Ah the Auto Show, (and a light way to get back to the blog)

It has really become a tradition, and we were there, bright (ok well before dawn) and really, really, oh it’s early.

So the first thing I gotta say, it is always fun to see something new, something old, and something interesting. We got all three. First we got an electric enduro racer. (Here is the story at the East County Magazine), but suffice it to say, a racing car that is an electric. Ok, I did a double take. That is the last thing you would expect. This will be the future of technology, or is this a flash to the past? Oh and that is one of my hubby’s photos. I was in awe and forgot to press the shutter on this one.


Then there are the mustangs. Did I mention this is the 50th anniversary of the vehicle? I wish though that Ford had reps to talk about it, but at least we got the photos. You do what you do, and that is about it, I guess. What else can you do?

So, something old…


Yes, I prefer hood shots and it looked like a parking lot. So this is what we got.

And something new…


Oh and I must add, first kudos to the Convention Center staff, and Elite. They were very polite and very professional. And for those representatives from the Auto Industry that did show up, well, you are in the article for a reason. You were there and bothered to show up.

Why I really cannot say much about the Mustang. Well, except pretty pictures.

Oh and let me add a few more pictures from the mobility section.



This is a full truck, the side comes “off” so you can actually load yourself with your wheelchair. We thought this was pretty impressive.



This is a standard Chevy Truck. Forgive me for not having the model on this one.



I found the static engine displays to be fascinating. Yup, this one goes into a Mustang, well, not quite this one.

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