The New Year

Over the new year we will have new fights for labor. The reality is that the fight never ends. Michigan passed the Right to Wok for less law, and it will not be the end of the attacks on labor. We are now poised for a new year when Unions have learned and are now reaching to non-Union people. 

We are at a point when many of the old fights, we all thought were won, are now new. This is the truth. 

We should be working towards a national living wage standard. Instead we still need to fight for minimum wages that are all but enough to cover the needs of working people. Salaries have flattened over the last thirty years, and people face rising costs on everything.

On top of this, we have a political class in DC that is convinced that teachers and firefighters and cops make too much, but cry me a river over raising the taxes of the top tier of income earners. 

Perhaps, with the non use of the Hastert Rule in Congress, we may see a Congress where the word compromise will no longer be a dirty word, Do not count on it. Congress is still too drunk with the idea of trickle down and austerity. What we have is disaster capitalism and the creation of crisis to steal even more from working people. 

Tomorrow’s election of the Speaker will speak volumes of where we are, and how hard the next two years will be. For the moment what we fight are rear guard actions, but Labor should be ready to go on the offensive, and regain a lot of the ground already lost. 

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