your antique vase, tea cups, or other objets d’art.

The only thing I would like to add to this lamp is the dimmability, so I have more choices of the brightness. The feature can be found on its larger version, the Brightech LightView Pro floor lamp, which also has various light color choices, but is unavailable on the desk lamp.

But even if you lower it, the illuminated area is still very large. The secret? The head is designed with a (very nice) bend that allows it to give a 150% wider light range.

The living room is the heart of a house. It’s where you rewind, play with your kids and dogs, and welcome your friends. Therefore, most people want their living room to look bright and inviting.

The brightness level of the light is decided by the lux figure, that is, how many lumens it can emits on a square meter.

The package already includes a 9.5watt LED bulb, which is 3000K in light temperature (warm white). When you want to change the bulb, one with temperature between 3000K and 4000K would be perfect for reading and other task-oriented activities in the living room. Meanwhile, one between 2700K and 3000K – or the warm white spectrum – would be more suitable for the harmonious, intimate, and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

To create a warm, cosy mood, use a bulb with warm white light (2500K – 3500K).

The one in the former is often the case strong, bright white or blue light to enhance the feelings of professionalism, while in the latter, warm yellow or amber light is used to create a friendly, inviting atmosphere.

Picking a good desk lamp can be a bit tricky. There are so many of them lamps on the market. They come in all shapes and sizes and wattages and prices. And with so many functions that it’s hard to figure out which activities they’re exactly designed for.

The verdict? Go for it if you want a smart small lamp that not only gives off quality light but also saves space on your desk by working as a clock, a thermometer, and a decorative object.

NameDimmableLight colorIdeal For Brightech SKY (Editor’s Choice)YesWarm WhiteLiving Room, Bedroom Revel Trinity Arc (Editor’s Choice)YesWarm White (Suggested)Living Room Brightech Arc (Editor’s Choice)YesWarm WhiteLiving Room, Reading Nook Brightech MadisonNoWarm WhiteLiving Room, Bedroom, Reading Nook Brightech MaxwellNoWarm WhiteLiving Room, Bedroom, Reading Nook Brightech LitespanYesCool White (Daylight)Living Room, Reading Nook, Task Lighting Brightech EmmaNoWarm WhiteLiving Room, Bedroom Brightech LightView ProYesWarm/Cool WhiteTask Lighting Brightech EclipseYesWarm WhiteLiving Room, Bedroom Brightech ContourYesCool WhiteLiving Room, Reading Nook, Task Lighting

As a result, an LED light emits much less carbon dioxide compared to to other light sources. Also, thanks to its durability, you can use it for much longer time without changing the bulb. That translates to much less garbage for the earth!

With a minimalist design, the lamp matches easily with both classic and temporary design. You just need to get the right color among the five given options (Brushed Nickel, Dark Bronze, Jet Black, Platinum Silver, and Sleek White Finish).

This lamp is made to work in the most confined spaces – it’s extremely compact with dimensions of 3.5 x 2.5 x 19.5 inches. Note that while very slim, it is taller than your laptop and won’t obstruct your view.

If you want to change the light angle, however, its neck is foldable within an angle of 150 degree.

In terms of design, the cutie has a sleek, shiny appearance. It comes in 3 colors: black, purple, and bright blue. Personally, I can see it matching better with modern designs and decors.

5. WaterDrake Headboard Light – Best Reading Light for Bed Headboard

It is also suggested that the darker the surrounding environment, the lower the lux you need for your light. This is to reduce the contrast between the lit area and the darker area, so that your eyes do not have to adjust dramatically when they wander around.

The paint on the whole item is made very fine and shabby instead of sleek. That somehow gives off a feeling of calmness and humility.

Due to the special design, the lamp takes some space. Therefore, it would look best in a large living room or bedroom rather than a confined space. With a heavy but small base, it’s prone to tipping over, and is best placed next to, or behind an armchair or a sofa, or in a corner of the room.

LED lights are becoming the norm in home and office lighting in recent years. And it is for a number of reasons. But when it comes to desk lamps, is LED a better choice compared to other products? And how so? Let’s take a look at what LED desk lamps have to offer.

If you want a high quality LED desk lamp for studying without spending a large chunk of your stipend, TaoTronics is offering this amazing product for $30.

Each of the lamp comes in a curvy body with decorative carved leafs in wood finish, creating a bold, traditional feel. Its deep bronze color and an brownish ivory shade match beautifully with other wooden furnitures in your bedroom.

Despite its compactibility, the lamp is capable of brightening up your whole desk. It produces light of 1100 lux – not the brightest on the market but sufficient and very impressive for its size. According to Lumiy, the light has a CRI of higher than 90, making it a world-class lamp in terms of light quality. Note that sunlight CRI is 100, and only very good LED lamps have CRI of higher than 80.

A good floor lamp for your reading nook is one that provides efficient light for you to read the small-printed letters. At the same time, it should set the mood for reading, and elevate the unique personality of the nook or the corner while not taking too much space.

Picking the right light for reading can be tricky, as reading lights vary very vastly in their designs, functions and features. You surely don’t have to be an expert or a lighting engineer to be able to buy a good one, but some basic knowledge wouldn’t hurt.

If it’s your bedroom, dining room, or a small reading nook, reduce the brightness for a softer glow. The lamp offers a pleasant warm white light at 3000K – the perfect temperature for any of the rooms for your house.

No need to buy 2 lamps for each side, and no hassles of plugging/unplugging or worse, drilling new holes on the wall to place it. As the hooks are covered in a smooth material, they won’t create any scratch or peeling on the headboard.

Each lamp comes with a metal body engraved with nature patterns, nicely covered in a bronze finish. Its graceful arm is adjustable, reaching out and sliding back to where you please to ensure sufficient space and light focus for your bedtime activities.

For a crisp, bright light to boost your energy and determination in the home office, choose the coolest color and the brightest intensity mode. The next time you turn the lamp on, it’s shining your favorite shade!

