20 Best Usb Lightning Cables Of 2018 Lightning To Usb Cables

July 9, 2018 9:55 am by sandiego
Rnd power solutions apple lightning cable
Top 20 best usb lightning cables in 2018 reviews
20 Best Usb Lightning Cables Of 2018 Lightning To Usb Cables

It’s available in either 6in, 10in (and 14in in the US), either white or black (£14.99/$12.99), and has a sleek, flexible silicone design.

It’s available in 1.5m/5ft or 3m/10ft (£25.16/34.95), and features a built-in silicone cable tie for easy cable management.

If you’re after something a bit longer, this cable from Anker is a great bet at 3ft (also available at 2m/6ft for £6.99 or $11.99 in the US).

Ventev ChargeSync Cable MFi-Certified: Yes Length: 6 inches Warranty: Limited lifetime Price: $18

Besty’s 10ft long cable is compatible with most smartphones, tablets and can also be used with MP3 players, hard drives and cameras from top brands like Samsung, Motorola, Nexus, Nokia and a lot more. It guarantees 100% excellent performance: quick charging and faster data transfer. The extra length makes it comfortable to use your mobile device even when charging. The thick nylon jacket and aluminum casing make it durable and strong enough to handle day to day use. It has a budget-friendly price tag you’ll want to buy it.

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AmazonBasics Cable MFi-Certified: Yes Length: 4 inches to 10 feet Warranty: 12 months Price: $5+

Fuse Chicken Titan Cable MFi-Certified: Yes Length: 3.25 feet Warranty: Limited lifetime Price: $35

We actually blew the Zus cable up during testing, but before that, it survived a tug-of-war with a dog and came out unscathed. This is a seriously tough Lightning cable with a thoughtful design. It’s reinforced with Kevlar and finished with nylon braiding — two facets that helped it survive an impressive 15,000 bends during lab testing. It’s also tangle-free and comes with a Velcro tie. One thing we really like about the cable is that the USB connector is angled at 90 degrees, so it can fit in tight spaces. It’s rugged, a good length, and the right price.

1. RND Power Solutions Apple Lightning Cable2. Incipio Apple MFi Certified Lightning Cable3. Anker Premium White iPhone Cable4. Aukey Nylon Braided iPhone Lightning Cable5. Plusus LifeStar Cross Turquoise Apple Lightning Cable6.

AmazonBasics MFi Certified Apple Lightning Cable7. Anker PowerLine Micro USB Charging Cable8. Anker PowerLine MFi Certified Lightning Cable9. Hi-Mobiler 3-Pack Nylon Braided Micro USB 2.0 Cable10. CellJoy 1 Foot Short Lightning to USB Cable11.

AmazonBasics Nylon Braided Apple Lightning Cable12. Rampow 2-Pack Micro USB Cables13. Anker PowerLine+ C to C 2.0 Cable14. Ailkin Premium Micro USB Cable for Android Devices15. Native Union BELT Cable XL16.

ApocSun 2-Pack iPhone Lightning Cable17. Anker PowerLine+ C to C Cable18. Besty Micro USB 2.0 3-Pack Cable19. Smallelectric 3-Pack 6ft Micro USB Cables20. Onson iPhone Charger CableIn summary

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This is a really great Lightning cable at an affordable price. It’s fast when it comes to charging and data transfer, it’s certified by Apple, and it’s really durable. The cable is reinforced with Kevlar and Anker has strengthened the stress points at the ends to ensure it lasts. It also comes with a handy Velcro tie and you can pick it up in black, white, blue, red, or gray. The end of the Lightning connector is slightly wider than the basic Apple cable, however, so it might not fit every case. Otherwise, this is probably the best cable at this price point.

Possibly one of the most luxurious accessories around if you consider the basic function and the overall form. Native Union’s NIGHT cable fixes a problem you probably didn’t realize was one until they pointed it out. If you have a nightstand, or an area where you normally charge your iPhone or iPad, you no longer have to scrabble around on the floor to find the end. 

The 3.95ft long iPhone cable makes it comfortable to continue using your smartphone even while it’s charging. It is made with durable braided nylon, and aluminum shielding thus will withstand wear and tear. The cable is compatible with 9-pin Apple mobile devices. It is also MFi Certified.

The aluminum alloy technology behind this cable makes it resistant to corrosion and everyday wear and tear. It features a tangle-free sturdy design making it durable than other ordinary models. And aside from its unique features, you’ll love the braided finish that makes it look and feel great. The cable is compatible with Samsung devices, Motorola, Nexus, Sony and more. It equally supports iPhone devices for stable data transfers and super-fast charging.

