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20 Best Lava Lamps In 2018 Cool Colorful And Calming Lava Lamp

20 Best Lava Lamps In 2018 Cool Colorful And Calming Lava Lamp 20 Best Lava Lamps In 2018 Cool Colorful And Calming Lava Lamp

This model offers an excellent combination of reliable performance and low cost. It will be a nice decoration to your room. Gazing at the slow and hypnotizing movement of lava will allow you to relieve stress and relax after a hard working day.

Q. What type of bulb should be used in a liquid motion lamp?

Those who want not only to decorate their rooms with a stylish gizmo but also warm their homes on cool autumn evenings should consider buying the oil heater, which could be conveniently moved to the location where it is needed most.

This lamp comes in a variety of color solutions, allowing you to find the right model to complement and enhance the unique style of your home interior.

20-watt spotlight bulb, Electric cord with plug, on/off switch on the cord

7-color rainbow globe, glass housing, and silver aluminum base

Lava lamps have been around for years, and we’re totally giving cred to the “cool factor” for keeping the lamps relevant today. If you’re in a room with a lava lamp, you just can’t look away! And it’s not a bad thing either — gazing into the rolling “lava” is calming and interesting. Plus, who can deny adding such a fun punch of color to a drab room? Check out our top picks and join the cool kids.

When using it for the first time, you need to give the lamp ample time to heat up (6 to 8 hours).

When fully heated, the lamp displays a fascinating show which is a real delight to watch. The presence of the lamp in your toddler’s room will allow the kid to observe continuous transformations of lava inside the rocket-shaped lamp, while gentle and dim red light will be soothing him to sleep.

This sleek, mod lava lamp by Sharper Image features a different shape than the traditional lamp. Not only is it a stellar visual addition to any room, but this lava lamp doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. Ready to throw a party yet? 

The liquid lamp was invented in 1963 by Edward Craven-Walker, a British engineer.

Quite inexpensive and a real bargain if you you get a good lamp – but that’s not a guarantee.

If you want to make your party or celebration even more visually impressive, check out the stage laser lights and stage fog machines.

Lightahead Glitter Glow Lamp 13″ Glitter Glow with Silver Base

Spinner-created funnel is a fun twist to traditional motion lamps. Cycles through five-different colors.

There are liquid motion lamps that feature a chalkboard base. You can draw and write messages on the base with chalk.

24 Models Considered 6 Hours Researched 1 Experts Interviewed 165 Consumers Consulted

Lava Lite 1953 11.5-Inch Accent with Silver Base, White Wax/Blue Liquid

Due to its small capacity, it can hardly be used as a nightlight.

Don’t run your lamp for more than 10 hours at a time. It may become overheated, which could halt the free flow of the wax.

Being an interesting variation of the iconic lava model, this lamp features a different shape, and, as an alternative to heavy bubbling wax, offers a mesmerizing fluid dance of glitter flowing gently from bottom to top.

A. Most liquid motion lamps use light bulbs between 15 and 40 watts, so appliance bulbs work well. However, some larger models may require bulbs of 60 to 100 watts. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions to determine what type of bulb is appropriate for your lamp, and never use a light bulb with a higher wattage than recommended.

Also, we believe you might be interested in other types of lighting, such as magical salt lamps. Uniquely handmade and carefully carved from solid blocks of pure rock crystal salt, they are widely used not only as an elegant element of modern decor but also as an efficient air purifier. These lamps significantly improve indoor air quality by emitting negative ions and neutralizing electromagnetic radiation.

Despite the compact dimensions of the lamp, its design and color schemes are not different from other bigger models. The aluminum base, symmetrically complemented by a matching top, features a classic silver color and provides a sturdy foundation to the unit. Inside the glass globe, made of shockproof and heat-resistant glass, heated white wax quaintly flows in sky-blue liquid. 

Also, it is worth noting that the lamp with such stylish elongated shape and classic colors of black and scarlet red can fit into a variety of interiors and add an enticing accent to any décor. 

25-watt incandescent bulb; Electrical cord with a switch for plug-in operation

Despite the name, liquid motion lamps aren’t really intended for use as a light source. They do contain a light bulb, but it’s used mainly to heat the liquid and wax components inside the lamp to create the distinctive motion. Motion lamps don’t provide much in the way of illumination, so they aren’t suitable as task lighting. So why would you want one?