Cool thing is that the light is dimmable with 3 intensity levels. That can be quite useful if you’re working late into the night and want a soft light to read with without disturbing other people. The lamp also comes with an alarm clock, another reason it would make a useful item on your bedside table. It’d be a perfect if it had yellow bulbs (I’m a bit obsessed with color temperature), but then again you can’t ask for that much with a lamp its size.

Tall, doesn’t take up much floor space Solid, sturdy Goes with various bulbs Match with modern/traditional decor Beautiful shades UL Listed for safety

Due to the slender figure and the silver finish, the lamp looks better standing in a room of modern fixtures.

A reading light is one that can be used for reading, writing, sketching, working on a computer, craft work, and other details-oriented activities. It illuminates on a small area over a close distance so you can get a better focus on your activity.

Looking for a modern desk lamp that is highly functional while giving your space a stylish, contemporary look?

Product NameAdjustable WarmthDimmable  TaoTronics Stylish (Editor’s Choice)YesYesBest Desk Lamp to Buy in 2018 BenQ Eyecare (Editor’s Choice)YesYesBest Desk Lamp for the Eyes Lumiy LightbladeYesYesBest Desk Lamp for Office OTUS Motion SensorYesYesBest Stylish Modern Desk Lamp WILIT U2NoYesBest Small Desk Lamp Brightech LightviewNoNoBest Magnifying Desk Lamp Taotronics TT-DL13YesYesBest Desk Lamp for Studying

Bedside reading lamps, apart from providing light to read by, are items that help fine-tune the look and atmosphere of the room.

At a color temperature of 6000K, this light produces the same light color as the sun on a cloudless noon. Its blue and white color helps you to stay alert, fresh, and 100 percent focused on your task, be it reading, crocheting, or coding.

But first of all, let us explain our choices of the desk lamps, which are all LEDs.

At one end of the head is a beautiful ring, which you turn the lamp on and off with. It’s also where you activate the Smart Lighting mode, in which a sensor will detect the room ambient and adjust the light accordingly. Designed for working with electronic devices, the light is distributed with more brightness to the sides and less in the center, thus minimizing glare on the screen.

In terms of light color temperature, it should ideally be at least 4000K (cool white), and up to 6000K (crisp cool white with tint of blue). Light in this range has the similar effect on your brain as daylight. It triggers the alert, energetic feeling you have on a bright sunny day, making you motivated to get your work done.

For bedrooms, you’ll want to make sure there will be no light of extreme brightness levels. This is because light with high intensity can confuse your brain, tricking it into the false recognition that it is daylight. Before you realize it, your body will have already reacted by producing serotonin, causing you difficulty falling asleep.

Next to it is the color temperature touch points, which allow you to change the color of the light.

Designed for “stress free productivity and enjoyment”, the Newhouse produces an adequate glow at 3000K. It is pleasant to the eye, warm enough to not mess with your melatonin (the sleep hormone), but bright enough to not lure you to sleep 3 minutes into your book.

With its warm light illuminated at 5Lm to 40Lm, this Ecologic Mart’s item wins our vote for the best book light for reading in bed.

Floor lamps are so versatile: they can fit easily in any corner of the room, modestly behind a sofa or proudly in the middle of a foyer.

But maybe the cat can turn it on and off if their tail reaches the control ring. The ring looks classy and beautiful, but it’s pretty “curvy” and you may accidentally touch it when you turn the knob. It’s not a deal breaker though. Once you’re aware, it’s very easy to avoid that.

You won’t find a better item on the market than this baby from Brightech when it comes to reading and crafting floor lamp.

Do you know the fasted and easiest way to make your reading corner a balmy, cozy corner for retreat? Install this warm classic pendant light there. Boom!

In this article, we will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. You will find here the best desk lamps for reading, office work, detailed tasks, the ones that protect your eyes and enhance your productivity.

Sleek, compact, minimalist design Bright, dimmable, adjustable color temperature Sharp, crisp light USB charging port + timer Energy efficient Bendable, rotatable

1. Regency Hill Table Lamp – Best Bedside Table Reading Lamp

Efficient brightness is thus the ultimate criteria of a good task floor lamp. The light it gives off should be strong enough to stimulate your aspiration and creativity.

The bonus point is that you have full control of the light intensity. When you need a soft white glow, decrease the intensity by touching the button that lies between the bulb and the neck. You will surely find a brightness level just right for your activity.

A reading light should be bright (with brightness level of at least 3,000 and up to 6,000 Lumens) enough to stimulate your aspiration and creativity, without creating glare on your computer screen or fatigue on your eyes after a brief drift. The temperature should be at least 4100, and up to 6000k, which represents the neat, bright feeling of direct sunlight or light on a cloudy day.

As it has a slender arm and head, the lamp takes a humble space in your small cozy corner or reading nook. The simple design allows it to match easily with the surrounding furnitures and decors wherever you place it.

Now to the coolest feature of the baby: it can be controlled using hand gestures! The sensitive movement sensor allows you to get the light on and off with a wave in the air. It even remembers your last light mode and sets itself into the mode as it’s turned on. You don’t have to lift a finger.

The beautiful design of this lamp makes it a perfect gift for your family, friends or co-workers. It works more than efficiently, and looks much fancier than its cost. Just remember to check the decor around their desk – the lamp may look out-of-place in a vintage setting.

Thus, a good lighting source for the bedroom should have luminous flux somewhere between 1,500 to 4,000 Lumens.

The lamp offers crisp, stable, and flicker-free light. And as typical of TaoTronics lamps, it comes with 7 levels of brightness and 5 different color temperatures. This makes it very easy on the eyes, as you can conveniently adjust the light among the 35 different settings until they feel comfy and satisfied. All of the settings can be done via the very responsive touch controls on the base.

For a stable and reliable floor lamp, look no further than this table-lamp from Madison.

