Breaking: Negotiations are Now Ongoing

October 10, 2013 (San Diego). News services are starting to report that there is now actual negotiations not just to extend the Debt Ceiling, but to open the government. This is very much breaking news. and it seems to have been pushed forward by that poll I posted today. If the elections were held right now, we have a wave election in the making. I might add, a democratic wave election.

Stay tuned. This is very much developing.

A few more details through Yahoo news.

Each side emerged from the meeting to say they would continue negotiations.

“It was clarifying to both sides as to where we are,” Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said when he returned to the Capitol building Thursday. “The takeaway from the meeting was, our teams are going to be talking further tonight. We’ll have more discussion. …The president said he would go and consult with the administration folks and hopefully we can see a way forward after that.”

Now, it is good news they are talking. Let’s hope, because the path we are now on is not healthy.  Now they are talking, and I honestly hope, not across each other.

Now, given the poll, I would say the Democrats have quite a bit of an advantage in this “talking” situation. After all, they do have the people behind them. The people are quite honestly pissed about the whole thing. So we shall see how this develops, but the next couple of days should be fascinating to watch.

I wonder if the terms of surrender, yes it is that stark, are being drafted, or if they will be given a fig leaf?

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