When Heroes Have Clay Feet

August 13, 2013 (San Diego) The last month has proven a challenge to many progressive groups in San Diego. People worked their ass off to get a democrat elected to Mayor of San Diego, and not just a blue dog, but a confirmed progressive with the bona fides to prove it. Bob Filner risked his neck during the hot Freedom Summer. He worked tirelessly to bring the vote, he was part of the antiwar movement…

As member of the San Diego Unified School Board he helped bring quality schools to the South of Eight Communities…and in City Council he helped establish many of the plans that protected Balboa Park during the 1980s. The Master Plan that still rules that area was written when he was a member of the City Council.

His record in Congress includes things like the 911 G.I Bill. He also worked tirelessly to serve veterans…and then he decided to run for Mayor. It looked like a grand capstone to an almost 40 year career, and people were excited.

What none expected, but some knew in the Political establishment, was the dark side of Bob Filner. CNN yesterday uncovered a nice piece of video from the campaign trail… I have to ask, how much did Carl DeMaio know?

We also know multiple Democrats approached Jeff Durfee, then Chair of the Democratic Party with stories, Lori Saldaña told channel five yesterday, as far back as two years ago there were complaints from women; she approached Durfee that far back . She might have broken the boys will be boys code, and might partially explain why the party supported Scott Peters and never threw their weight behind her. This is speculation stemming from some of the inside games we happen to have heard on background.

What is true is that all this has proven a challenge to the progressive establishment, who cannot believe that bronze statue has clay feet, which are best case scenario just crumbling.

What is also true is that political parties tend to protect their leaders well after it is necessary or logical, the best example is the Republican Party and Nixon. There are parallels here, with supporters of Filner who will not concede that perhaps this is self inflicted, and has nothing to do with the usual suspects, or the media. Mind you, the usual suspects are following Napoleon’s dictum and staying back.

Right now some supporters are accusing the media of a witch hunt, I am reminded of Roger Aisles blaming the Liberal media for Nixon’s troubles.

For the moment, the support that Filner has is minimal at best, and he should resign for the good of his agenda, and the city of San Diego as well as the region. As to his supporters, and yes we voted for him, it is time to move on to the campaign trail. In many ways, the Democratic Party under new management, has already done that.

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