Bright, dimmable, adjustable color temp Touchless control Flexible arm and head Compatible with clamp Stylish, modern look

The lamp has a simple traditional styled shade with two color choices: creamy white for soft, calm feelings, or black and white for an impressive modern look. The shade is held by a metal arm which bends artfully before running straight down to meet the “base”.

Each of the lamp requires a 43 watt halogen bulb to produce efficient brightness to read your novels and papers. To ensure the light is warm and pleasant to your eyes, choose bulbs with a temperature somewhere between 2700 to 3500K. When you prefer a softer, gentler glow for a movie or a cuddle in bed, turn the lamp to a dimmer mode, as its intensity is fully adjustable.

Another thing I find cool about this TaoTronics is that it comes with a USB port to charge your phone or ereader at the same time. The night light mode – not my thing but other users seem to find it a big plus.

This beautiful lamp comes with 3 lights, each nicely covered by a woven beige burlap shade. The shades are thick just enough to soften the beams and minimize glare. They allow light to come out with the highest intensity from the top and the bottom, bouncing from the floor and the ceiling to other areas of the room.

That is how the lamp offers such a strong but pleasant ambience.

What to do about the glare, a very common problem among torchieres? Thanks to it being super slim, the lamp can sneak in the smallest corner of the room. Pick a place that you don’t usually gaze at. No worries either if you’re planning to put it in the middle of the room. The light head is smart – it’s tiltable by 45 degree and you can adjust it so the light pivots to exactly where you want it and avoid your direction.

As the lamp is high (30″ or 76cm), you can now enjoy your book in bed in the most comfortable position. The light is always sufficient regardless of you sitting upright or reclining, or lying straight down. No need to adjust your position all the time to catch a beam like when you’re with smaller lamps.

Light temperature, moods and effects created, and applications. (Photo source)

Bright white light, energetic feel Fully adjustable brightness Bendable neck Simple design Warranted for with 3 years

If you hold the ring for about 2 seconds while the lamp is on, the green light lights up and it goes into Eye-care mode. According to BenQ, in this mode, the light sensor works to determine the ambient in the room. Then the lamp adjusts the light accordingly to offer the best option to your eyes.

Such is the importance of light color temperature. But you don’t have to be an engineer or a psychologist to buy a reading lamp with the right shade. You just need to know which temperature range is the best for a particular reading condition.

As it is made for the lazy bed readers, the lamp can be switched using a pull chain. Once you’re done with your book, reach over, pull down, and you’re good to sleep.

The thing is, because it uses much less power, LED saves you on the monthly bills. It pays off the price difference after about a year. And then you’ll enjoy 16 years of very low electricity cost. While this doesn’t seem significant on an individual or family level, citywide or nationwide, billions of dollars can be saved with the simple choice of using lamps with the technology.

While I can’t confirm if the figure is real, the light is nevertheless very sharp and crisp. And it is easily adjustable via the touch sensors on the base. It is dimmable, and has a color temperature ranging from 6600K (for high concentration work) to the orange 1800K (for relaxation). This means the lamp can make a pretty good bedside lamp too, if your bedroom has a contemporary decor.

The BenQ Eyecare is the giraffe of desk lamps. At 23.2 inches (or 59cm), its head can easily surpass the height of your big desktop screen and, if you’re not too tall, shine from over your head. This is part of the reason why the light is very soft.

The impressive height also helps increase the area the light can reach.

The line of small dots are for adjusting among the 6 light intensity levels. At the brightest mode, the lamp can illuminate light of 1200 lux, which is very strong for a desk lamp. Personally, I’m happy with the average brightness. But if you want it very bright, note that the head can become quite hot after several hours on maximum intensity.

The light comes with a sturdy clamp that opens to approximately 2 inches. To protect the gripped surface from the super strong grip, 6 suction cups are added inside it. If you have had clamp reading lights that scratch or peel off the paint on your reading table or headboard, you’re gonna appreciate this.

However, if light accuracy and work productivity is your priority, this lamp will never let you down.

Good news for lazy book lovers who read a lot in lying position and are often times too sloshy to reach over to turn off their lamp before going to sleep, there’s this light that can be installed easily right on your headboard.

The New Kindle Oasis 2017: What’s the Difference? Top 10 Best Floor Lamps of 2018 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

The lamp’s simple on/off switch is conveniently placed in the middle of the cord, and is within your feet’s reach. There is no dimmable function, but this light is designed to set the mood for reading, and a glare is the last thing you should worry about.

Nevertheless, without the dimmable feature, this is still an amazing task desk lamp with its crisp, bright light, clear magnifying lens, and flexible but stable arm. And if anything, it also comes with a 3 years warranty.

The lamp consists of a three-level shelf and a shade. It’s very easy to assemble – most users get the work done within 30 minutes without even having to look at the manual.

Firm wooden table included Goes with both traditional/modern setting USB ports and outlet included Reasonable price Bulb included

Nothing in the world sounds more heavenly to book lovers than a snuggle in their comfy chaise lounge with a soft blanket, two fluffy pillows, and a good, good book.

With 5 choices of color, you will surely find a shade to match with your home decor. The lamp doesn’t look sparkling and won’t add much luxe into your glorious living room like a chandelier, but if light of high quality is what you’re looking for, totally go for it.

Product NameBulbWattage  Regency Hill Table LampHalogen LED72 watts 18 wattsBest Bedside Table Reading Lamp Rosslyn Swing Arm LampsHalogen LED43 watts 9 wattsBest Wall Mounted Reading Light Ecologic Mart’s Eye CareLED included0.

66 wattBest Book Light for Reading in Bed Newhouse Lighting Clamp LightLED included3 wattsBest Clip on Headboard Reading Light WaterDrake Headboard LightHalogen LED29 watts 5 wattsBest Reading Light for Bed Headboard BenQ Genie e-ReadingLED included18 wattsBest Table Reading Lamp Brightech Arc Lamp (Editor’s Choice)LED included15 wattsBest Floor Lamp for Reading Nooks CLAXY® PendantStandard LED72 watts 10 wattsBest Pendant Light for Reading Nooks Brightech Reading LampLED included12 wattsBest Floor Lamp for Home Office Taotronics Metal Desk Lamp (Editor’s Choice)LED included12 wattsBest Desk Lamp for Home Office

Want your reading room to be a place of peace, coziness, and imagination? Find a special reading light.

