The Coming Election for San Diego Mayor

On the 19th San Diegans will go to the polls to elect the next San Diego Mayor. With the resignation of Bob Filner we have a special election, and not surprisingly we have two members of the City Council running for office. We also have Nathan Fletcher running for office.

All the candidates originally pledged a clean campaign, unsurprisingly it has become nasty.

Our campaigns are supposed to be nonpartisan. They are not. So we should stop pretending. Yet, it is telling how much effort Kevin Faulconer is spending to hide his links to the Republican Party. Every endorsement he has gotten comes from the Republican Party, or conservative causes. They include all Council Members who are Republican, his campaign is being managed by a member of the Lincoln Club, and he promises to continue the work of former Mayor Jerry Sanders, who is a Republican. So if it quacks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, it is a duck. There is no way that Faulconer could deny that. (There is this little matter of being endorsed by the Party early on, which is not gone, just hard to find)

But why is he running from it? It is simple actually, after the government shut down and a few other stunts the party brand is damaged.

He is also attacking the other two for being Democrats. Granted, David Alvarez is not going to deny it. He was endorsed by the Democrats, and the Central Labor Council. So the attack is attacking the strength of the candidate, very much a Karl Rove  technique. The attack on Nathan Fletcher makes sense, somewhat.

Nobody likes a man who has shifting alliances and that cannot be trusted. That is the story line that the Faulconer campaign is trying to paint. Yet, it is not a real picture. It is more an attack on the reliability of this candidate, why he is also saying that Fletcher did not go to work often. Yet, Fletcher was instrumental in the passage of Chelsea’s Law, a good achievement by any measure, whether it was done by a Republican, a Democrat or an independent.

It is instructive how the man who has turned to the nastiest attacks (so far) is also hiding from the voting public that little fact, he is a Republican. This is what makes covering politics always a moving target, and exciting actually. I wonder if he is hiding this fact because the Republican brand is so damaged that he knows this is spoken about, this is an election for him to lose and he just might.

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