On the Crisis in DC

October 7, 2013 (San Diego)– Shock Doctrinethis is a term that most people in this country should become familiar with. This is exactly what is going on right now.

Shock doctrine, according to Naomi Klein, involves the creation of crisis that force the removal or destruction of a safety net we no longer can afford, except we can. DC has been about two parallel goals. The end of Social Security and Medicare as we know it, and trade treaties that favor none except the very wealthy.

Right at the moment Speaker of the House John Boenher has stated that one goal is the end of Medicare and the words grand bargain are again floating in DC. Be afraid, very afraid. On a parallel tract we have the very secret negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, known in short as the TTP. You though NAFTA was bad for working people? Just wait. You will be singing the praises of NAFTA.

This is classic shock doctrine, and the forcing on workers of policies that are damaging to those workers.

It is also religion. Some in the Tea Party caucus do fervently believe in what they say as fervently as a church mouse. It is a form of religion this free trade and privatization of all state functions. It matters little that all evidence points to them being wrong, to them this is heresy and it has not been done right.

The problem is that the know nothing’s have taken over the House once again. And they will take us over the cliff, no doubt of this in my mind any longer.

But we are a democracy. Well here is a cheery thought, most last about 200 years. These are the things that make one want to scream, or give up. Alas, we need to not give up and re fight the fights of our forefathers. “Power concedes nothing.”

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