Time to be Critical of Unions

What? I can hear you know.

The Unions do suck in one critical respect…they really suck at telling their story. It is time for all these powerful labor leaders to have a moment of reflection…why is is that even our members don’t know what we do?

Well, part of it is that Unions suck at internal communications and keeping workers “in the know.” They also suck at telling it’s members and those outside the Union what working life was before the Union.

Oh and one last thing…they are not fighting for the elite construct of middle class…let’s make that crystal clear. And buying into that, and being good loyal soldiers during the Cold War got you nothing. What unions fight for, whether it’s teachers, linemen, industrial workers or janitors..is the working class.

It is high time labor gets it…it is war, it is class…and time to talk in those exact terms.

Where can they start?

Damn it, you got no idea how many locals DO NOT even have a newsletter. Yup, we have more than a few labor leaders that love to operate in the shadows. For god sakes, I could recommend a few things. A Posterous blog, a word press blog, even a Facebook page could work as one. But they simply don’t want to do that, and then wonder why rank and file “hates the union and thinks the union is just taking my money.”

Let’s be honest here, they got cause. They see nothing in the form of real communications and some local leaders suck at getting any criticism from their members and will retaliate. Yup, they were elected, but act as petit-dictators. This has to stop…

Unions also need to find friendly press and expand from there. Realize that most local reporters, if you are good to them, should start to change how labor is covered. Average pay is $35,000. But the beauty queens on national TV, on purpose they have no identification with working people.

Speaking of press…time to recreate the great labor presses of the past.

In other words, labor needs to remember the past, and remember that the great labor struggle of the past included telling people why things were done. Relying on the corporate press is like asking Colonel Sanders to like chickens, well, beyond the fryer that is.

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