Grandmother Alleges She was Sexually Harassed by Filner

August 15, 2013 (San Diego) Peggy Shannon, 67, is the latest woman to come into the public eye making claims of sexual harassment. What Shannon revealed during the 1 PM Press Conference at the Westin Hotel downtown is that the behavior from Mayor Bob Filner started even before the Mayor was sworn in.

Shannon looked teary eyed as she sat down besides Attorney Gloria Alldred. According to Alldred “this time he sexually harassed Peggy Shannon, who worked part time three to four times a week in City Hall,” in order to supplement her Social Security Income.

Shannon worked at the Senior Help Desk. where she was tasked with helping other seniors in finding about the services the city has to offer. This is work she enjoyed and due to the actions of the Mayor she is the woman who filed the EEO violation revealed yesterday by local media.

Alldred said that she began work at City Hall in November 2012, when Mayor Jerry Sanders was still in office. “Peggy loved her job until Mayor Filner made her job unbearable.” The Mayor elect started “by making flirtatious comments to her.” She thought this was inappropriate.

After Alldred was done, Shannon took the microphone. She recounted that “Mayor Filner would come to my desk several times a day as I worked at the San Diego City Hall.” She added that the first time “Mayor Filner talked to me I took it a compliment.”

She and her co-workers laughed at first, but “as it kept happening over and over again, it was not funny anymore.”

She recounted that the Mayor “would take my hand and talk about us getting together the next weekend. I knew he was engaged,” and she was shocked that he would go out with her. In her mind this was very inappropriate.

In this sense Shannon echoed what Tara Jones has said in the recent past. She is the leader of the National Military Women Veterans of America who told the Press that this also shocked her, and her organization. The fact that he was engaged and would do that. Why they no longer will give him a lifetime award, and disinvited him as a keynote speaker.

Shannon added that “everyday that I went to work I had butterflies in my stomach because I did not know what would happen the next time the mayor would come by my desk.”

“On the day the Mayor grabbed me and kissed me I was so surprised.” That is the day that Shannon went to her supervisor and the path towards an Equal Employment and Opportunity investigation began. This is one that according to Alldred needs to run it’s course.

Shannon added that that day she went home and cried, and was very sad.

The day before the lawsuit the mayor walked by her desk and signaled for her to be quiet, and she was afraid. With all the media exposure about this she decided to come forwards and to stop fearing anymore.

In her mind, it is time for Bob Filner to resign.

Alldred also added an interesting detail. According to Alldred there are many more women, who have chosen not to come forwards for their own reasons. She also said that the Sheriff’s Department is still running an active investigation, and deciding what, if any charges. are to be filed.

As to the deposition. the City Attorney has priority but they are still trying to go forwards with it, and she will fight the change of venue for the Irene McCormack Jackson lawsuit.

For Shannon there is one immediate solution: Resignation.

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