This isn’t the cheapest cable, but it’s handy for different situations – if you don’t want a load of cords bunching up then it’ll work great, but will also stretch to 1.8m if necessary. And don’t worry, it’s designed not to tangle, unlike your landline phone circa 1992.

While we’re on tough cables, how about Nomad’s ‘Ultra Rugged’ Lightning offering?

Longer cable than standard? Check. Selection of colours? Check. Trusted tech brand? Check. Belkin’s standard 1.2m/4ft Lightning cable is longer, affordable and reliable.

Moshi Cable MFi-Certified: Yes Length: 10 feet Warranty: 12 months Price: $25

Anker PowerLine Cable MFi-Certified: Yes Length: 6 feet Warranty: 18 months Price: $13

Anker claims it’s particularly rugged, having bent the poor thing 4000 times in testing, with no changes to performance. Cables are boring, true, but if one breaks it can render your devices useless. Anker is here to change that, for a great price.

Incipio’s iPhone lightning cable is made of premium quality and is compatible with all Apple devices. It comes with Zero Defect Guarantee giving you a one year warranty to let you rest easy when you buy it. The tangle-free MFi certified Lightning to USB charge measures 1 meter. It gives you the convenience to comfortably connect your gadget to any USB port on laptops and desktops for easy data transfer.

Most Apple products these days will ship with a Lightning cable; the company now uses the connection on all its iPhones and iPads. Yet with everyday wear and tear, at some point you’re going to start seeing wires sticking out of the once pure white cable and will need to replace it.

This cable from 1byone is well worth considering, especially since it’s half the price of Apple’s proprietary Lightning cable and features nearly the same design. It’s fast at charging and syncing data, and it’s easy to carry around. It’s not going to be especially durable given it’s essentially a clone of Apple’s cable, but it will fit all the same cases, including Otterbox cases. Needless to say the latter can be a real problem with other cables.

Home Features Apple Features The best Lightning cables for iPhone or iPad in 2018 The best Lightning cables for iPhone or iPad in 2018 There are loads of different Lightning cables available for your iPhone or iPad.

Here we round up the best available, for whether you want to replace your Apple original, try a different colour, or grab one of the many rugged Lightning cables around that can take a licking.

This can be easily hooked round a bag loop, belt or used as a key chain. Or, it can just be a neat, durable cable. Another great choice as long as the plug or your computer isn’t far away from whatever it is you’re looking to sync or charge.

LifeStar not only promises top quality but also gives you a chic-looking cable with a perfect cross turquoise finish you’ll surely feel your money’s worth. The handcrafted braided and stitched look truly makes this lightning cable stand out from other models. The cable comes with a lifetime warranty and will not fray or tangle due to its durable double layer. It has a length of 0.25M and gives you fast 2.4AMPS full speed charging.

Enjoy the Anker Advantage of fast charging and sync with the PowerLine+ 2.0 cable that is ideal for USB type C devices. Whether you have a Chromebook Pixel, a Nexus 6P, MacBook or OnePlus 2 device, you can comfortably use this cable for charging, and data transfer whenever you want. The double-braided nylon exterior, strong aramid fiber core and laser-welded connectors give the PowerLine+ superior toughness. With this cable, you won’t have to think about purchasing another USB Cable for a very long time. Packaging additionally includes an innovative adjustable pouch for easy transportation and neat storage.

Native Union has perfected the art of turning cables into lifestyle products, and for its new Cosmos Collection, the company has also added in extra toughness using DuPont Kevlar fiber, ensuring the cables remain looking good. It has also reinforced the join between cable and Lightning connector, a common point where other cables may fail. The new print combines gray and white for a cool, modern look, with a great texture. Native Union’s Cosmos Collection color scheme will be available on its Belt Cable models, Key Cable, and Night Cable from May 15, but other colors and styles are available right now.

The NIGHT has a weighty knot of cable that you can move up and down the length of the cord (it’s the same material but not part of the cable). We’re fans over here at Macworld HQ – it works really well, and once you’ve got one next to your bed, you’ll want one for all your other devices. The reinforced cord means no tangled wires and a long life of no frayed ends. Hopefully.

The bright colors of the 5-pack Micro USB Cable will catch your attention when shopping for cables. It is compatible with most Android devices, smartphones, and tablets. It has a length of 6ft making it long enough for comfortable use even when charging. Moreover, you can also bring it along while traveling for on-the-go charging. The cable is made of eco-friendly durable material making it safe and flexible to use around the house even where there are children. Enjoy high-speed charging of up to 7 percent than other ordinary cables. What’s more, it can transfer data at 480Mbps making it highly efficient.

