Trans Pacific Partnership: Oh Shiny

So, while we are all stuck on the Christie scandal (and it is getting deeper), there is something you should know. The US Senate has passed legislation that will fast track the TTP. This is a problem. If this treaty was so great for the American Worker, why is it that most of the negotiations have been held in secret?

Some have called it worst than NAFTA, or NAFTA on steroids. This is yet another attack on the working class (not just in the United States mind you), by the corporations that seem to control all. So what are some of the problems from the leaked documents on it? Well, you like your environmental protections? That is nice, a corporation will be able to take your State to court to make regulations comply with much lower corporate standards.

That is but one example. The TTP is an egregious attack on national sovereignty. I am amazed at times that the Far Right, always screaming about the evil government, has been so quiet about this. Perhaps in the randian look of the world, they do not care if Corporations rule the world? Regardless, it is more like a cyberpunk world every day. Oh and the irony, a candidate who ran for the Presidency in 2008 saying that he’d revise NAFTA, now is pushing something that will make NAFTA look like a progressive treaty.

If you expect the MSNBC and CNNs of the world to cover the TTP until AFTER it is signed and delivered, I got a bridge to sell you. Like most everything else, there is an agenda at play, and it is not the people who’s interest they supposedly should serve as news organizations.

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