Latest NBC\WSJ Poll is a Disaster for Republicans

October 10, 2013 (San Diego) This is the actual poll that you will hear the media report on. The GOP is collapsing essentially.

The highlights are these:

NBC/WSJ poll: 24% approve of the job Republicans in Congress are doing, 70% disapprove. (Cong. Dems at 36 approve, 59 disapprove)

This is a disastrous number if you are a member of the GOP. The GOP is being blamed for this crisis, not the Democrats. This is what wave elections are made off.

Here is another critical data point, that should partially concern Democrats, but really worry Republicans:

An all-time high of 60% of reg voters say in NBC/WSJ poll they’d vote to defeat every member of Congress (including their own) if given chance.

It is starting to look like this is shaping to be a very strange OFF year election. This is starting to look like a wave election is starting to take shape. In my view the Country wants these people to get back to business and stop destabilizing the country. This is what all this is doing.

And you might ask, how about the President? His approval is going up.

Obama approval UP two points to 47% (disapprove at 48%) in @NBCNews/WSJ poll. Was at 45-50 in September. (Within margin of error, though)

Oh and Ted Cruz is burning out, fast. So we might be seeing the beginning of the end of the radical wing of the Republican Party. Or I will go there, the end of the GOP.

I realize that a year is an eternity in politics, and what looks like a possible wave election, and the House retuning to the Democrats, might not come to be. We all need to remember the other truism of polls, they are a snap shot in time.

Have fun looking at the internals of that poll. It is historic and all but nice.

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