This Claxy Ecopower barn pendant lamp comes with black cord, a metal shade with ivory finish inside, and black paint outside. The top part, meanwhile, has a fine bronze finish. Around it are some cut-outs, which allow the light to go through and shine up to avoid the dark shadowing.

The Revel is compatible with various types of bulbs. Nevertheless, the shades look best when complemented by warm white lights. Bulbs that have color temperatures of 2700K to 3500K are ideal to go with this lamp if you want to create a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Slender, delicate look Thick shade ensures pleasant light Matches with modern/traditional decor Offers space for other objects

The lamp is dimmable with 3 light intensity levels. At full intensity, the head illuminate light of 3000 lumens, making it the brightest floor lamp in the collection. That is strong enough to light up an entire home office – no additional lighting will be needed. And to put a glare into your eyes when you happen to glance at it.

For detailed tasks like data inputting, crafting, or hand embroidery, the best lamp is one that allows you to see every single small detail of what you’re looking at. It should be extremely function-oriented in design so as to help you focus on your work.

If you want a softer glow for a convo or to watch cat videos on Youtube, the lamp can always be adjusted to a dimmer mode. Simply touch the power button till it reaches your preferred level. The next time you turn the lamp on, it will still remember it!

Installed with a 60 – 100 watt bulb (or equivalent) at a warm temperature (2700 to 3500K), the lamp can create a homey and secure atmosphere. It offers that gentle glow that makes you to feel safe and relaxed, allows you to forget all of your daily stress, and lose your mind and heart in the beautiful world of books.

The Brightech Lightview Pro is super bright. It has 56 miniature LED bulbs distributed in a circle, which boast to last 100,000 hours. (That’s more than 30 years if you use the lamp 8 hours a day every day.

We can’t confirm yet if they can really stay around for that long, though).

Brightech again stands out for its uniqueness and productivity in design with this double-ring torchiere lamp.

If you wish to adjust the brightness and color temperature, the changes can be make via touch sensors placed along the arm. There are 12 levels of light intensity and 3 different color modes for your choice. I love how modern lamps are so versatile.

For this reason, a light with color temperature of 2700K (light yellow) to 4000K (white) will be ideal for your reading space.

This lamp is loved not only for its portability and functionality. Its appearance is pretty amazing too. It looks much fancier than the price of $29.99, with a leather-like shell and some sleek metal finish at the base and the head. The dark coffee color and nice sewing lines also add to the luxurious look. Even without all the extra features, it’s still a very nice item to put on your table.

Apart from the various lighting options, the light also has a one-hour timer. Set the light to turn off if you want to take a short break for a coffee or a walk to relax your eyes and back muscles.

As an LED lamp, the Lumiy consumes very little energy. You can use it every day for long hours without worrying about a surge in the electricity bill. It also produces infinitesimal heat compared to other types, say halogen or incandescent. However, it does get hot after a few hours. Thus, it’s best to turn the lamp off every now and then when you’re out for lunch or a meeting in another room, for example. Or you can use the integrated timer to give both the light and yourself a short break after every hour of work. Win-win.

Once you’ve made up your mind on an ideal light setting, you can save it by touching the Favorite symbol (the one with a head and a heart) to save it and access it quickly the next time you use the lamp. Tip: Don’t just tap on it and release too quickly. Hold your fingertip there for a couple seconds for the lamp to register your request.

I’m not really sure if this is a table with a lamp, or a lamp with a table, but the two coordinate with each other so perfectly.

At an intensity of 2000 Lumens, it allows you to read even small printed lines and see the steam on your cup of hot tea. No worries about the life span of the bulb or increased electricity bills – the lamp is made with LEDs that are extremely energy efficient and can last a decade or two.

An LED bulb use 95 percent of the electricity it receives to produce light, as opposed to a fluorescent which convert 95 percent of the power into heat. This not only means an LED desk lamp, which is placed very close to your upper body, does not feel so hot and won’t make your eyes and skin that dry. It also means that the lamp needs much less power to produce the same amount of light as a flourescent does.

A desk lamp for highly detailed work should be at least two things: very bright, and have magnifying feature. This Brightech is one of, if not the best lamps you could find with those two qualities.

At a diameter of 13.1”, the lamp fits very well with the confined space of your reading corner. As it looks simple and classic in style and color, it matches easily with both modern and antique decors.

The lamp stays neat in a corner or next to your arm chair in a confined space, its delicate vertical structure and the open air shelf generously offering breathiness to the room. In a large living room or a foyer, the shelf is where you can display your books and coffee mug and artsy objects to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere.

Be it your time with a romance fiction, your parents’ mini chess game or your child’s comic adventure, this little gadget promises to make it a moment of coziness with its warm pleasant light.

The lamp goes with an LED or a 3-way incandescent bulb of lower than 150 watt. If you’re planning to have it in your living room, a bulb with temperature of 3000K to 3500K would be ideal. For the bedroom, a slightly lower temperature range (2500K – 3000K) is perfect to create a warm, trusting, relaxing mood. In fact, a bulb of 800 lumens and 3000K is included in the package.

This lamp produces serious quality light. Bright, crisp, non-flickery, and fully customizable both in color and intensity. There are 5 color modes ranging from 2700K (warm yellowish white light) to 6500K (blueish white), adjusted by touching the symbols on the base. Weird symbols, I know, I had to refer to the manual to finally figure them out!

The Brightech floor lamp comes in a unique crescent shape, which arches over to shine evenly over your shoulders to the open pages. At 2000 Lumens, it allows you to read even small printed lines and see the steam on your cup of hot tea. The glow is, however, soft, warm, and pleasant to the eye at 3000K in temperature.

