Well, Well, The Speaker has been Deposed?

Nathaniel Downes at Addicting Info reports that the power to bring bills regarding the current crisis to the Floor have been removed from the House and given not to the Speaker, but to Eric Cantor. Now it goes without saying that the way the Constitution was conceived the Speaker of the House is the second most powerful man in the United States Government, but if this transfer of power actually happened, we must conclude that rules are not normal any longer. The crisis deepens.

According to Dowles:

However, the rule change pushed through in the dead of night without any oversight or debate instead put the authority to proceed into the hands of the majority leader in the house, Eric Cantor. This is the same Eric Cantor who is known for having guttedanti-corruption and bribery legislation. And now, he runs the show. Even House Speaker John Boehner can not bring it up to a vote.

This rule change was uncovered by Maryland Representative Chris Van Hollen, who brought it to the House Floor late last week, as you can see below.


This in effect has created a very dangerous situation where the Majority Leader has more power than the Speaker of the House and perhaps, the President of the United States. Earlier in this blog I have spoken of the serious constitutional crisis we are in. To be honest, that crisis deepened. We now have a system of power that is not working as designed even by the Constitution. This is the kind of crisis that might require the United States Supreme Court to get involved in. The problem is that none can predict where that Supreme Court will stand on this. 

One of the obligations of the Speaker is to maintain the running order, what Republicans keep screaming about, that is the Regular Order. This has now been subverted by the Majority Leader in a change of rules in the middle of the night. 

So what is the plan now? Apparently it is for the Dow Jones to dramatically go down, four or five hundred points should be scary enough. Then for the Senate to pass a clean CR and to extend the ceiling. In a more normal world I would say that had average odds of actually working. At this point, I don’t think anything we think might work, will. It has to do with who has the power now. 

On the DC\NY Commentariat:

Why does it matter that these guys and gals are now speaking the words of crisis, and how radical the radical right is? It’s not that they did not know this. It is more a message to the Political elites who are scared from their Right Flank. People do not like to speak instability, until well, it is near undeniable. So while they join the bloggers who have been documenting the rising crisis over the last few years, and we welcome them, it is also a dangerous point we have crossed. 

Suffice it to say, if you are not afraid at this point, you are not paying attention. I do welcome the DC media establishment in speaking about the current crisis, and in public recognizing the current deepening crisis. Quite brutally honest, some of the language now crossing lips, such as Constitutional Crisis and Radical Republicans, should have crossed lips a while ago. 

Part of the problem is the US Media, and who owns it. In reality when we have news written to cater to particular groups, not news, and heavily controlled by corporations with very specific agendas, we cannot expect to get the read deal. Yes, we have always had editorial decisions. These days the media market, while heavily consolidated, it is also heavily fragmented and catered to confirmation bias groups. In this environment there is a level of massaging and control of the media that we have not seen in living memory either. 

Abroad these are known as the Chattering Classes by political scientists. Indeed, bloggers are increasingly part of them as well, It is not an insult and it is ignorance when people believe it is. 

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