On Worker’s Rights

For the last few I have been stunned by the revelations of the extent of internal spying in the United States. So you might ask, what in Sam Hill’s name does this have to do with Labor? A lot actually. One of the things we have seen over the last few decades is the suppression of labor rights and the increase in Right to Work (for less) legislation.

We have also seen the rise of the “free trade agreements,” which have precious little to do with trade and all to do with lowering the standard of compensation for workers in first world economies. And while we are at it, we have had the constant use of race and language to divide workers.

So consider this more of a meta article, on where we are. Where we are is a nasty fork in history. Where we are is a place where workers have to decide… do we keep letting capital divide us into race, nationality, language spoken, or do workers finally decide to say enough?

There are demonstrations, marches, not on approved routes, in places like Brazil, Athens, and Turkey. The workers in these places have had enough. Here we are seeing the beginnings of that. These range from Moral Mondays in North Carolina, all the way to Our Walmart movement. But all these are fractured, and what we need is a million man march on every state capital in the country. What we need is to show lack of fear. To be honest, what we need I doubt will happen. Why? The tools of the state are such that the state can find about these things and make sure they do not work.

Alas we live at a time when choices are clearly in front of us, and whatever we are doing is not working. We need to reach back to the history of labor, and to realize that when Samuel Gompers spoke of International Labor Organizations, he meant INTERNATIONAL. It truly never happened, but that is what we need. Labor needs to organize the same way Capital is organizing, at an international level. Enough of this, or we will lose and our children will only hear stories of when men were not slaves and women were not slaves. We are going back that road.

And if you think it cannot happen here, it is, in spades.

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