At BestReviews, we can help you sort through the many lava lamp options available to you. We’re able to provide unbiased recommendations because we always buy our own products. We also consult with experts and conduct field research, so you can trust that we know the top lava lamps on the market inside and out. If you’re ready to buy a lava lamp, check out our top recommendations in the matrix above. For general tips on choosing a liquid motion lamp, continue reading this shopping guide.

The aluminum base provides a solid foundation to the lamp and matching cap instills a sense of symmetry. The recognizable iconic shape of the lamp, which remained true to the original geometric design, will be a perfect and stylish addition to any home decor.

The liquid in a motion lamp is translucent, so the wax mixture is visible as it floats through the vessel. But you have a pretty wide range of liquid color options, including clear, pink, blue, purple, red, and green. Some motion lamps feature multiple liquid colors to create a rainbow effect.

Avoid placing a motion lamp in a room with extreme temperatures. If the room temperature is very hot or very cold, it can affect how well the lamp performs.

If it’s important to you to own an authentic lava lamp, you should opt for a model from the LAVA brand.

A beloved and widely recognizable icon of the 60s and 70s it was the “flabbergaster” of those days that couldn’t be ignored! And yet the incredible lava lamps have returned to the forefront of fashionable home décor to fascinate, intrigue and entertain a new generation of lava lamp owners. The manufacturers delight in bringing new color-phasing vortex styles, original and quirky color solutions, enigmatic wax/liquid schemes to satisfy the cravings of old and new lava-lamp fans.

15-watt incandescent bulb; Electrical cord with inline switch for plug-in operation

A liquid motion lamp can help create a calming atmosphere in a room. It can also serve as a unique decoration or conversation piece. Regardless of your reason for wanting a motion lamp, however, there are a few things to consider before you buy one.

A. If a liquid motion lamp is used properly, it is very safe to use. The lamp can get hot during use, though, so it shouldn’t be handled when it’s illuminated. In addition, if you expose the lamp to extreme heat, it could explode, so keep it away from the stove, heaters, open flames, and any other heat sources.

A Bluetooth speaker and a motion lamp in one unit is a great idea.

For a medium-size lamp with a few extra features, you’ll usually pay between $20 and $60. These lamps tend to be 14 inches tall or less. Many of them have fun base/cap designs or other eye-pleasing features, such as glitter.

A liquid motion lamp can get fairly warm when it’s turned on, so avoid touching the vessel and base.

A glittery twist on a lava lamp with fun features, reliability, and a modest price.

Kick it back to the ’80s with this retro lava lamp splattered with paint. It’s the perfect object to brighten up a nightstand or homework station. Zack Morris would be so impressed … 

This stunning accent from Uncommon Goods is not only fun to gaze at, but you can play with it, too! Use the magnets to move the dark particles around the lamp. Just don’t get too distracted from your work!

The vessel that contains the liquid/wax mixture sits atop a base that houses the lamp bulb. There’s usually a matching cap on top of the vessel as well. Some lamps feature plastic bases and caps that range in color from basic black to hot pink. Others have aluminum bases and caps that are typically silver in color.

At 27 inches tall, this is a huge lamp with clear glass and durable construction.

An active motion lamp that is priced right and works well after a break-in period.

Back in the day lava lamps were thought to be so unusual that they defied the description, but today we can spell out the simple mechanics of their operation. Classic lava lamps feature two components sealed in a heat-resistant and shockproof glass container: liquid and wax. The incandescent bulb at the bottom of the lamp heats the wax making it lighter than the water and pushing it up. The wax flows up and as it reaches the top it cools down becomes heavier and sinks. Such process repeats over and over again and produces a smooth flow of wax bubbles, colliding and oozing in the liquid. Observing this captivating lava movement is perfect for meditation, relaxation, and contemplation.

This lava lamp is electric! Touch your finger to the glass and watch bolts of light rush to your skin. Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing!  

If you are looking for a lamp for your toddler’s room which can infuse it with ambient lighting, create a cozy atmosphere and at the same time is capable of captivating a restless kid, you should definitely take a close look at the rocket-shaped Rhode Island Novelty Lava Lamp. The first thing that will catch your child’s eye is its original shape! Scarlet red lava is bubbling inside the glass globe in quirky hypnotizing ways to delight the eye. It looks fantastic in the dark and gazing at it will utterly enchant your little one and soothe him fast to sleep. 