Aukey Nylon Braided Cable MFi-Certified: Yes Length: 4 feet Warranty: 24 months Price: $12

Amazon does note that it works with ‘nearly all cases’, so you may want to double check, but we doubt this would be a problem for most accessories.

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The 2M Micro USB Cable is made with gold-plated connectors and has internal aluminum foil shielding making it durable thus guaranteeing long-term use. It supports 2.1amps for a faster charge of your devices whenever you want. The compact connector head design makes the cable compatible with most aftermarket smartphone cases. You’ll get a one year warranty from the company when you buy this lightning cable. For such an affordable price, you will enjoy all the benefits of high-end MFi certified lightning cables.

You can settle for the Zebra-designed cable, Taupe Colored cable or the Marine shaded cable. Just as other products by the Native Union, this 10ft BELT cable is super strong for improved durability and long-term use. It is compatible with most of the Apple devices and has MFi certification. The cable will fit most cases due to its ultra-slim connector design. Moreover, the Native Union BELT Cable XL 10ft iPhone charger cable has an O-Flex strain relief design that offers controlled flexibility.

Native Union Cable Collection MFI-Certified: Yes Length: Belt Cable 1.2 meters, Night Cable 3.0 meters, Key Cable 16.5 centimeters Warranty: Lifetime Price: All three cables for $76, or Belt Cable $25, Key Cable $30, Night Cable $40.

ApocSun gives you the best iPhone charger cables made of high-quality material at the lowest prices. Aluminum alloy, TPE, and premium copper are the materials used to give this cable its durable nature. It is an 8-pin lightning cable that offers you fast charging experience and an excellent connection for data transfers from one device to the other. It will sync and charge most iPhone devices, iPads, and iPod models. The 2-pack iPhone cable is available in two lengths; 3ft and 4ft. You can use the 3ft cable to charge your gadget in the car without worrying about extra wire dangling all over the place.

The big attraction with this cable is the 10-foot length, which allows you use and charge your iPhone at the same time, regardless of where the outlet might be. It also comes with a Velcro strap, so you can tidy it away when you don’t need the full length. The cable is encased in aluminum and the ends are reinforced for added durability. It syncs and charges at decent speeds, too, though it’s not ideal for cases outfitted with a tight cutout given the connector end is quite wide.

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This cable is MFi Certified by Apple thus compatible with i-OS updates. It will safely connect to iPhone, iPad, and iPod for charging and data synchronization. The lightning cable has a length of 6ft and is available in a wide array of colors. The company boasts of making high-quality cables with the highest quality material for a faster, stable and reliable connection. What’s more, RND’s cable is durable and has a slim, flexible design that resists tangles and can be used even without removing the case.

This Satechi cable is another great choice for anyone who just wants a simple short cable to connect their iPhone to their laptop, without unnecessary length getting tangled up everywhere.

As well as the black model pictured you can get it in white, and either 20cm or 1m long.

Not as iconic as the white ear buds, but white and useful nonetheless, you might want to buy direct from Apple. Which is fine! The standard cable that ships with most Apple products is the 1m cable and adding a tenner to the price (ouch) will get you an extra metre. 

Not a lot else to say here – it’s made by Apple and it’s a Lightning cable. Does what it says on the tin. Also goes murky grey very fast, depending on your usage.

It works. It’s 10cm to 3 metres long and available in six colours. It costs less than a fiver. It’s a no-brainer.

Alongside the cable, you will get a flexible, innovative pouch that will neatly store and keep your cable safe while transporting it. It is made with double-braided durable nylon exterior and toughened aramid fiber core to give it a strong and sturdy nature for long-term use. The cable charges your phone or tablet at high speed and offers faster transfer speed of 480Mbps from one gadget to the other. It comes backed with stress-free 18 months warranty from the company.

We live at a time when electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and digital cameras need to stay close at hand. From replying to emails, conducting online business, chatting with friends to taking and sending photos, we surely need these devices within reach. However, these electronic devices cannot work alone. This is why we equally need a lightning cable that acts a connector to transfer data from one device to the other. The lightning cable, aside from synchronizing data, can also be ideal for on-the-go recharging. It is thus a perfect travel accessory when on the move. When it comes to buying a third-party apple lightning cable or iPhone lightning cable, be sure you find one that is MFi Certified and safe to use on your gadget. There are different cables engineered differently, and they won’t serve you the same. To get the best experience with your new phone/computer accessory, read our reviews of the best iPhone cable.

