Ah Yes, IT WAS over Real Estate…

Channel 10 reports that Bonnie Dumanis might be in hot water after meeting a Mexican developer.

Aguirre points to a meeting Dumanis says she had with Mexican tycoon Susumo Azano early in her mayoral campaign, which began in March 2011.

To be honest, she was not the only one. It seems disgraced Mayor Filner did get funds as well. Oh and the list of possible politicians ensnared in this little charade is growing. (And it includes member of both parties, so the view of only the other side does it fails here). So what is the problem with this? Well, earlier I proposed that the whole Filner scandal went back to our developer “mafia” downtown. Well, it seems it was indeed over real estate. This would have replaced one mafia for a new mafia, but downtown would still be controlled by developers.

One thing that is a constant in US Politics, especially local politics, is that a large percentage of it revolves around real estate and who controls it. The second is who controls school boards. But much of our politics can be summarized by who is the power behind city hall, or the governor’s office.

The other constant is that this leads to corruption in high places and politicians who believe they can get away with it. After all, they are in charge, right? It is like asking who will call the cops to report a cop who just ran a red light.

So in the end, it was indeed about real estate. I am all but shocked or surprised. It was just a slightly different version of the problem, and I guess the local developers are smiling as this emerges into the next scandal. After all, outsiders, carpet baggers, are commonly hated by all locals, another truism of politics. So it will be even easier to demonize the outsider developer, while the locals try to entrench themselves once again.

It goes without saying, remember to vote on the 11th, it is about who controls downtown…as always.

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