Any living space needs distinctive decorative elements to make it look more inviting, welcoming and uniquely your own. Looking at the same couch, furniture and wall color can get a little boring after a while. Many people seem oblivious to the fact that colors and lights can entirely transform their home and turn a bland room into a vibrant and energizing space. If that’s what you had in mind, then you will be absolutely fascinated by these enchanting groovy gizmos. Lava lamps are not only a source of pleasant colorful lighting but also an enigmatic and hypnotizing part of your interior. They will bring a little extra zest and a soft retro touch to your home!

Quality control is hit and miss. Some buyers reported that units arrived with cloudy liquid in lamp and some units take a long time to warm up.

100-watt incandescent bulb; Electrical cord with inline switch for plug-in operation

Best Weather-resistant Motion Sensor Lights to Secure Your House at Nighttime

It typically takes 45 to 60 minutes for the wax in a liquid motion lamp to move freely, so patience is key.

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All liquid motion lamps are small enough to sit on a table top, but they range in size from 11.5 inches to 27 inches.

Lava lamps are usually used for decoration, therefore when choosing your lamp, it is highly important to find a model that could complement and add an elegant touch to your interior. We recommend you to have a look at the Lava Lite 2124 Classic Lava Lamp model. It comes in a relatively small size of 14.5 inches in height and 4 inches in diameter but offers an enchanting plethora of colorful solutions and combinations for housing, liquid, and wax. Such an extensive variety of colors will enable any avid groovy gizmo aficionado to find the lamp to suit his preferences and complement his unique home interior. Besides, the original artistic designs will be able to please and captivate not only the adults but also teenagers, toddlers, and kids of any age. All in all, this lamp can be a gift of originality to your dear friends and family members.

A basic liquid motion lamp is pretty cool just as it is, but you can find models that have extra features that up the unique factor even more.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the safety of using the lamp, as it has successfully passed all safety tests and received the approval from the Underwriters Laboratories. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about when installing the lamp in your toddler’s room. 

This model will last a long time and will be an enticing addition to your living space, delighting you and your guests with a mesmerizing dance of rainbow colors. This lava lamp will light up and set a retro mood for any gathering or party.

BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.

When the light is turned on, the liquid and wax are heated. This causes the wax to expand more than the liquid. The wax then floats in the mixture, moving around the vessel to create an interesting display.

If you want a liquid motion lamp you can use as a nightlight, consider a smaller model that is 11.5 to 14.5 inches in height. These smaller models work well as accent lamps or nightlights.

If you like sparkles, consider a lamp with glitter in the liquid, wax, or both. It’s a particularly eye-catching option because the lamp’s light reflects off of the glitter.

We may earn a commission for purchases made through our links.

The Bluetooth speaker is fair-to-middling in terms of sound and many customers report that the colored liquid doesn’t flow, device arrived broken, or broke quickly.

The moving “lava” in a liquid motion lamp is usually composed of a wax mixture that floats in a translucent liquid.

The best-known manufacturer of liquid motion lamps is the LAVA company, which actually holds the trademark for the term “lava lamp.” However, there are a variety of other brands that produce motion lamps similar in appearance and function to the classic LAVA lamp.

If you don’t mind spending a little more money, this huge lava lamp is the one to get.

Otherwise, there isn’t much difference among the various manufacturers.

Are you thinking about drumming up a downright dynamite party? Here is a simple recipe. How about pairing the glitter lamp with a disco ball, compelementing it with some vintage vinyl records and spicing it all up with unforgettable hip retro tunes? We guarantee that your theme night will be a sensation!

Since the lamp is big and powerful, the light that it emits will allow you to use it as a nightlight or beautiful decoration in a large living room or bedroom.

Because of the soft glow that it provides, a liquid motion lamp makes an ideal nightlight.

If you love creating a pleasant ambient atmosphere in your home not only with the help of lights but also with various relaxing or energizing scents, we suggest you to consider purchasing one of the reed diffusers or oil diffusers.

Distinctly feminine color scheme limits the appeal of this lamp. Also not a true lava lamp – you won’t see any floating blobs of wax here.

If you prefer a lamp that stands out even more, look for a base/cap combination that features a wild pattern or design, such as lively rainbow stripes or fun firework bursts.