It is engineered with bulletproof aramid fiber making it stronger than other ordinary cables. This strengthened construction makes it the most preferred Micro USB charging cable for most Android, Motorola, Nexus and Samsung smartphone users. The 10ft PowerLine cable by Anker has a 5000+ bend lifespan and has thick gauge wiring for a faster charge via USB charger. You’ll also enjoy an 18-month warranty from the company when you consider settling for this charging cable, so you won’t have to worry when using it.

This cable is available in an array of differing lengths, including 4- and 10-foot varieties. Amazon’s proprietary accessories are known for their build quality, too, and this cable is no exception. It comes in either black or white, which is perfect for those who have an all-black iPhone. Amazon also guarantees its durability, and it will back it up with the company’s one-year warranty.

For a price that won’t interfere with your budget, you get Anker’s PowerLine 6ft iPhone charger cable for your smartphone device whenever you want. It is compatible with most iPhone, iPad, and iPod models. The ultra-durable material used to make this cable gives it added advantage since it will not fray and is resistant to everyday wear and tear. The reduced cord resistance and wide diameter wires maximize the charging speed of the Anker PowerLine iPhone Cable. Besides, it is quite flexible making it the most preferred cable for USB charging and data synchronization.

Coated in thick rubber that is supposedly 40% stronger than materials used in the military, aerospace, and by the police, it is a utilitarian, rugged cable that is reasonably priced and a sensible length. What more do you need?

This Apple Certified Lightning to USB cable measures 4 inches and you can buy either a black or white model depending on your preference. Its compact size allows it to be used in most cases. It has additional protection layer to reduce fraying and improve durability. The cable is backed by a year limited warranty by the company to give you peace of mind when buying.

Billed as the toughest Lightning cable on the planet, the Fuse Chicken Titan is wrapped in two layers of flexible steel. This thing will survive pet attacks without fraying and the manufacturers even took a chainsaw to it just to prove its strength. That said, it’s a lot heavier and stiffer than a regular cable, which means it can be rather difficult to coil up. The Lightning connector can also be a weak point and the neck is wider than a traditional Apple cable, so it won’t fit all cases. But if you want something that your pets can’t chew through, this is it.

The dark gray 1.8M lightning cable by AmazonBasics meets Apple standards earning MFi Certification thus you can use it on your iPhone device. It is made with high-quality copper wire and durable nylon fiber cloth for maximum signal strength, flexibility, and excellent protection. What’s more, this model is made with additional protection layer to the ends for improved durability and reduced fraying. The small connector heads will fit most smartphone cases.

With claims to being the toughest key chain cable on Earth, the Titan Loop from the amazingly named company Fuse Chicken is a clever little charge loop. The Lightning connector end loops round and slots into a cap next to the USB connector, forming a neat metal loop. 

The ends are very strongly magnetic and it makes for a great travelling companion. After starting on Kickstarter, it’s available for worldwide shipping now.

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For just a few dollars, you get a pack of two lightning cables that is universally compatible with most Android tablets and smartphones. The build quality of this model makes it the most preferred Micro USB Cable for data transfers and super-fast wall charging. Rampow’s 2-pack cable has received great reviews, and this is no surprise since most users love its extra durable material and flexible tangle free nature. The charge cables will fit nearly every case thus you won’t have to remove them when connecting.

It’s made out of ‘balistic nylon’, which sounds pretty exciting, along with a kevlar core, and a PVC jacket. Y’know, in case your cables are prone to spontaneous combustion.

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On Amazon US, Fuse Chicken offers the Titan Loop as a third-party seller.

This nifty cable by Anchor is a metal alternative to the Lightning cable you got with your iPhone. But it has a trick up its sleeve.

When you bought your iPhone or iPad, you probably got a standard Lightning cable in the box with it. But if you want to be able to charge your device at work or in different rooms without having to carry that cable around with you, you’ll want to invest in a spare cable or two. You may also prefer something a little longer, so you can use your iPhone comfortably while it’s plugged in, or something a little stronger that can survive tugs, bumps, or the unwelcome attention of a pet and child. Let’s take a look at the best Lightning cables around.

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You can go direct to Apple, but there are a plethora of alternatives out there – just don’t buy a cheap Lightning cable. So, we’ve rounded up our favourites for your perusal. Here you go. 

