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The recycled glass used creates a delicate ambiance
20 Great Contemporary Light Fixtures From Icff 2017 Homedit

20 Great Contemporary Light Fixtures From Icff 2017 Homedit 20 Great Contemporary Light Fixtures From Icff 2017 Homedit

It might look like a lamp, but this piece is actually an outdoor heater by Kindle Living. The heaters are not a new innovation, but their iteration in the form of a lamp is indeed a new concept. The Los Angeles-based company features these lamp-like structures designed to keep friends and family warm. The interior construction and the outer “lampshade” are specially designed to work together in function and form.

French company CVL Luminaires is known for its high quality brass lighting fixtures and we had a hard time choosing just a couple of highlights. This one is called Earth, and features a delicate burst of a design, however the Earth Collection includes different perforated patterns on these brass disks, which come in various sizes.

View in galleryThese are perfect for climates where evenings are cool and outdoor entertaining is popular.Lighting

Anna Karlin’s sculptural installation called Glyph is made from cast bronze, wood and metal. The curious fixtures hang from the shaker style peg rack that can be found in countless homes. The way she has elevated a humble utilitarian item into this interesting piece is exceptionally creative.

Industrial and sturdy, this table by District Eight. It’s a firm that is inspired by the industrial age and based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The company prides itself on how it can reflect the “raw, bold character” of its environment. The handcrafted pieces meld industrial elements and modern sensibilities.

Born from recycled cardboard initially called Scraplights, Graypants lighting is very innovative. With studios in Seattle and Amsterdam, the company straddles the globe, expanding on its origins as an industrial design studio. The designers like to focus on “local, responsible, and sustainable production methods.” This is their Murmurations system that features LED lighting in an installation they call an avian spectacle. Three-dimensional forms comprise a “flock” that looks different from every angle.

Candle lovers will adore these very stylish holders from Ooum of France that are made from marble. The juncture of fragrance and beautiful design are the focus of this collection. All of the holders fit the refillable candles and serve as a design statement.

Also elegant but at the minimalist end of the spectrum is Koncept’s Royyo Pendant. The absence of a visible wiring system helps keep the look clean and spare, but the rosy gold finish is warm and elegant. These are great used singly but we love the effect of a grouping like this one. It was designed by Kenneth and Edmund Ng.

View in galleryThe metal is available in seven different finishes.

Piba Marmi of Italy has been working with top designers for five decades product marvelous stone works, especially for the bathroom. This unusual round vanity combines the counter and basin into a marble centerpiece for your bath, alongside the tub behind it.

View in galleryThe ethereal EOS is just one of the popular designs by VITA.

View in galleryBrass fixtures and accessories are proper accents for this stone.

This next piece falls into the realm of ultra luxury. Universal Luxury Creations focus on leather-covered trunks that have literally been made for royalty like the King of Morocco. This particular trunk, upholstered in leather on the exterior and suede on the inside is a luxe Nespresso coffee station for a famous casino and hotel owner. The company also works with the top luxury brands on products and packaging.

View in galleryThe construction of the fixture allows for flat packing.

View in galleryWalking through and examining the textures is wonderful.

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View in galleryA modern and clean design, this kitchen still has plenty of warmth and character.Cabinets and Shelving

View in galleryThe company is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,

Once speakers went wireless we knew it wouldn’t be long before lighting followed and the the number of designs and models available is quickly growing. This is the Bicoca lamp by Christophe Mathieu. Rather than having a lamp in a fixed location, you can take it with you wherever you go in the house. Want to sit in your favorite armchair and read?  Take it with you, attach it to a weighted overlay, and drape it over the arm or back of any chair. It’s lightweight and the swiveling shade makes it functional in any spot. The colorful choices are also a lot of fun.

The details often make space and we found some items that would fit that bill. These pieces are novel and will spice up your space. Lyon Beton specializes in the design and manufacture of concrete pieces, including furnishings. This wall piece is a bathroom fixture that turns the storage of a necessity into an artful display. The concrete fixture is a stylish display that transforms toilet paper rolls into innovative design. The company’s Concrete Cloud Toilet Paper Shelf was designed by the French artist and designer Bertrand Jayr.

View in galleryNatural colors combine for a vibrant yet earthy display.

View in galleryBased in Porto, the Portuguese company makes high-end contemporary pieces that are inspired by nature.

View in galleryA sense of quiet luxury emanates from this coffee table design.

View in galleryPlumbing on the side is perfect for this tub.

This pick is also from Tracy Glover and is a fun and futuristic wall sconce. The central disk features the Wrap pattern with its thin glass threading (also used in her Rondel sconce) while the others have different patterns and textures.

View in galleryThis cabinet is fantastical and difficult to describe.

While wallpaper is back in vogue and basic tile designs are anything but, we found some outstanding new alternatives to spice up the walls in your home. We couldn’t stop marveling at some of the new offerings from Architectural Systems, starting with these tiles made of broken ceramic plates. Actually, simply calling them broken wouldn’t be fair because each plate is created, broken into pieces and then painted and glazed so that all edges are finished with no shards or rough sides. While a few tiles would be a great accent, the effect of an entire wall is a true statement.

View in galleryThe Hypetex material was originally developed by Formula One Racing experts.

View in galleryThe dark version of the series provides some serious drama to a space.

