Those Dirty Occupy Folks Keep Doing Some Good…

Well, thank you to the poster at a blog site that pointed me to this place. This is Rolling Jubillee. I have heard of them, but until know I had not seen the site. Well, what have they done? Here in a nutshell, is what they have done.

We are pleased to announce that Rolling Jubilee has purchased and abolished two additional portfolios totaling $13.5 million in medical debt, abolishing debt for 2,693 individuals across 45 states and Puerto Rico! These debts ranged from $50 to over $200,000, including several accounts over $100K. These individuals will no longer be hounded into paying this debt.

Here is the full letter, since it speaks for itself, and I do not expect the mainstream media to run it. So I will. What is speaks to is one of the major problems in our society, and that is medical debt. The ACA is supposed to deal with a major portion of this, and you have to wonder when members of the political class (who have the means and the medical access) want to prevent millions from accessing it.

It points to the depth of our society’s sickness, and how at the end of Empire we really do not care who lives or dies, as long as it is not the uber rich.

Sensible people keep telling us that Occupy is dead.

Yet, we see in actions like this that not only they are not dead, but they are still a very vibrant group of community activists for social justice. The tents are gone, but not the movement. To all sensible woodchucks everywhere, be aware. Occupy is not gone.

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