Zus Kevlar Cable MFi-Certified: Yes Length: 4 feet Warranty: Limited Price: $20

Charge and sync with one of our favorite Lightning cables for iPhone By Simon Hill @iamsimonhill — Posted on March 7, 2018 – 12:00PM 3.7.18 – 12:00PM

Braided-nylon cables are very durable, and Aukey’s lighting cable comes with reinforced aluminum shielding that’s designed to help it survive day-to-day abuse. Each cable is 4 feet long — meaning they’re neither too long or too short — and is backed by Aukey’s two-year warranty. They also come in four different colors (black, white, silver, and gold), so finding the right cable to match your iOS device shouldn’t be a problem.

Maybe you have a USB charging hub on your desk, or you want to plug into your laptop and you hate the cable clutter. Whatever the reason, there are times when you might prefer a really short cable to keep things tidy. Thankfully, this cable charges and syncs data at full speed and measures a mere 6 inches long. It’s also flat, so there’s no danger of tangling. It’s a little pricey and the Lightning connector may be a little big for some case cutouts, but it works well and it’s pretty durable.

This cable was specially designed for iPod, iPad and iPhone devices. The apple lightning cable is available in 15 different hues; thus you’ll always find one that surely matches your taste. It is Apple MFi Certified made with high-quality materials that will last for a very long time. Moreover, the cable is heat-resistant and tangle-free. You’ll use this cable without too much worry because of the lifetime replacement guarantee that the company promises when you buy it. And with only a few coins to spare, you’ll enjoy fast charging and easy data transfer from one device to another with the CellJoy 1ft lightning cable.

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If you only want one cable for all your tech, then this is it. The end is magnetic and comes with connectors for Lightning, USB-C and micro-USB. It’ll have you covered if you also have another phone or a Kindle for example.

Nomad Ultra Rugged Cable MFi-Certified: Yes Length: 9.8 feet (3 meters) Warranty: 2 years Price: $35

This cable is not only useful (well, they all are, they are all the same) but also harks back to a simpler time of, y’know, wired phones. That coiled tangled mess on your desk, or in your hallway has managed to pass on as phones become wireless, but wireless charging isn’t quite here yet for all Apple products.

Anker Premium white cable gives your device a complete charge and allows easy data transfer with select iPhone devices and iPad models. It has a length of 3ft and is extra durable that it can serve you for a very long time. Besides, this cable is Apple MFi certified. This cable is heat resistant and has a compact size that fits all case cutouts virtually.

Maybe don’t take a knife to it, but otherwise the UNBREAKcable lives up to its name. Syncwire stress tests all its products to ensure they don’t fray or deteriorate over time.

The 3-pack lightning cable is 10ft long and certified to use on some iPhone devices, iPads and iPods. It is nylon braided and can withstand heavy usage for a very long time. Expect excellent performance, connectivity, and durability with the Onson iPhone lightning cable. Besides, the cable comes with a 12-month warranty for worry-free usage anytime. Best of all is the affordable price of the Onson iPhone cable.

Products in the Amazon Basics range just work and they’re very cheap to boot. Cheap does not mean bad though – Basics’ 0.9m (3ft) cable is only just over a fiver, with free delivery. So you can buy three cables for around the price of one Apple version if you don’t mind not having Apple brand stuff. 

1byone Cable MFi-Certified: Yes Length: 3.28 feet Warranty: 12 months Price: $7

This cable combines a Kevlar core with an RF (radio frequency) shield and PVC jacket, all encased in heavyweight 1000-denier nylon for durability. Nomad guarantees it will last for at least five years, even with heavy daily use. There’s a special silicone rubber tie that allows you to keep your cable tidy and organize any extra length. It’s a USB 2.0 cable and it will work with any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch that has a Lightning port. You can also get it in a 4.9-foot (1.5-meter) length.

You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll spend on these lightning cables yet still enjoy excellent performance – high-speed charging and super-fast stable data transfers. It’s no doubt that with these models of the best USB lightning cables, you’ll surely feel your money’s worth. Find an apple lightning cable that is MFi certified and can fit on most smartphones, and tablets. Now that we’ve given you 100% reviewed models that are equally reliable, the ball is in your court, so be sure to make an informed decision.

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Top 20 best usb lightning cables in 2018 reviews
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Top 20 best usb lightning cables in 2018 reviews
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Top 20 best usb lightning cables in 2018 reviews
Top 20 best usb lightning cables in 2018 reviews
Top 20 best usb lightning cables in 2018 reviews
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