Veronese is a French luxury lighting house that has a long history of producing spectacular Murano glass lighting and mirrors. We have three picks from this design house. This is literally a gem of a lighting fixture. Called Bijoux Bijoux the blown glass shape can be combined with different finials that make it look like an elegant jewel ready to dangle from a necklace. Placement of the light source at the top is also novel and adds to the appearance of a jewel.

Moving to the kitchen, this arrangement from Amuneal, a Philadelphia company that started out as a manufacturer of brass shield for industry. Over time, their partnerships led them into design, that now comes in the form of stylish kitchens, shelving and other home and commercials units. This one features their hanging shelving units, that are ingenious for the kitchen because they allow for more counter space and allow in more light since they are open and feature glass shelves.

LZF’s Dandelion light is a more offbeat design that comes from a decade-long collaboration with designer Burkhard Dämmer. The LED circuits are completely hidden away the varying cup sizes only serve to emphasize the fixture’s relation to the poofy springtime stem of fluff.

View in galleryThe draped tube is stylish and has a casual vibe.

There’s nothing like a great bar stool and this one is a prime example of a versatile and attractive piece. Tools for Everyday Life presented the “Yolk” barstool that has simple lines but masterfully combines textures and materials to make a warm and inviting seat. The bright yellow upholstery is from Kvadrat and the oak legs have a natural, soaped finish. The sandblasted and clear powder coated footrest is made from steel.

View in galleryBotroiydal hematite was also an inspiration for bubbly.View in galleryThe Bubbly collection is available as table, wall or ceiling fixtures.

The Art of Board’s coffee table is made from recycle skateboard decks that were destined for the landfill. This creative recycling of colorful and durable wood has also been transferred to a line of ceramics and porcelain that features the same images as the wood pieces. It’s stylish and appeals to a wide audience that reaches far beyond the boarding segment. Very fitting of their tagline “Strret Meets Chic.”

View in galleryThis is a fixture you can really appreciate from directly underneath.View in galleryThe design of the individual pieces is beautiful.

Seating is always a category the features hot new designs. Modern, luxe and classic shapes all offered great new inspiration for today’s interiors. The first to catch our eye was this bench by Studio Foy. The two women who run the Oslo, Norway -based design studio created this Pusle Bench. The underlying concept is the playfulness of old toys. The Nordic design piece is actually inspired by a puzzle because buyers can choose the colors and sizes of cushions for the bench.

Her Sun Shade wall light is also distinctive, with its shade removed from the immediate light source. She writes that is is meant to mimic a woman wearing a wide-brimmed hat to shield her face from the wall. The fixture also swivels and the shade rotates, letting you position them however you like or need.

GuaDecor, which handles all sorts of products from Guatelama, features these stunning embroidered ottomans and rug. What makes these particularly special is that they are created from recycled traditional Guatemalan embroidered garments. The individual squares and then decoratively hand-stitched together to create the pieces.

View in galleryThe outside of the shade is done in a satin black finish.

View in galleryModern and spare, these are ethereal pieces for a living space.

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NEWEST VIDEOSTrendy Hanging Plant Holder Made From Plastic StrawsLeicht – Wall Mounted Extendable Kitchen Faucet

View in galleryThe company got its start with liturgical bronze, evolving into lighting with the general spread of electricity.

View in galleryThe asymmetrical wing can be ordered facing either left or right.

The Poppe Chair by BLA Station isn’t among their newest offering but we totally love it for not only its slim size but also for its amazing comfort. You would think such skinny-backed chair would leave you feeling bereft of support when you sit down, but the innovative design does just the opposite: You never feel as if you’re lacking. Besides being a cool design, it;s perfect for small spaces since it doesn’t take up much space. The chair was designed by Stefan Borselius + Bernstrand & Lindau in 2015-2016.

Smooth, plush and elegant, the Continuous Sprung Sofa from SCP of London was inspired by 1920’s design. The single horizontal tuft running nearly the length of the sofa helps set it apart from other designs that typically skip the stitching. Simple wooden legs keep the piece from being too formal.

Atelier Vierkant always has a dramatic display, usually due to sheer size alone. The 2017 installation was no different. Called Clay Journeys : Silvae it was designed to take visitors through a path of clay trunk shapes in various colors and textures. It literally was a forest of clay features. Gorgeous.

Not strictly wall pieces, Ting of London creates floor tiles, rugs and furniture from recycled leather belts. The strips of texture — and sometimes color — create earthy yet modern pieces that are durable and artful. Inghua Ting, the LA-based designer also does custom installations and produces a wide range of home and fashion accessories from the reclaimed belts.

View in galleryAside from the unusual upholstery, the wood and lines of the chair are expertly created.Bathrooms and Kitchens

Passion for Wood is a company that focuses on the beauty of wood as well as the structure of the tree it comes from. The French firm creates these tables with a base that resembles a trunk and roots and the top, the branches. The top of the base can be had in a variety of wood colors, all natural except for this green stained version.

Futuristic yet elegant, the award-winning Pearl wall light by Ginger and Jagger could grace so many different rooms in a home. Crafted from marble and metal, it plays on the unique qualities of a pearl — rarity, magnificence and serendipity. The hand-carved base is marble and the central orb is metal. The design really does evoke the feeling of having popped open an oyster to find a spectacular gem.

Siemon & Salazar of Southern California had many interesting fixtures but these wall sconces and the aura the cast on the surrounding wall were very dramatic. Perhaps it’s because the  studio expertly melds Muranese glass craftsmanship “with the balance and restraint of the Scandinavians.” Whatever the reason, these are mesmerizing sconces that would be a great addition to the decor of any room.