The lamp comes with a USB port, which is pretty handy when you want to charge your phone. I personally don’t think it’s necessary for an office desk lamp – you have a lot of charging port there anyway, but it’s a nice extra feature nevertheless.

On the office desk, you need a lamp that is compact, durable, one that gives off sharp, crisp light to enhance the accuracy and quality of your work. Per our (and many other users’) experience, the Lumiy Ligwm-htblade is among the best lamps for that purpose.

The dimming touch is conveniently placed on the lamp head. Place the tip of your finger on either of the arrows until you are happy with the intensity.

A table light, especially one in your bedroom, is not only for reading and studying. It also shines on your sketch board, on the pages of the family album you’re turning, on that scarf you’re knitting for your beloved niece.

Your mood and mind alter for different activities in the bedroom, and you need a light that can accommodate different atmospheres. With a knob that you can twist to change both the brightness and the color temperature, the BenQ Genie is the perfect table reading lamp thanks to its versatility.

Tall, smart design, illuminates large area Bright, even, pleasant light Adjustable brightness and color temperature Smart distribution of light Well-built, solid, sturdy while flexible Energy efficient UL, CE, FCC listed for health and safety

Despite the flexibility, the Lightview Pro is very stable and sturdy. It’s pretty heavy (7.5 pounds or 3.5kg) for a baseless lamp, and feels completely solid. It’s tight where needed, and stays exactly where you put it. The clamp opens to 2.5 inches (6.35cm), easily holding on to your thick table or desk.

You may notice that there is an integrated USB charging port on the base. It takes quite long to charge and is not the best option if you need your device full fast. Nevertheless, it’s still a very nice bonus when you’re studying for long hours and want to charge your phone without moving to find the socket.

Bright, sleek and having multiple brightness and colors, this TaoTronics item is the best choice for a table reading lamp in your office. Not every item gets such a near-perfect review score on Amazon.

The lamp features a black shell, with a thin but wide, heavy weighted base and a black pole. If you like it brighter in appearance, however, go with the sleek silver finished version.

As a task lamp, the lamp’s light focuses on an area as large as your desk. To make sure you don’t have to move the whole thing when your position changes, the neck is made flexible. You can always bend, twist, and customize to your favorite lighting angle.

At 300 lm, the light is sufficient for reading in a dimmer lit environment. As it is very soft, your eyes do not have to adjust themselves between pauses of your read, when they drift off the lit pages into darker areas in the room.

In addition, you will need a light with a soft color, such as blue, white, or light green to enhance tranquility in your reading corner. It should help you to release all the stress and lose yourself into the world of fictions.

This group of bulbs emit light with an intensity of 650 lumens, more than enough to bring every tiny detail of what you’re working on into view. In the center of the circle of LEDs is a lens, with a diameter of 5 inches. The lens is made of clear high quality glass, and has a magnification power of 2.25.

While shining like a star, the light head emits no heat at all, thanks to the energy efficient and heat free LEDs on its head. These LEDs have a lifespan of up to 20 years – you never have to change the bulb at all!

Nothing in the world sounds more heavenly to book lovers than a snuggle in their comfy chaise lounge with a soft blanket, two fluffy pillows, and a good, good book. A reading light for those moments is one you can only read by, but can also inspire your imagination and set a cozy, tranquil atmosphere.

If you work a lot in front of the computer screen, or spend long hours reading and writing at your desk, be kind to yourself and equip yourself with this desk lamp. Your eyes will thank you.

The Brightech Arc lamp comes in a unique crescent shape, which arches over to shine evenly over your shoulders to the open pages. You can adjust its height somewhere between 47 and 66 inches until it reaches the desired distance for your activity.

Dimmable Solid, sturdy Compact, space efficient Energy efficient Luxurious look and feel Displays time and temperature Alarm clock

What’s so special about this lamp? It offers 30 settings for warmth and brightness levels.

The light would be perfect if it had a dimmable function for those who want a fast read to lure themselves to sleep.

Solid, sturdy Contemporary look Energy efficient LED Adjustable light color and brightness Adjustable light angle USB charging port + timer function

Warm, soft white light Matchy retro style Easy to move, no tools required Handy pull chain

So there’s this rare Brightech Contour lamp that is good looking and also works like a charm.

Overall, this is a big, well-built, beautiful desk lamp. It is not perfect, but in terms of light quality and eye friendliness, it’s without doubt the best desk lamp on the market to date. Totally worth every penny you spend, in my opinion.

It is important that you get the floor lamps with the right brightness and color temperature to create the desired effects. This article will help you find the best ones to match with your interior decors and augment your room.

If you plan to use it as a reading light, however, you may want to connect the lamp with the nearest wall switches for convenience. The reason is that the lamp only has a toggle switch, and it’s placed right on the shade. That means you would have to stand up, or at least sit upright when you want to turn it on and off or dim it. (Yes, this little lamp is dimmable!)

Unlike its bigger friends, the BenQ and the TaoTronics, this lamp is not for wild bending or twisting. You can bend its neck and rotate the lamp head to pivot the light where you need it, but the angles are not too wide. Not that it is a problem: its smaller size makes it more convenient for moving, at least around your desk.

To save your time searching around a plethora of products, we have made this review of the best reading lights for various rooms in your house. Click on a product to see a more detailed description and review. You will surely find the right light for your bedroom, home office, and reading corner here.

If you want a bright, energetic atmosphere in the living room, the ideal light color temperature for your light bulbs should be higher than 3500K (the cooler spectrum of white). To make it warm, cozy and intimate, a temperature somewhere between 2700K to 3500K will do.

That doesn’t bother me a tiny bit, however. I actually feel more confidence switching among different light modes knowing that I won’t over-twist and break the knob. To each their own, I guess.

With this lens, you won’t even have to wear your reading glasses when sewing, knitting, or carving on the jewelries. It magnifies well, and things appear through the lens crystal clear. I personally don’t do any work that requires the lens, but I imagine this is extremely useful for people who work on things with mini details. Or people like my mom who has difficulty reading the small printed newspapers. There is a plastic cap that you can use to cover the lens to protect it from scratches and dust when you’re not using it.

