On the Media Circus


By Nadin Abbott

Photo Tom Abbott

October 8, 2013 (San Diego) So it’s been some time since Mayor Bob Filner resigned and Todd Gloria took over as Interim Mayor. Soon we will have a special election. This is not about that. This is about the media circus, and why I chose to highlight it with this photo of the media around Bob Filner. It is a dramatic shot. One that usually you would not see. It highlights the number of still photographers present. 

We told you we had almost all local news, (a few bloggers were not present), and for sure national and international news. If the Mayor had stepped back at one point, he would have tripped on the still photographers. Do not ask me what angle they got there. As a photographer I was baffled, but this is a good shot.  As it shows that mess. 

We had also Los Angeles Media, and you could see in this the elitism from media markets that are larger than San Diego. While this is the 8th market, we still behave like a small town. 

My favorite actually in how things can go wrong was Luke Russert from MSNBC. I guess the thinking in New York, clear out the other side of the country, was that Luke covered Congress, Filner was a former Congressman, therefore Russert should be able to cover local politics. For some odd reason it did not work that way. 

And how for the outside shot, where you can appreciate the media trucks. Oh and this is not all of them either. There were trucks lining C Street, and anything surrounding City Hall. 



It was funny to see trucks from LA and National parked side by side. You could even tell where the Satellite was, since all dishes were in a single direction.

This is what we had to dodge, to get the news for the East County Magazine. This circus. How full was City Hall the day of the resignation? Well, quite frankly I am impressed by the AC system. With that many video cameras I expected it to get overwhelmed. They say a photo tells the story, well, here you go. 

And I will leave you with one last shot, that captures most of the circus inside Council Chambers.


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