This cute compact-sized lamp is ideal for use in a small room and will look great as a nightlight on a bedside table.

This lamp has been tested for safety and received approval from the Underwriters Laboratories (UL approved). The lamp passed all standards of safety related to fire hazards and was deemed absolutely safe to use.

A liquid motion lamp features a clear glass vessel containing translucent liquid. This liquid usually consists of water and mineral oil. Colored “blobs” made from a wax mixture are dropped into the liquid, and the vessel is placed on top of a base that holds an incandescent or halogen bulb.

This is actually the perfect lava lamp for a beach house or the summertime in general. We love the cool blue hue of the lamp base and the dreamy sand castle glowing on the inside. We’re totally inspired to grab our shovel and pail! 

This cool lava lamp is the perfect addition to a kid’s bathroom, bedroom, or beach house! It feels like real fish are right in the room with you. The best part? You don’t need to worry about forgetting to feed them. 🐠

Stock up on the chalk because this is one of the coolest lava lamps on the market! Leave it in a spot where chalk notes can be exchanged between family members. So much fun! 

You shouldn’t leave a liquid motion lamp unattended when it’s turned on. The exterior can get very warm, so it’s considered a fire hazard.

Liquid motion lamps vary in price based on how large they are and what features they include, but you can typically expect to spend between $10 and $100 on one.

To get started, the lamp needs to be connected to a power source. The lamp features the electrical cord for plugin operation with inline switch, which will allow you to turn the lamp on and off without disconnecting it from the power outlet. 

The light from the lamp falling on the walls creates a soothing and relaxing illusion of moving ocean waves. Since this lamp does not have wax, it quickly heats up and the glitter starts moving effortlessly up and down inside the glass jar.

In addition to the liquid color, there are a variety of wax shades to choose from as well. Some lamps feature a single wax shade, while others offer multiple colors for a more interesting look.

If you are looking for other decorative elements to adorn and add a special unique charm to your home interior, we suggest you to consider purchasing magical wind chimes. They will not only fill your living space with a delicate sound of nature, but also bring good fortune, diffuse negative energy, and promote health and harmony within your family.

If you are looking for a subtle unobtrusive decorative element to a small-sized room, then 11.5-inch lava lamp is exactly what you need! This Lava Lite 1953 Lava Lamp model can be a stylish decoration for a small room, study, dorm room or an office. It will also look beautifully as a nightlight on your bedside table. 

We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

Colorful lights have the magic to turn a bland room into a vibrant and energizing space! Check out our review to find the best Lava Lamp to fit into your home interior and set the mood for any gathering or theme party! …Read more …Read less

Avoid placing your lamp in an area with direct sunlight. The sun could cause its colors to fade.

Lava Lite 2124 4.5-Inch Classic Silver-Based Yellow Wax/Blue Liquid

If you are contemplating a purchase of a lava lamp to accentuate the vibe of your décor or to complement your home interior, the first factor to consider is the size. The model that we are offering to your attention is Lava Lite 6851 Grande from a known manufacturer with the recognizable name Lava Lite. Due to its impressive height of 27 inches, capacious glass housing filled with clear liquid and bubbling wax, as well as the presence of a powerful incandescent bulb of 100 watts, this lamp will perfectly suit even the largest and most spacious living rooms. It will do a great job not only at enhancing the interior of your living space but also at lighting it up on cold and dark winter evenings. Moreover, it will surely set the mood and uplift your spirit with the enchanting play of iridescent lights of all colors of the rainbow. 

For a small motion lamp with no extra features, you’ll usually pay between $10 and $20. Many of these lamps are under 12 inches tall and may have a rather plain base/cap combination finish.

A. In general, motion lamps don’t provide much light. Most are fairly small in size and use low-wattage bulbs, so you can’t count on them to provide enough light to read or work by. However, they provide an attractive glow that can add ambiance to any room.

Wiggle, wiggle! This S-shaped lamp is as groovy as it is unique. The interesting color combo is quite eye-catching, and the shape of the lamp is a true conversation starter. Way to go against the grain, you rebel! 

Manufacturer kindly advises to be patient and give the lamp sufficient time (up to 6 hours) to warm up when using it for the first time. You may observe how the lamp starts heating up the wax by forming wax pillars resembling a quirky stalagmite. In due time, your patience will be rewarded. When thoroughly heated, the wax will form bubbles which will be slowly flowing, colliding and oozing in fascinating patterns.

