The Illusion Party

October 9, 2013 (San Diego) So here we all sit, waiting for Congress to come to their senses. Yet, we are having to quickly reach a sad conclusion. At the very least part of the Republican Party is the know nothings, or worst. You want some evidence of this? Quick. how many branches of government does the United State Federal Government have? 

Well I will let you judge what one of our wonderful members of Congress had to say on this subject. This be Representative Einstein Mullin, member of the Tea Party Caucus of the United States House of Representatives. 

“This country isn’t ran by just one individual it’s ran by four branches, but three branches that are in control of this,” Mullin said Tuesday. “As long as those three branches control it, then we all have to figure out how to negotiate. Not all of us is going to get 100% of what we want, but we should do what’s right.” 


No, you did not misread that. I will add, if you answered, before reading that three branches are what forms that government, you are very much correct. But according to Representative Mullin there are four branches. In a more literary sense we could argue that the Free Press is that fourth Branch. Somehow I doubt Representative Mullin meant that. After all, that free press is the enemy of conservative America and the First Amendment is mostly academic to some of these guys and gals. 

Then we have Representative Michelle Bachman talking impeachment again. What are the grounds for this very serious act? It matters little. Since President Bill Clinton was impeached it has become far more of a political act, or stunt, more than anything else. 

So what is happening right now? Well, the Republican Party is right now at 28%. Granted, the history is not that long, as the Atlantic Wire points out it stops at 1992, but this is serious stuff. We may very well be seeing the end of a major party in our lifetime. 

So does that mean the Progressive, the evil liberals won? No, not precisely. We are also seeing the transformation of the Democratic Party into a business party. We should add, again. The Democrats have been the party of business in the past, and so it shall be in the future, so it seems. So what about a second party? Well, paralleling the events of the 1850s, whatever replaces the Republicans, like the Whigs were replaced, will probably be a labor party. That would not shock me in any way. 

But Republicans hate labor!!!! I can hear ya, and you are right, if you mean right now. But in the beginning it was a very radical party that supported not only getting rid of slavery, but labor. Here you go, from Abraham Lincoln himself. 

Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.


Thus we are in one of those dangerous moments in US History. One that we have just barely entered into what I consider a final stage. I hope that the best case scenario it remains peaceful, that is all. 

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