Waiting for the Next Presser: Filner Allegedly Harassed a Grand Mother

This will be over the live feed, but things are getting worst for the Mayor. Also according to Channel Ten City Attorney Jan Godsmith is looking at removal over section 108 of the charter.

This partially states:

“Every officer who shall willfully approve, allow, or pay any demand on the treasury not authorized by law, shall be liable tot he City individually and on his official bond, for the amount of the demand so approved, allowed or paid, and shall forfeit such office and be forever debarred and disqualified from holding any position in the service of tthe City.”

We are truly in a waiting game as more information piles up every day.

For the moment, we will record the sound remotely from the Allred Press Conference unless I get a different word. This way we can do some reporting on the better known of the three scandals.

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