Mexican Judge Orders no Commercial Distribution of GMO Corn

October 20, 2013 (San Diego) The 12th District Judge for Civil Matters in Mexico City has ordered no further commercial distribution of GMO corn for the moment. The Judicial order reads “the suspension of permits, release and pilot field studies and commercialization of transgenic corn.”

This came from a lawsuit brought to the court by Adelita San Vicente Tello, of Seeds for Life (Semillas para la Vida), civil association and fifty two more individuals, among them scientist Antonio Turrent Fernandez, President of Scientific Union for Society (Unión de Científicos Comprometidos con la Sociedad (UCCS).

GreenPeace Mexico stated on their web site that “the greatest achievement is that the Courts is now part of the debate of the benefits or damage caused by transgenic corn.” (GMO)

They added that this corn also encourages monopoly practices and damaged the individual farmer, as well as the control over food by transnational corporations.

The Secretariat of Agriculture (Secretaria de Agricultura) has warned that increased food demands will require the introduction of GMOs.

This is not over in Mexico. The order is a temporary halt in the commercial use of GMOs. But, it adds to the debate that the United States also needs to join.

(Of note all links are in Spanish and are to Mexican Press and Bloggers)

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