Wilki Leaks leaks Chapter 12 of the TTP (Post One)

You too can go read this at the RSN news site. The text is at the bottom of the article. So what follows are some of my notes from reading some of this monstrosity. Yes, Senator Elizabeth Warren is right when she says that Americans would be horrified if they knew the contents of this treaty. Just from the first five pages there are several sections that already caught my attention, and they should catch yours. Among then the goal of the treaty is to:

reduce impediments to trade and investment by promoting deeper economic integration through effective and adequate creation, utilization, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, taking into account the different levels of economic development and capacity as well as differences in national legal systems;

This means weakening national legal systems. In my mind it also explains the turn away from the traditional Napoleonic code in Mexico, for example.

It harmonizes the legal system to something more familiar to North American corporations. What is next? Maybe a Jury system? Regardless, the intent is clear. Take away sovereign rights and replace them with something else, that I guarantee will not benefit the populations in the countries affected, but will benefit the oligarchic corporate states that are emerging.

Here is another section early on, which should concern you, since it will protect corporate intellectual property holders before it does protect you or me.

maintain a balance between the rights of intellectual property holders and the legitimate interests of users and the community in subject matter protected by intellectual property.

Those paying for this treaty are concerned that we might impede on their copyright. Granted, some of that is happening. See China and APAD vs IPADs, but we should be concerned as to how a large corporation can take a small producer to court for perceived slights. For example, see Monstanto and GMO seeds, and how the corporation is taking small farmers to court, since their seeds are flying in the wind onto fields that were never meant to have GMO anything. While Monstanto has partially lost in the American Courts, it does not mean it will not bring these cases in the future. From the recent decision we know that:

Plaintiffs’ attorney, Dan Ravicher of the Public Patent Foundation (PUBPAT), views the decision as a partial victory. “Before this suit, the Organic Seed plaintiffs were forced to take expensive precautions and avoid full use of their land in order to not be falsely accused of patent infringement by Monsanto,” said Ravicher. “The decision today means that the farmers did have the right to bring the suit to protect themselves, but now that Monsanto has bound itself to not suing the plaintiffs, the Court of Appeals believes the suit should not move forward.”

But the TTP will vacate many of these decisions. Also realize that according to the TTP, laws to protect national goals have to be

Each Party may, in formulating or amending its laws and regulations, adopt measures necessary to protect public health and nutrition, and to promote the public interest in sectors of vital importance to its socio-economic and technological development, provided that such measures are consistent with the provisions of this Chapter.

This should concern all, since it pretty much points to the end of national sovereignty. As a world we are moving away from the Metternich order, and towards a world dominated by Corporations, but I wonder how many Americans want to surrender national sovereignty?

Now, this is post one, as I delve further into the text, more analysis will be forthcoming. Regardless, it is not pretty. Senator Warren was right; Americans should be outraged.

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