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It’s full of glitter and you can write on it with chalk. Also works reliably.

Liquid motion lamps are widely known as “lava lamps” because the LAVA brand is the best-known manufacturer that gained so much popularity the brand became a household name for the product. In truth, a variety of brands offer striking liquid motion lamps that can become an instant conversation piece for your home.

For a large motion lamp with several extra features, you’ll usually pay between $60 and $100. You may find some lamps that stand close to two feet tall in this price range.

If you are planning a theme night or organizing a throwback party all the way back to the 60s or 70s, then this groovy Glitter Lamp is exactly what you need! It will set the mood, uplift the spirits and lend a retro vibe to your gathering.

And do not forget about the fact that the lamp will not only be a fantastic decoration for your room during the party, it will surely add positive and energizing vibes into your everyday life. Also, it can sit very well as a nightlight on your bedside table.

Salt Lamps Flameless Candles Lava Lamps Edison Bulbs Kids Night Lights

BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers.

The bulbs in most motion lamps are usually 15 to 40 watts, so it can take up to an hour for the wax to heat enough to generate the trademark motion that makes motion lamps so interesting.

A fluid motion lamp’s attractive colors, soft light, and relaxing movement can help create a soothing ambiance in any room.

The classic lava lamp is cone-shaped, but you can find variations on this. For example, there are bullet-shaped lamps, cylindrical lamps, rectangular lamps, and globe-shaped liquid motion lamps.

These days, everything old seems to be new again – which may be why liquid motion lamps, more commonly known as lava lamps, are once again a trendy décor item. Motion lamps became popular in the 60s and 70s. They fell out of style for a while, but they’re back again. You don’t have to be a retro queen or vintage junkie to enjoy a motion lamp. These liquid-filled lamps don’t really provide light, but they can be a fun accessory for a bedroom, dorm room, or any space that needs a little livening up.

The more you use a motion lamp, the shorter the warm-up time will be, so it’s a good idea to turn it on daily when you first buy it.

The first time that you use a liquid motion lamp, allow it to run for several hours to ensure that the wax is fully warmed and not simply flowing in straight, pillar-like shapes.

Never move or shake a liquid motion lamp when it’s warm. The movement could cause the wax to separate or make the liquid cloudy.

Bling out your favorite room with this metallic lava lamp that’ll make you feel like a million bucks! Shimmery and golden, the lamp heats up and sends sparkles dancing through the center of the piece. 

This magical Lightahead Glitter Glow Lamp is a variation on the iconic lava lamp but features a different cylinder-shaped design as well as alternative filling. The decorative sparkling silver glitter, used instead of heavy slowly moving wax, is so light, that it flows incredibly effortlessly up and down in the orange liquid inside the glass housing. The movement of the glitter is so captivating that it will surely enthrall your guests while filling the room with mesmerizing shimmering lights and hypnotizing splendor.

Fun concept, but the quality just isn’t sufficient for us to recommend this motion lamp.

The LAVA brand originally called their liquid motion lamp the “Astro” lamp. Its named was changed in 1965.

If you want a slightly larger accent piece, consider a lamp that is 16 to 17 inches tall.

Keep flammable materials, including fabrics and paper, away from the lamp when it’s in operation.

There are even lamps that change colors via colored lenses in front of the lamp’s bulb – a true rainbow effect.

If you have a kid or teen at home looking for a classic lava lamp, this is your best bet! Kids know what they want! Even though you might think the glitter lamp or rectangle-shaped lava lamp could be cool, you’re probably better off sticking with the classic version. 

Since the children are more at risk of catching the cold, flu or other illness from airborne microorganisms, we advise you to consider purchasing one of the air purifiers. They can effectively defeat the spread of bacteria and contaminants as well as eliminate harmful bacterial particles in your toddler’s room. 

If you want a multipurpose lamp, choose one that features a Bluetooth speaker. You can listen to music streamed from your smartphone, tablet, or other device while you bask in your lamp’s display.

Bring some dreamy inspiration into your home with a Northern Lights lava lamp. Silver glitter makes the sky-inspired color palette look star-studded. 

A liquid motion lamp that stands greater than two feet tall is a large lamp, indeed. If you’re looking for something that could serve as the focal point of a room, consider a lamp of this size.

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