Darrell Issa Will now Vote For a Clean CR

October 15, 2013 (San Diego). As the clock ticks towards default and Speaker of the House John Boehner pulls the vote from the floor, Representative Darrell Issa reportedly will vote for a clean Continuing Resolution. Talking Points Memo reports that:

“I’ll vote for a clean C.R.,” Issa said. “But let’s understand that the president wants and is happy, signed a bill that said members of Congress and their staff would, quote, be in Obamacare. He didn’t put himself into it. It’s time for him to be in that program along with the Vice President, all the thousands of political appointees.”

Congressman Issa represents California’s 49th district, straddling both northern San Diego County and Southern Riverside County. He is also the powerful chairman of the Ways and Means committee, arguably one of the most powerful men in Washington.  This is quite possibly a critical loss for the Tea Party Caucus in DC.

For the moment it does seem that we are going to default, and it will be due to essentially sixty people who do not want to budge. That is too sad, but what can we say? One most wonder if the Bill is finally brought to floor if Issa will be challenged from his right? And if that actually happens, if he will reach into his considerable fortune to defend his seat?


Now on to the Legislation to reopen the government and avoid the debt limit. The WJS now reports that the House has abandoned it’s own plan and intends to vote later tonight on the Senate plan.  This is a critical development and indeed is a defeat for the Speaker. What matters about this is that we might, finally, see a vote.

With the change in the rules on how items are brought to the Floor, this means that only Boehner or Majority Leader Eric Cantor (or designee) can bring these bills to the floor. It does go against the regular order.

We will see how this ends. Regardless we are living through the kind of historic events that determine the fate of nations.

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