View in galleryThe lantern and the stand are sold separately.

We fell in love with the pendant version of the Calee Collection and the juxtaposition of the two round forms. The way the larger disk is supported by the smaller copper colored disk is modern and provides interest. CVL writes that this imbalance is key to the design. In addition, the cord to the ceiling seem more like an integral part of the fixture and does not detract from its geometry.

View in galleryThis was one of the most eye-catching booth constructions.View in galleryBeams can also be made to look weathered with rust.

Tightrope’s lighting concepts this year included this stunning Lotus Canopy light. Formed from porcelain, the flat shades on the LED lights evoke lotus leaves floating on a pool of light.  The translucence of the material, as well as the ridges and ripples in the paper thin edges give the light a very interesting quality.

View in galleryThe piece has a nautical feel, but not overwhelmingly so.

New York designers Anna Karlin creates furniture and lighting collections but works in many different areas including digital and print as well as interiors and set design. Her Curved Chaise is formed from steel, with the head of the chaise settled on a sphere. The series of bolsters that make up the cushion add more interest to the piece than a plan cushion would. The curve pairs exceptionally well with the unusual cushion.

View in galleryAll types of designs are available for the tray part of the table.

The Eos shade from VITA Copenhagen is like an ethereal floating cloud. It can be used on a table or floor lamp base, or as a pendant. The company uses recycled materials and uses by-products for new purposes. The goose feathers on this shade are reclaimed from the food industry, so instead of being burned, they are sanitized and used for the lamps. VITA also puts everything in flat packaging that is more efficient and less wasteful.

Martin Huxford creates his bespoke lighting in a Sussex, England studio. His pieces tend to all be quite contemporary or modern but this one has a touch of old fashioned nostalgia thanks to the shape and texture of the mouth-blown crystal shades. The shades are the same shape as the designer’s Lily pendants but here are amassed into a modern chandelier. The rick tone of the glass contrasts wonderfully with the ample brass base.

Already fans of lighting by Tracy Glover Studio, we found more to like, such as this Cloche Sconce, that Glover says was inspired by Roman glass and antique Mosque lamps. The chains are common in those lamps but are a novel addition to a wall sconce. Although it’s available in 29 different colors, we adore this hue for the warm aura it gives.

Suckers for great wooden lighting, we couldn’t pass over Ameico’s stunning globe-shaped pendant. The glowing veneer and the curving lines of the slats make for a gorgeous piece.

So much lighting, so little time! As always, ICFF included an abundant selection of amazing fixtures, made from all sorts of materials, both repurposed and new. The variety reinforces the fact there is no limit to the imagination of designers, and combined with new technologies, we’ll have plenty to look forward to in future editions.

The Boom Chandelier by Stickbulb attracted a lot of attention, as their products usually do. The chandelier is an evolution of their early stick lights that were among the first. With the boom, the designers have created a burst of light by  having a central core made of brass with the varied-length sticks pointing outward like spikes. While the chandelier is available in different wood options, one of the most exciting is this one created with redwood reclaimed from old water tanks.

View in galleryModern and shiny, this coffee table is still warm and inviting thanks to the wood.

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The studio’s moody and dark Flatlander series was said to be inspired by “desolate landscapes and silhouettes of water towers.”  Matte black glass and the vivid magenta hue from the light inside yield a very dramatic look. The similarly shaped white fixtures don’t provide the same level of drama but are delightful pendants in their own right.

View in galleryIt’s a delightful take on shelving.Cool Stuff that Defies Categorization

View in gallerySmall but stately, the lamp is a table version of the original hanging Voronoi.

Avram Rusu of Brooklyn has created a wild wall sconce called Continuum, which was inspired by New York street art. The bent tubes can be arranged in different ways, and the handblown glass shades come in different colors of glass, including and white, aqua, dark and light gray, topaz, and black in a solid or with fading or striping. We love the angular look and the almost haphazard feel that comes form the arrangement of the arms.

View in galleryThe modular fixture’s arm structure is customizable.View in galleryHere you can see the cups and bobeches and how they are used in the fixture.

From Playful to Serious, ICFF Designs Feature New Innovations

View in galleryWhimsical and fun, these would be perfect for a kitchen.

View in galleryDark wood is a perfect pairing with the white marble.

For those who love the industrial look, the prospect of hauling a chunk of steel I-beam into the house and mounting it is a daunting and weight prospect. Enter Feather Beams, a US company that creates realistic looking plastic steel beams that can be incorporated in decor or as accessories. The team has outfitted homes, museums and restaurants alike, all per custom orders.

View in galleryAteliers ALLOT is a seventh generation woodwork and cabinetmaking firm that date back to 1812 in Loudéac.View in galleryA closer look at the pattern in the luminous fabric by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Antolini’s new kitchen was part of the booth featuring new stone designs in cooperation with Alessandro La Spada. This beautiful island features glass-fronted, lighted shelving along with walls of spectacular stone and the latest appliances.

View in galleryThe work was featured at the Venice Design in 2016.View in galleryThe textured silk looping and weaving.

A stunning and artistic wall display by textile artist Ronel Jordan adds dimension and texture to a space. Jordan taught herself to make the creations from felt and then trained a group of women how to do it as well, empowering another generation of creators. This display is comprised of her hand-felted merino wool flower units and flat stone shapes.

View in galleryAlthough many colors are available, the fixtures with a natural finish are among the loveliest.

