A Commentary from Laura Fink on Disrupt

Today Laura Fink came on to Disrupt with Karen Finney on MSNBC. As I listened to her, it dawned on me why both political elites in San Diego, (and nationally) covered for Mayor Bob Filner.

It is not pretty, but it has to do with some of the obvious misogyny I have been personally subjected in the recent past. It is very recent, and the attacks were not as painful as those who sent them think they were. They were what you would expect from misogynists, and they let the mask fall off, completely. Now we know what you are, and it’s not pretty. 

In the recent past we have seen this mysoginy  from Republicans, in public, but rape jokes or other use of sexualized language is not limited to them. As far as Republicans we have seen a clear effort to remove reproductive choice. If you believe the attitude is just limited to Republicans you would be dead wrong.  it is as American as Apple Pie. And we are also seeing a transformation on the acceptance of it. This is partly why you have a scandal.

My hope is that kids now entering adulthood will not be subjected to misogyny, and will be accepted as human beings regardless of their gender. This is not for us who are already in mid life. I cannot change those attitudes that are pretty much set in stone. It is for them to consider it and change, or not.

When  Laura Fink came out (second victim) she was expecting pushback The worst she has gotten, and yes I have seen it, is from younger FEMALE reporters. Thankfully I think that is over too. 

I guess coming out as a strong intelligent woman is a challenge to the status quo.  We have a brain, and are not afraid to use it, and that must be very scary. So be it. Things are indeed changing. What is not is that the misogyny is not just limited to men, some women are among the worst offenders of it. 

I will say this, like the NSA, this is not a partisan issue for me any longer. If you act like a misogynist, I will call you on it. I care little what the letter behind the name is. There is indeed a war on women, and the Republicans are better known for it. But make no mistake, some Democrats hold the same exact attitudes as Republicans, and would love women to go back to the kitchen and make babies.

Oh and Laura Fink, you have my full admiration, with every other woman who has come out, and especially the silent ones who still fear the abuses from the patriarchy, and Filner in particular. To those women I offer my full support, regardless of whether you come out and tell us, or not. 

It is time to make these ancient attitudes all but acceptable, and to drive the people who have these attitudes away from any power. They are dangerous to not just women, but to the nation itself. What they wish is to maintain an order that is an illusion and already passed. 

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