Photos of North Park

This is just a series of photos taken by both my husband and I on an early Tuesday morning in February. Some are in Black and White, I am a sucker for it, others are in color. 


DSC 1473


The North Park sign, at about 06:50 The light on this was coming from our back as it should. The place was already pretty much awake as people were already heading to work. This was taken by my husband


DSC 0007


This photo was taken without aiming the camera, trying to capture the shades of the urban environment while being as non obvious as possible.  This was the best of that particular series of photos. 


DSC 0014 

Another gritty urban scene, black and white tells the story.


DSC 1477

This mural captures the inventiveness of the city, as well as the reflection of the main street n it, The fact that the light is that of early morning makes it a lot more playful than during the rest of the day. This was by my husband, early morning.


The water tower at the angle we took allows us to mostly avoid the electrical wires on the main tower. It also is near the park and the neighborhood police station. 

DSC 1485


This photo shows the tower, but the house nearest to the lens also shows another aspect to North Park architecture, that is the bars on the windows. This is a common feature of the architecture of the area, and it has all to do with the previous post. There is a steady diet of crime, and while it is maintaining it’s steadiness, it is still there. 


Graffiti is less of a problem than it used to be, but alas it is still a real problem The light conditions on this were good to show this well 


This is some political graffiti, part of the urban landscape as well. 


DSC 0029

Finally I will add this photo again. The fact that we have a homeless woman walking early, this was about eight in the morning, in front of all those corporate logos, reflects on our society.

It was a fun photo shoot, and this is a far more balanced view of the realities out there.  This photo was taken on burst mode, with a Nikon 5100 on burst mode, with the kit lens. It was a series of photos and it was the best of the series. 

Thank you.

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