Ameico, based in Connecticut, works with European and Japanese companies to produce its stunning lighting fixtures like this Yamagiwa – Mayuhana Sphere Pendant. Designed by Toyo Ito, it is made of orbs of aluminum and fiberglass that give it a molten appearance.

Essentially the same profile, but a totally different look is Kalmar’s Billy lamp. With the addition of a wood pole and more substantial metal components in various colors, the floor version of this fixture is more modern than the Hase Lamp. A bit industrial, the piece features wood that is in stained, but finished with a clear coat.

We fell in love with a number of fun and funky pieces by LZF this year at Salone del Mobile, but we keep coming back to this versatile and stylish suspension light called the Swirl. Designed by Irish designer Ray Power, it comes in a variety of colors and two versions. The Spanish company hand-creates amazing wood veneer lighting fixtures using their special techniques. Using natural wood veneer, artisans fuse it to a malleable material that allows them to create fixtures with sinuous curves that puts out light with a warm and cozy quality.

View in galleryThe LED fixture is made from aluminum, steel and acrylic.

We fell in love with Fermob’s Balad Garden Lamp. It is cordless, charges with a USB and can be carried as a lantern. No more worries about outdoor wires and plugs!  It also comes in a delicious range of colors that will work with any patio decor.

Pablo Alves’ Forest Shelf evokes exactly that — the forest.  In a departure from the traditional shelf supports, that are generally secondary to the piece as a whole, Brazilian designer Alves brings them to the fore and make them the central feature of this unit. They even follow the shape of a tree, beginning with a wider base and extending up into thinner branches. Alves says that the inspiration for the cuts and joints was the tradition of Brazilian concrete artists.

Studio Poli created this bench is made from wood and finished in cowhide. Palm tree inspired the laser-cut geometric pattern on the leather and both the wood and leather can be customized.

What all started with building boats has led to the manufacture of stunning bathroom basins and tubs for Unique Wood Designs. By combining the latest in computer technology with traditional wood craftsmanship, the Polish company has created a wide range of options for those who want the warmth of wood to extend to the basin and the bathtub. The wood colors and sheen are spectacular.

View in galleryThe Bicoca is made of polycarbonate.View in galleryIt’s stylish from any angle.View in galleryThe functionality is greatly increased with the overlay, which allows it to perch anywhere without tipping over.

View in galleryThe company’s lampshade options include fabric made from 100% recycled PET (plastic bottles) for its exclusive print patterns.

View in galleryThe pendant is available in three sizes: 8, 12, and 16 inches.

Donald Baugh’s wooden lighting is natural and modern at the same time.  We have always loved how he pairs the natural wood exterior with a vibrantly hued interior.  These Eclipse ovoid pendants are another version of his style of design and are rendered in walnut with an acrylic finish.

This gorgeous armchair is definitely of the traditional genre, but the stunning fabric is a contemporary textile by Jean Paul Gaultier. Created by Les Freres ALLOT, which has been in business for more than two centuries, the piece is a grand example of how the award-winning company focuses on quality and classical styles of furniture that are very current for today’s homes.

View in galleryA wood basin like this would be an instant bathroom statement.

This segment is a bit smaller at ICFF, but we still found some great designs to share. This vanity with basin is attractive not only for the shape of the bowl, but also for the legs of the base. Focusing on high-end bath design and architectural products, Dezign Market showed this Set from Godi. The unusual crossed feet give it an anthropomorphic feeling.

There was so much great lighting at ICFF 207 we hardly knew where to start. From highly functional to primarily decorative or expressly sustainable — it was all there. One of the coolest things was, of course, from Molo. Their urchin light was everywhere on social media and we were mesmerized by it. The same cellular construction of their other pieces forms this awesome light fixtures that folds up, with its one LED light source.

View in galleryThe Poppe is also the perfect dining chair for a city apartment.

View in galleryStreet style meets home decor in this great coffee table.

We’ve seen glass chairs before but this one by Claste is an arresting model that features not marble, but pink onyx. Named  How Fragile This Love, the title alludes to the special characteristic of the chair in that Onyx alone would be too fragile to support the weight of people sitting. Instead, the onyx is a veneer that is expertly and seamlessly sandwiched over glass for strength. Oh, and perhaps most surprisingly…it is extremely comfortable.

Excess discarded jewelry findings have been transformed into this artful chair by the talented Annie Evelyn. Her Scale Lounge is a glimmering showstopper of a seat.  Evelyn’s works are all “alternatively upholstered” chairs. Her newest works like this lounge and another floral masterpiece called Oshibana are as joyful and fun as the artist herself.

View in galleryA variety of sizes, designs and textures will soon be available.

This fun little light is The Float from Brendan Ravenhill Lighting. Inspired by lobster buoys and Japanese fishing floats, the light is comprised of glass leather and rope.  A system of brass hooks allows customers to create groupings of the pendants, arranged however they like. The lighting fixture comes in single, double and triple versions.

At the other end of the spectrum is a cork armchair by Eugene Stoltzfus Architects and Furniture. The Lisbon chair is made from Portuguese cork and a solid steel frame that is skillfully inserted flush with the cork seat. Designed for indoor use, Stoltzfus says that the cork material is durable and that stains that don’t wipe away can be gently sanded away.