Unlike most other LED lamps, the Genie has a crescent head, making it look “softer” and much more graceful than just a straight plate. More than aesthetic functions, the bend also increases the illuminated area, allowing the light to cover a wider part of your table.

One thing about task lamps is that most of them look pretty boring. Not that anyone would buy a task lamp for decoration purposes. Yet, it’s always a plus if the lamp can give off light for you to work on your project without being a pain in the eye.

Despite the agility, it is very sturdy. The lamp is made of high-quality materials and is definitely built to last. Even the cord feels so bold and strong with woven fabric cover. The base is unbelievably heavy and can take up quite some space. This is not some lamp that you can easily move around by hooking a finger on its neck and lift it up. Nor will your naughty cat be able to push it down.

Thanks to the LEDs, the lamp never heats up itself nor the air around it, despite the strong intensity. It does, however, has a warm color temperature at 3000K, which promises to create a trusting, inviting atmosphere where it stays.

Takes time to register different modes Could heat up after long hours at highest brightness

Standing at 63 inches tall and taking a surface of 10 ¼ square inches, the Japanese style influenced shelf lamp looks pleasantly slender. You can’t customize the height of the shelf. However, the 15 inch height should be more than sufficient for your books or even a vase of tall flowers.

At the maximum output of 2000 Lumens, it promises to beam on every details of what you have in hand. In fact, many people buy the lamp for their elderly parents who need extremely bright light to be able to read with ease.

Colorful, artistic, fancy look Tall, doesn’t give glare Stands out to complement the room Firm base

Finally, the light’s sleek black metal shell and modern design will bring about professional look to your desk.

Created to boost up working efficiency, the light emitted has a temperature of 6000K. This is the same as the cool crisp light you usually see on a sunny day that makes you feel energetic, and ready to get work done.

As a table lamp, the item is designed to maximize your convenience. It has a USB charger port on the base, saving you that reach when your phone or tablet needs charging.

As a side sleeper, I really appreciate this movability. When I change side of the bed every now and then to make sure I’m sleeping on both sides for my body to retain a balance, I can just simply slide the lamp along.

One thing, however, the lamp doesn’t remembers its last setting. If you always use it at a particular mode that is not its default mode, this could be a little inconvenient. Of course you can remember your favorite, but it would still be better if you don’t have to set it again every time you turn it on.

For the desired effect, a temperature of 2700 to 4000k (warm white) will be ideal.

Whatever you do, you want a lamp that is bright enough so you can see with no difficulty, but it should not be too bright or your eyes will strain.

To ensure the accuracy of your work, the lamp has 90 LEDs, which offer focused light of 800 lumens. That’s a very high intensity even for a task light! In fact, it can be too bright if you eyes are sensitive, in which case, the dimmable feature comes into play.

8 LEDs 8 brightness levels Eye-friendly warm light Has branches that work independently Rapidly rechargeable battery Lifetime warranty

The lamp, like other high-end LED desk lamps on the market, is fully adjustable in height and lighting angle. It can spin on the base, bend and twist at the body and the neck. Even the head is twistable.

2. Taotronics Metal Desk Lamp – Best Desk Lamp for Home Office

To maximize the versatility, the neck and the arm of the lamp are easily adjustable. The base, meanwhile, have six wheels under it for enhanced mobility. It promises to always direct the light to exactly where you want it.

It also has a 60 minutes timer function, which can be quite handy. It’s particularly useful for people like me who need a reminder to take short breaks from sitting in front of the desktop. It could also be highly appreciated by the bed readers who plan to fall asleep while they read and don’t want to wake up again to turn off the light.

A brilliant feature of the table-lamp is that it has 2 USB ports and an outlet so you can charge your electronic devices at any time while or while not using the lamp. Apparently, it is made with your convenience in mind. Thumps up for the engineers totally understood the frustration when you’re in bed and have to get up to get your charger and plug it into a socket somewhere on the wall!

The lamp features 3 thin and long wooden legs that rise to approximately 5 feet from the floor. A metal neck combines the legs together at the top to make a sturdy tripod. This neck then goes up to support a thick cream white cloth shade, which softens the light to a pleasant, gentle glow.

One thing to note, however, is that the item can be slightly heavy if you want to clamp it onto the book or ereader and hold in your hands for a long time.

Plain look Doesn’t remember last setting USB port takes long to charge

On the front of its body is a VA screen, whose brightness is adjustable. It is where the temperature is displayed (both in Celsius and Fahrenheit), together with the time and date. It’s crisp and clear, and the numbers are big enough for you to see from afar. Since it comes with built-in battery, the display works even when power is off, which is pretty nice.

The icing on the cake is that you can customize the light brightness and temperature to make it even more pleasant on your eyes. This can be done by gently pressing and turning the knob on the lighthead.

Thanks to the various light modes, the lamp is extremely versatile. You can have the full intensity mode on with the whitest light color for enhanced concentration when studying during the day, when there is background lighting. At night, when your roommates have gone to bed, you can still keep reading with a lower brightness mode and a warmer temperature.

To get the exact light angle for your work, you can twist the head around and bend it up and down. You can also adjust the illuminating distance by bending the arm where it meets with the base.

The Ecologic Mart Eye Care light consists of 2 branches that can work independently. They also work simultaneously when you have a big book or a reading partner. Try various lighting options – there are 8 in total – and both of you can now read in your desired shade of amber.

2. Rosslyn Swing Arm Lamps – Best Wall Mounted Reading Light

Did you notice that the lighting condition in a drug store is very different from that in a Starbucks cafe?

My teammate Simon finds that while the knob is functional, he is not too happy that there is no “end point” when you turn it. It means you will keep turning it for a while before realizing if the lamp already reaches the highest/lowest intensity or color temperature.

