Congressman Duncan Hunter Refuses to Speculate on Clean C.R. Vote

October 16, 2013 (San Diego) Congressman Duncan Hunter’s Jr staff refused to speculate on a clean Continuing Resolution. According to Staff, “we do not know yet, the Senate Bill is still being worked on. There is not going to be a vote on a clean C.R.”

Staff added that they will “wait for it.” Though he did add, after told that Congressman Darrell Issa was considering voting for a Clean C.R., as of yesterday he told this to CNN. Staff added that the caveats put in by Issa regarding the Affordable Care Act, that all members of the Executive and political appointees should sign to it, Congressman Hunter would consider doing this.

 In the meantime the East County Chamber of Commerce has no position regarding the votes in DC. The United States Chamber of Commerce though does. In a letter dated September 30, at the beginning of the crisis, the Chamber wrote to the House Republicans a long letter. They asked them not to close down the government and to raise the Debt Ceiling, you can read the letter from the U.S. Chamber here.

It is important to understand that we seem to be at the end of this crisis. But we must all realize that this government by crisis is very bad for the economic prospects of the country.

When the Senate announced the agreement, so a vote is expected this afternoon. The agreement announced will raise the fund the government until January 15, and end the 16-day government shutdown. It will also raise the debt ceiling until February 7.

The bill will also avoid major concessions on the Affordable Care Act, which is a victory for Democrats. Though this will allow for more eligibility checks for those applying to the exchanges.

Senator Dick Durbin (D) has said that the bill will pass easily in the Senate, while in the House Leader Nancy Pelosi has pledged all 200 democrats, with Republicans needing to find just 17 Republican votes. This will need a simple vote, without the invocation of the Hastert Rule, which implies that all votes are brought to the floor of the House only when there is a majority of the majority. It is a rule that former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert has since repudiated.

As to what this has cost the country. According to Standards and Poors via the U.K Guardian:

The government shutdown has so far cost the US economy $24bn – or $1.5bn a day, ratings agency Standard & Poor’s said on Wednesday.


The argument over the government shutdown, now in its 16th day, and over raising the US’s debt ceiling, appeared to have come to a short-term resolution Wednesday as Congress rolled out a plan to fund federal agencies and extend America’s borrowing authority into early next year.


One of those little tidbits for San Diego residents, in a far easier to swallow and understand package. Cancellation of the Miramar Air show cost you and me the taxpayer $600,000. While a small part, really small part, it is a good example of how these costs accrued. Some of them came from breach of contract. Others came from simply people not having money. We might see an economic contraction, so we must hope this is not going to happen again in a few months. This ground hog politics is really not healthy. 

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