At the sustainable — and stylish — end of the spectrum is VITA Copenhagen whose tagline is “Big designs come in small boxes.” All of their products, even these puffy feather lamps, come in slim, flat packages. They use recycled materials repurpose byproducts, including the goose feathers that they use for these EOS feather lamps. All feathers come from the food industry and not from live or mistreated geese.

Designed by French architect, artist and designer Patrick Naggar, this is Cell. A number of Naggar’s collections have focused on a scientific subject. He has rendered his version of a cell as this elegant shape, that is almost somewhat reminiscent of a bone. The outer wall of the cell is the blown glass and the lighting element is the nucleus of the fixture.

View in galleryThis casual and different lighting fixture is interactive.

We cold not get enough of the Blackbody OLED booth and its fabulous lights. The company focuses on OLED lighting applications, and is a pioneer in the OLED technology that has offering solutions for field such as the automotive industry, aeronautics and medicine. Here the combine the high tech aspect with artful lighting applications such as the Lucky Eye L wall lamp and mirror. The designers wanted to portray the folklore belief that mirrors bring good luck to their owners. Here, it is surrounded by blazing OLED panels. In the mirror, you can see shower of light from the I Rain fixture on the ceiling. It can have from 37 to 137 lights, or can be customized for larger spaces.

View in galleryThe fixture was designed by Laurence Brabant.

Rugs don’t always get a lot of attention but this one actually stopped people in their tracks. Too amazing to actually put on the floor, this rug presented by Ayka Design was created by K. Michelle Evans, widely known for pushing the envelope with her textural rug designs. In an interview with Rug News, she said that this work, called Beauty, “is inspired by the characteristics of our faces and the secrets they reveal or conceal. Bold, strong colors of contrasting tones of golds, oranges and purples add a sense of drama to the features of the woman.” Amazingly, what looks abstract close-up forms the stunning portrait when viewed from afar.

View in galleryThe salmon color is elegant but other bold color choices are also available.

Simeon & Salazar has been creating blown glass pieces for nearly 20 years on California. The craftspeople aim to meld the tradition of Muranese glass and the balance and restraint of the Scandinavian designs. The result is stunning pieces like this wall sconce that loos spectacular in a grouping, creating a feature wall in any room.

Montreal Studio Larose Guyon showed this installation of its Pearl pendant, arranged in an overlapping manner. The stunning single pendant can be combined to create an aggregate fixture that is as large or small as a customer desires. The two founders say they are inspired by art, nature, past periods and traditions. Wherever they get their vision, the result is elegant and glamorous fixtures that don’t have a lot of extraneous frou-frou.

Another riff on wood veneer shades — sort of — are these by jefdesigns of Portland, Oregon. The company creates fixtures that are inspired by patterns in nature. The shades are a different technique that layers digital wood grain on linen. Designer Joe Futschik creates them all and they are produced by artisans in California. An attractive array of patterns is available for pendant, table and floor fixtures. Jefdesigns also makes lighted wall pieces like those shown here.

View in galleryThese pieces are beautiful, functional and sustainable.

View in galleryThe machine-knitted upholstery is colorful and different.

The Hase TL Table Lamp, despite its simple design, revokes some complex ideas. Presented by Kalmar of Austria, at first we thought the metal legs looked a bit like chicken foot, but as we examined it more thoroughly, it has greater anthropomorphic feeling — a person sitting, bent over the space where the light is cast? Either way, it is very compelling in its simplicity

Dramatic and asymmetrical, a seriously winged chair by Christopher Guy is the Courbure Gauche. No matter where you place this elegant piece, it will be a statement-making chair. The stark white and black design is sophisticated and classy — perfect for a luxurious living room, reception area or sumptuous bedroom.

View in galleryThis is a rug, but is also a very handsome piece of wall decor.View in galleryA close-up of the belts.

The undulating fin wall system behind these lights from Standard and Custom is as interesting as the lights themselves. The company is a custom design and fabrication firm that offers complete services, but focuses on digital fabrication. The wood construction of the HARU lights is precise and distinctive, allowing light to project from all sides of the tubular fixture.

View in galleryThe design is also available as table and floor lamps.

View in galleryVersatile and attractive, this table would work in any room of the home.

View in galleryBring toilet paper rolls out of the cupboard and into the limelight.

View in galleryThe recycled paper light is organic and stylish.View in galleryThe flat pack of this light fixture is easy for shipping and uses minimal packaging.Tables

The Barcelona Design Center presented an array of pieces from 13 different designers in Barcelona, including this arced fixture. The minimalist elements holding the lighting elements are suspended from a graceful hemisphere of black metal. Perfect for a modern space but it could fit in a variety of decor styles.

This is the Star Wrap by Zilbers Design of Latvia. The fixture comes as a vacuum-packed kit that when unfurled, creates an organic lighting fixture. No two ever hang alike and they cast lovely, irregular light patterns. Designer Peteris Zilbers is recognized for his non-traditional approach to ordinary concepts, such as this light. Working with collaborator David Licitis, the two have created this floating gem and other fixtures.

Stone Forest always has new and exciting bath designs and this year’s booth featured a gorgeous gray marble tub. The subdues color and smooth, slightly flared shape add to the relaxing feel of the tub. The company, founded by a dedicated outdoorsman, and the artisans who work.

The metal finish comes in brass, nickel, bronze or copper.Barcelona is a fixture n the creative realm thanks to its many designers and artisans.The pendant is available in three sizes: 8, 12, and 16 inches.