The lamp has a half-moon shape with one flat surface to stay intact on your bed headboard. This allows the light to shine evenly over your shoulders, without unintended swinging. It is hung by two bendable wire-coated hooks, which can fit with 1.5 inches thick boards.

Modern LED lamps have it figured out. A lamp can now offer a very wide range of color temperature, from sleep inducing orange light (1600K) to alertness stimulating blueish white (6000K), and everything in between. Combined with the dimmability, this makes LED lamps the best for your eyes, and the easiest to be used for any purposes and settings.

2. Revel Trinity Arc – Best For Lighting Up Your Living Room

Thanks to its simple design and neutral color, it can match easily with both contemporary and traditional furnishings.

For that effect, a floor lamp for the living room should be able to light up the space with a pleasant illumination. Combined with other light sources, it should produce a total light output of 2000 lumens or higher.

Update (Sep 19): There is now a new version of the Arc lamp with a 3-step dimmer. The dimming function is incorporated into the pedal switch. Kudos to Brightech!

The base is neat and sleek. As it is heavy (4.4 pounds or almost 2 kilos), it can stay firm when you accidentally push it.

The most remarkable feature of this lamp, and it’s what makes it a beloved item in the users’ homes, is the flexible rings. You can spin and turn each of the rings left and right, upward and downward, putting them in 1001 different positions to create your desired “shape” and shade of light.

Overall, for the same output, LED bulbs save the most energy, followed by CFL and halogen bulbs. Standard (incandescent) bulbs consume the most electricity.

Designed to fit in a small cubicle with various office items, the Lumiy desk lamp is minimalist in appearance. Not a single detail on the item is gimmicky. And yet it looks so sleek and beautiful in its shiny black shell.

As suggested by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, we need illumination of 250 to 500 lumens per square meter for easy, normal visual task, such as reading, writing, knitting, and working on the computer. For more detailed work like drawing or embroidery, an illumination between 1000 to 2000 lumens per square meter is necessary.

Every of us is unique, and our visuals and preferences are different. But it is worth taking those factors into consideration when you buy a reading light, to make sure the lighting condition is adequate and supportive to your activities.

Update (Sep 19): There is now a new version of the Arc lamp with a 3-step dimmer! The dimming function is incorporated into the pedal switch. Kudos to Brightech!

For the bedroom, you won’t want light of high intensity (bright) and high color temperature (“cold” color). The reason is that bright blue light triggers your brain to produce hormones that keep you stay alert and awake. While this is useful during the day, at night, such light keeps you from falling asleep.

Things you need to know before buying a reading light Whether or not a reading light is the right one for you depends largely on where and when you use it, and what you use it for. There are two important criteria: it should be bright enough to read by, and should have the right color temperature to create the desired atmosphere.

Light color temperature and your mood

The lamp comes with a creamy white shade. It’s thick and firm, working perfectly to prevent glare and diffuse the light to give a soft, even illumination in the whole room. There are four choices of color of the shelf to match with your other furnitures.

If you’re into minimalist design, you will most likely love this floor lamp. Even the light head, the center of attention, looks so simple. It is a thin round-shaped disk with rounds of LEDs on the upper side, and a metal finish on the lower side.

Therefore, it’s important that you have light of lower intensity (dim) and lower color temperature (warm). The total light output in the bedroom should not exceed 4000 lumens. The light color temperature, meanwhile, is ideally between 2700K and 3000K (light yellow – warm white).

A good floor lamp can offer strong natural ambience to light up an entire living room, bright focused light for your task in the home office, or a soft amber glow to alter the mood in your bedroom.

LED lights cost more upfront. The reason is that it is still a rather new technology, which results in the high production expenses. Although the prices have been lowering in recent years, an LED light can still cost 2 or 3 times an incandescent light.

The LEDs of this lamp are distributed in 2 rounds around a lens made of high quality glass.  The lens is a 3-diopter with a diameter of 3 inches. The magnifying function is extremely handy for works that are detailed-oriented, such as knitting, embroidery, gemology, or other craft activities. When not in use, you can cover it with the attached lid to avoid dust.

3. Ecologic Mart’s Eye Care – Best Book Light for Reading in Bed

For a set of lamps that shine efficiently on your book, and convey a high taste of decors, we recommend these Regency Hills.

Top 7 Best LED Desk Lamps of 2018 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews Top 7 Best Ebook Readers of 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Seeking a floor lamp big enough to brighten up your whole big living room, but all the while looking airy, classy, and aesthetic? We found one like that, and it’s this lamp by Revel.

It doesn’t always have to be a fancy chandelier with loads of sparkling crystals to bring you to the beautiful adventures. However, the light should have a design that promotes privacy and reflects your personality.

Beware if you have a toddler or some big furry friends though: at 12 pounds, the lamp is not too difficult to be pushed off. It’s by no mean a tumbler doll. However, due to its height, the lamp looks safer when standing next to a wall or a table/chair.

Just as it looks, the OTUS feels solid and robust. It’s not too heavy (5.7 pounds), but the smart design allows it to maintain balance even when wildly bent. The joints are firm, keeping the lamp stable where you put it. The base is not too large, but if you want to save even more space on the desk, you can get a separate clamp for $9.

Joining the lamp to finish the traditional French country look is a faux leather shade. The shade is slightly brownish in color, promising to deliver a warm, pleasant light. The shade pairs perfectly with the metal parts to create an intimate, but classic and luxurious feeling in the room.

Thanks to its simplistic design and the neutral colors (soft brown legs and off-white shade), the lamp can match very well with any room decors, contemporary or traditional. It blends in naturally and harmonically with both eastern and western style furnitures. The tripod creates the impressions of balance and placidity, while the cream white shade offers a complementary coordination with its surrounding environment.

Therefore, you won’t have to change a bulb every now and then. That’s one less thing to worry about. Once you’re at your desk, you can put full focus on your task instead of thinking if it’s time to buy a new bulb, and where to discard the old one.

Thanks to their superior qualities, it’s no surprise that LED lamps completely dominate our list of the best desk lamps on the market.