The pendant comes in two sizes.The Dandelion is a really playful fixture for those who appreciate modern, unique designs.Based in Porto, the Portuguese company makes high-end contemporary pieces that are inspired by nature.

The Lotus is available in 20 different veneers including White Linen, Maple, Cherry, Wenge, Birch, and Zebrawood.The company also produces accessories for the home and for electronics.

View in galleryFull and partial rounded forms create extra interest in this chair.Wall Coverings and Accents

View in galleryThe feathers are hand stitched for the fixture.

View in galleryModern and angular, the chair is also comfortable.

This hand-crafted wooden chandelier from Giancarlo Studio Furniture is angular and different. Designer Giancarlo Paternoster uses his background in mechanical engineering and love of craftsmanship to create furnishings — as well as lighting — from beautiful wood. He uses a variety of novel techniques he has developed, along with established processes to create his pieces. This chandelier has substance thanks to the ample wood sections, but is still sophisticated, made even more so with the gem shaped bulbs.

View in galleryGorgeous fittings of brass and metal are featured on all their products.

View in galleryColorful and bright, it’s a fantastic way to feature the culture’s handiwork.

View in galleryExterior designs, as well as interior storage modules, are all customizable.

View in galleryExacting joinery techniques enhance the elegance of his pieces.

Esque Studio yielded some great picks as well. This Liaison Lamp was a collaboration with Harry allen, who combined metal plates that are cut with water jets and a mouth blown glass shade that is blown directly into the metal plate. The resulting trapped bubble make the fixture a wonderful combination of art, lighting and accessory.

Swedish company Mass Productions presented a similar sofa, just a bit more curvaceous and without the tufting line. The Dandy two-seater sofa is also set on wooden legs and features a sensual tapered design.

View in galleryThe I Rain seen in the mirror comes in several finished including white painted brass, brass, glass, copper, chrome and black nickel.

Marset, a Spanish company founded in the 1940s, always has some alluring new designs and we found two favorites this year. The first is Pu-erh, by Xavier Mañosa. What looks like a pleated silk shade is actually a ceramic design that focuses on a natural, unpolished feel. Named after a highly sought after Chinese tea variety, it has the same earthy yet refined feel of that beverage. The ceramic lam is available in black, white, green, blue and salmon.

Elish Warlop Design Studio created the fun and funky Line Lamp, which is made up of curved brass tubes all connected by a fabric cord. Slots in the back hold LEDs that shine on the wall and all the bars can move. The fixture as a whole looks like a loopy line drawn on the wall. The size of the piece is also customizable and can have as many tubes as you like. Warlop likes to “explore the paradox of motion within stillness” in her work, leading to simple works that are more complex the closer you look.

Sometimes a simple but stylish lamp is all you need and this one from Tala certainly fits the bill. The relatively new Edinburgh-based firm not only designs killer lighting but also because for every 200 units sold, it plants 10 trees. The Voronoi Lamp is inspired by Voronoi patterns of the forest canopy and ultimately was created to look like it was formed naturally. Tala says the elongated LED light source is the first of its kind and wraps around the central part in a Fibonaci-inspired curve.

View in galleryThe metal finish comes in brass, nickel, bronze or copper.

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An elegant and artistic coffee table from House of Wahi features ornate bone inlay detail in a spare, modern coffee table shape. The mother of pearl base is topped with a mirror and border of itricate black and white bone inlay. Each piece from the company is handmade and unique.

This is another category that always offers new and exciting designs. New York-based and Hong Kong-born design and architectural design firm Lim+ Liu has created a versatile and interactive table that can be changed to fit your design and living needs. The table can hold 16 panels that can be rearranged to fit a homeowner’s customized needs. It can have two fully paneled levels or include selected panels to create a display space, magazine holder, or other use.

The Bola Felt by Pablo Pardo is a stylish round bulb topped off with a slim felt shade that that is very chic. The hat-like shade can be tilted in all directions, allowing the user to direct the light specifically. Created in 2017, it is a casual design that has a great deal of flair for a minimalist design.

View in galleryRoyyo is also available as a floor or desk lamp, which also has an integrated USB charger.

It’s an annual treat when the world’s design community converges on New York City for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). As in past years, the 2017 edition did not disappoint with all kinds of new designs for your home. There were lots of new shapes, technologies and innovations. While it was difficult to choose, Homedit picked some of the highlights we found in a number of categories that will inspire your home decor.

View in galleryThe cushions can be upholstered in custom fabrics.

View in galleryThe eight-inch hand-blown ball rests on a metal fixture that is available in a copper, brass, black or nickel finish.

View in gallerySustainability is very important to the designers.

View in galleryThe light pattern that is cast on the wall is especially nice.

Tala’s Voronoi II Bulb is featured in this set of pendant fixtures. The British company’s elegant, organically shaped bulbs that feature a unique lighting element shape, are warm and natural looking. Unlike chandeliers that project a colder, white light, the softer light that emanates from these golden bulbs provides a very warm and inviting ambiance.

View in galleryThis fixture is also available in different sizes and wood choices.

Coming to ICFF is like letting a kid loose in a candy shop. So many exciting designs and fixtures are available that it’s confusing where to start. Of course, this is the tip of the iceberg of what was on display, so stay tuned to Homedit for more exciting highlights!

View in galleryThey are dimmable and cast a warm white light.

View in galleryKarlin writes that this piece is meant to draw attention to a forgotten space like a hall or entryway.

You’ll never look at an airline drinks cart the same way if Bordbar has its way. The innovative company takes airline trolleys — some new and some recycled — and turns them into storage pieces that you can customize. Whether you want to store jewelry, toiletries or create a rolling bar or coffee cart, they can do it. While the new versions are made by the same factories that produce the carts for airlines, we prefer the scratched and dented upcycles versions that have a story to tell.

Getting to see all the contemporary lighting fixtures is one of the best parts of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair and there was much to see in the 2017 edition. Glass, wood, metal porcelain paper and concrete could all be found in the latest new designs. Here we bring you 50 of our favorite lighting fixtures from ICFF 2017.

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View in galleryThe Dandelion is a really playful fixture for those who appreciate modern, unique designs.

This stunning light creation is from Baguès, Art Lighting a la Francaise. For more than 175 years, the company has been crating spectacular art lighting, like this wall light in the shape of a bejeweled moth. The Art Deco feel of the piece enhances its subtle light  It’s a very fitting creature for a mood light  — we think — since the moth is most active at night and is itself drawn to a light in darkness.

View in galleryThe Lotus is available in 20 different veneers including White Linen, Maple, Cherry, Wenge, Birch, and Zebrawood.

View in galleryThe balls are removable for cleaning and can be customized in multi-drop fixtures.

Another item for coffee lovers is the Percolator Pendant by Fix Studio. The company was inspired to create these porcelain fixtures by their love of Italy and coffee. The entire piece glows from the light inside and they are available in black, red, yellow and white.

Brazilian companies had a large presence at ICFF, including a booth by Design na Pele, whose aim is to feature cutting edge designs by the country’s leather artisans. This may not look like leather but it is — fish leather to be exact. It is the skin of the giant pirarucu, an ancient freshwater fish found in the Amazon that is among the world’s largest.

View in galleryThe offerings from NAU are meant to be stylish, functional and reductive.

View in galleryNovel, natural and functional the table is a stunning piece.

View in galleryThe legs of the table are made from cast iron.

View in galleryUpholstery can be chosen from among a number of textile makers.

View in galleryThe lounge is made from foam, fabric, and nickel scales.

View in galleryJones says these pendants bridge the gap between lighting and jewelry.

Lampa’s Lotus Pendant drew our attention partly because of the fixture’s ample width, combined with the curvy profile. The light just glows through the wood veneer, adding to the beauty of the piece. Located on the East End of Long Island, New York, the company is going on nearly 30 years of design and production, following a commitment to sustainable design.

A bit unusual, but actually quite fun is this capsule light, called the ISP, from France’s DCW Editions. Lift up the end of the capsule and the lighting element slides out along the track, letting you control how much light you want.  More for an accessory for ambiance than functional lighting, there are no switches or knobs involved.  The tube of light comes on as it is pulled from the interior.  The piece was invented by Italian-Russian designer Ilia Sergeevich Potemine.

View in galleryTala plants ten trees for every 200 products they sell.

It’s no wonder these Bubbly Lights from Rosie Li draw attention — they were inspired by soap bubbles and stir up a sense of fun and wonder. Available in different finishes, Li writes that the lights are an ” exploration of the forces of attraction and other cluster patterns found in nature.” Regardless, they are shiny and stylish, and cast a wonderful light that would brighten up any space.

Bower’s C Sconce is new and shown in an oil rubbed bronze finish here. The fixture is made from cold rolled steel, capped off with two, two-inch custom blown globes, illuminated with LED’s. This design is versatile yet would be perfect for giving a bedroom or other space a more masculine feel.

View in galleryThe simple bent tube that supports it and leather grip make it a versatile piece.

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The studio’s artisans also make vessels and other objects.This cabinet is fantastical and difficult to describe.Ateliers ALLOT is a seventh generation woodwork and cabinetmaking firm that date back to 1812 in Loudéac.

Modern and shiny, this coffee table is still warm and inviting thanks to the wood.Natural colors combine for a vibrant yet earthy display.Exterior designs, as well as interior storage modules, are all customizable.

Colorful and bright, it’s a fantastic way to feature the culture’s handiwork.

The upstarts behind Souda have been forging a strong name for their brand in the less than five years the company has been in business. They design accessories, furniture and lighting, like this Signal Arm Sconce that is a modern take on mid-century modern. The cantilevered arm rotates, allowing the light to be moved as necessary. The rose gold tone is very on-trend.

Slang Studio’s chair design is ample and design-forward. The rounded shape would work with many types of decor. The studio is part of Friends & Family, a cross-disciplinary creative agency comprised of designers and builders. Founder, Taavo Somer has worked with a network of people developing businesses for more than 23 years.

This luminous lamp from Lights Up of Brooklyn, New York drew our attention thanks to it’s iridescent inner shade.  While the inner shade is shiny and a bit disco-esque, the grid pattern plays down the bling and adds a bit of an industrial feel. The entire fixture is then softened with the addition of the sheer, outer shade. This lamp, like all pieces by Lights Up is made by hand in a Brooklyn factory.

Exceptional woodwork is apparent in this table presented by the Agora Gallery. If you look beyond the shiny finish, you can see the striations of the wood layers in the table. It’s a stunning piece that highlighs the beauty of the natural wood colors.

Another innovation we couldn’t get enough of were the company’s coffee panels. Made from real discarded coffee grounds that are compressed with resin, these tiles are for the ultimate coffee lover. The smell is genuine, the feel is smooth and the look is stunning.