This article covers the most important criteria for a good reading light in the bedroom, the home office, and the reading nook. It also includes a detailed review of the best reading lights on the market for your reference.

The lamp can be switched on and off at the socket. No worries if you’re planning to place it in the middle of a room – it has a very long cord (10 feet) that runs down from the shade center.

At 2000 lumens in brightness, the lamp is more than sufficient to light up the smallest details of what you’re working on. You don’t have to bend down closer to see a table of figures or that delicate flower petal on your embroidery frame.

If you’re up for a lamp that fits on your small desk or bedside table, a multifunctional lamp that helps create a neat, clean working space, look no further than this WILIT baby.

The lamp looks very beautiful in person, exactly as it does on its Tinder, oops! Amazon profile.

I didn’t have to think for a second before nominating the BenQ as the best desk lamp for the eyes.

Below is our handpicked collection of the best floor lamps for the living room, bedroom, reading nook, and the ones designed for task lighting. Click on each item to check out the detailed review!

If you’re looking for a beautiful, multifunctional LED desk lamp, be it for working in your office or as a leisure reading lamp in the bedroom, this Taotronics baby will very likely satisfy your needs.

Dimmable Sleek, modern design Neat, cord gracefully hidden White light for task lighting

Multi brightness levels Adjustable light color Rolling wheel on base Adjustable arm and neck High quality magnifier

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How to Choose the Best LED Desk Light, Humanscale. What color temperature is right for me?, WestingHouseLighting.

A reading light for those moments is one you can only read by, but can also inspire your imagination and set a cozy, tranquil atmosphere.

It’s sleek, smart, smooth, and very solid. On the table, the lamp stands tall. Unlike many other poorly designed lamps, however, it’s well balanced, with a compact head, slim body, and a heavy base. It’s stable and sturdy where you place it.

The beauty of this lamp comes from its unique rings. There are two of them: the outer one with a diameter of 18 inches, and an inner ring, 14 inches. The two rings contains dozens of LEDs with a total light output of 2000 lumens all together.

Tip: tie the cord so it runs along one of the legs, and enjoy the neat, aesthetic look.

Despite being tall, the lamp stays sturdy on your table without taking much space. That is thanks to its considerate design with a thin profile on both the body and the shade. Your small bedside tables or petite night stands can easily accommodate the lamp, together with your books and a chocolate cup.

When you rather want a soft sweet ambience for an intimate, welcoming atmosphere, you can always dim the light. Touch the dimmer at its neck and choose between 3 levels of light intensity – not every floor lamp comes with a built-in dimmer like this one.

Whether you want to neutralize a hot color schemed room, or add some subtle warmth to a cool neutral space, this lamp will accommodate your needs. You can leave it in a room overpacked with furnitures of a thousand different shapes, sizes and colors, and it will only bring calmness and breathiness there.

With its bright, pleasant glow, dimmability feature, and versatility, this Brightech torchiere is the best floor lamp for any of the rooms in your house.

The lamp comes with a flexible neck, which allows you to pivot the light to wherever you want. It’s held with a long slender arm and a heavy weighted base to prevent any subtle shaking when you move it. The modesty in the size of the whole item allows it to stay anywhere in the room, be it next to a sofa or at your office table. It barely takes any noticeable space.

Each lamp has a shade to direct the light to more focused areas above and under it. The creme shade, meanwhile, creates a soft romantic glow. Lit together on both sides of the bed, you will feel like the entire room is full of moonlight.

Your work in the home office, meanwhile, requires your 100 percent energy and concentration, and you need to be sharp and alert for the challenging tasks. That is why a specifically designed item with bright, cool white light will be of great usefulness.

The Brightech LightView Magnifier comes in a design that makes it extremely functional in every single detail.

To minimize shadows when you read and write, and avoid that glare on your screen when the light is at 1200 lux, the lamp comes with a bendable and rotatable arm. You can easily adjust the arm to get the exact light angle you need.

Despite having 2 heads, it takes only one and a half hour to fulfill its rechargeable 1000mAh batteries via a USB cord. Depending on how you use it, one charge can last from a few days to several weeks. There are indicators to show you the charging and battery status.

For a perfect neat look, the lamp can be hard-wired inside the wall. But if you opt for an easier option, simply plug it into a socket close to your bed.

A soft, warm ambience in the bedroom will create a homey, trusting, intimate atmosphere, making you feel relaxed and ready to have a sound sleep.

Simple and elegant, this Brightech wooden floor lamp quietly complements your room with its delicate appearance.

Bright focused white light for tasks/reading Dimmable Slender, takes little space Adjustable neck Long lifespan 5 color choices

While the head is all artsy and beautiful, the arm and the base both have a rather plain shell. They are function-oriented: simple, sturdy, and incredibly heavy (the lamp weighs 5.3 lbs). The cord is nicely covered with braided fabric, making it even a safer item to put in your bedroom.

The Teacup symbol (cozy, relaxing mode) is for decreasing the temperature, making the light warmer. The Book symbol (study, concentration mode), meanwhile, is for increasing the temperature, making the light whiter.

Pleasant light, no glare Multiple warmth and brightness Extremely heavy base UL, CE certified for safety Beautiful design on the head

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Furniture stunning hotel lamps with outlets 11 lamp outlet in base outstanding inside greatest bedroom for
Vilhena may 20 2018 amalfi table lamp table lamp set of 2 amalfi pier table lamp
Vilhena may 20 2018 amalfi table lamp desk lamp set of 2 by amalfi ava table lamp
Lamp tall side table lamps lamp set console pretty nightstand bedside table lights table lamps
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Kitchen Ceiling Lighting Factorylux For North London Project

Kitchen Ceiling Lighting Factorylux For North London Project

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Diy Landscape Lighting Regency Irrigation

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2018’s Best Security Lights For Outdoors Motion Sensor Solar Led

2018’s Best Security Lights For Outdoors Motion Sensor Solar Led

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