Occasional or side tables are versatile and stylish on their own, but when the top is a removable tray, they enter another realm. Notre Monde offers a variety of tray designs that are perfect for table tops and wall decor as well. In fact, if you plan on using the trays as wall decor, the company offers hardware that allows you to arrange the trays in an overlapping design. Even if you remove the tray the table is still attractive and functional, leaving a very versatile side table.

Stickbulb’s Single Diamond is also a favorite. Part of the X Collection, it is inspired by shapes in nature like hexagons and tetrahedrons.

View in galleryAn unassuming trunk belies the luxury inside.View in galleryOnce open, you can see the exceptional details that define the luxury of this piece.

The glass balls in Articolo’s Fitzi wall sconces are magnificent. The lighting patterns are different and the metal base seems to have a temporary hold on the ball, as if it is ready to slip off and fly into orbit. The bubbles allow the light to cast amazing patterns on the wall and surroundings.

Coil and Drift’s  Soren Chairs are modern and minimal with a Nordic aesthetic. Made from cinnamon ash and black leather, it was designed by Benjamin Vandiver. The slim half circle that comprises the chair back is the chair’s most distinctive feature and set is apart from others.

View in galleryThe studio’s artisans also make vessels and other objects.

View in galleryBarcelona is a fixture n the creative realm thanks to its many designers and artisans.

Molo’s Urchin Lights are one of the coolest things ever. The accordion style paper material that Molo uses for all of its products has been transformed into a glowing light fixture that can morph into other shapes. As you pull and twist the light, it undulates into other shapes.  It can also be taken apart and folded flat since it is illuminated by a single LED light source.

Much like true seaglass, these tumbled bits of glass have an opaque, translucent quality. Designer Steven Pikus of South Africa has transformed the pieces in to this phenomenal Fire and Ice chandelier. Each piece is wrapped with wire and suspended from a metal frame, creating a soft jumble of light-diffusing component. Pikus is known for his fixtures made from upcycled diesel engines. The fresh design was presented by wakaNINE of Austin, Texas.

View in galleryThe visual effect of these tiles is jaw dropping.

View in galleryThe chairs go well with the wood table base that is centered like a pedestal.

View in galleryGently curving lines provide extra dimension that evokes a feeling of flow.

View in galleryThe Billy lamp uses only wood and four metal components.

View in galleryThe Boom is also available in this larger double fixture.

View in galleryThis piece is more like a torch, that you want to grab and go.

View in galleryIt’s a bench but it’s also a statement piece.

This fixture designed by David Trubridge, from WakaNINE, which we mentioned earlier on, reminds us of a big fat tropical leaf. Actually, it is the Navicula was inspired by microscopic diatoms that float in the oceans and features his distinctive construction style and natural wood finish. This is a nifty piece for adding a touch of nature to any space in your home.

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Slim ceramic pendants from Pidgeon Toe ceramics feature saucers and spheres that give dimension to the fixtures. Founder Lisa Jones makes her ceramic creations, which go far beyond just lighting, in a Portland, Oregon workshop.  Using brass hardware to highlight the matte finishes on the ceramic fixtures gives them a distinctive look. Although they look great alone, we love them in a grouping.

Like glowing stalactites, these gorgeous pendants are from Sonneman. The Trinity pendant is made from cut crystal and polished chrome and the LED at the base highlights the geometric scoring on the glass. Like daggers of light, these pendants would be perfect in a modern or comtemporary space.

From the Formula One racetrack to your living room: London’s Decode Lighting presented these pendants, that were made in collaboration is Hypetex®, the world’s first colored carbon fiber.  The light weight of the material allows Decode to scale the fixtures without creating something too heavy. Available in 15 different colors, the thin sheets interlock to form the fixture, allowing light to play in different ways.

Perfect for a cozy seating area this enclosed sofa from NAU incorporates a woven wall that was originally created for the company’s workpod desk. This furniture line was launched by Cult, a leading design seller in Australia, to offer contemporary designs and products by “a collective of Australia’s most curious, talented and spirited designers.” The neutral colors have a bit of a Nordic feel but the woven back also evokes a feeling of rattan furniture. The small table in the middle is perfect for perching a coffee mug while chatting with a friend.

Completely different from the other two, Martha is designed by Fredie Jochimek, the president of Veronese. The design features cups and bobeches, two elements of classic Murano chandeliers, that have bee overlooked. According to Veronese, the cups traditionally used for the bottoms of chandeliers to cover the inner workings and bobeches were for catching melting wax. Jochimek features these forgotten elements in his new contemporary design, where the metal arms can be placed in a number of directions.

View in galleryThe Bola is perfect for a wide variety of space.

Some of the most unusual and distinctive luxury designs were in the Egli Design booth. Lithuanian designer Egle Mieliauskiene has built a brand anchored on her imaginative and artistic pieces that are produced as unique pieces or limited editions of eight. These are not ordinary pieces in any sense. They are flights of fancy, luxurious and hand-crafted by a team of special artisans.

This colorful chair was attention-getting from several aisles away, making us detour from our itinerary. Kim Tyler, an interior designer who has also worked with clothing, has always loved textiles and now designs her own. Last year at ICFF she debuted a line tat included throws, coverlets and upholstered headboards, and this year, she applied her fabulous textiles to chairs and a rug. The graphics are really striking and fall somewhere between camo and retro, with a bit of a tribal feel thrown in.

View in galleryThe company also produces accessories for the home and for electronics.

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