Tuesday’s Election: The Beginning of a New Era?

On Tuesday we have an election in this town. The race is a dead heat, and it is strange given what people think of San Diego. After all, this is a conservative military town, and a GOP stronghold, right? Well, most of the country still believes this.

Well, to those of us watching San Diego politics this is not surprising.

A new SurveyUSA poll in San Diego, with half or more of voters having already returned a ballot, finds the mayoral race a dead heat with Kevin Faulconer (R) at 47% and David Alvarez (D) at 46%.

Yes, this is a very tight race. It is also a symbol of the population change we are seeing in America’s 8th largest city. Outside San Diego people expected the Republicans to have an easy time after the resignation of Bob Filner. In fact, that was read as an aberration. But it us not. San Diego is becoming an increasingly blue city, with a majority Democratic City Council.

Moreover, the attacks on workers in this city have woken up the voters, principally south of I-8, a reliable democratic voting block.

The question is if they will come out in droves on Tuesday to vote for their native son: David Alvarez? I expect it to be a very close election, between these two men. In fact, a recount is not out of the realm of possibilities.

What is also true is that the Democratic candidate (these are supposedly non partisan races) has out raised and outspent the Republican. In a symbol of the desperation of the Republican, Kevin Faulconer has even attacked this San Diegan Native Son, of working class roots, of being a carpet bagger. So the other good thing, on Wednesday all those adds are over.

At least this time around we have not received the remember to vote Wednesday call…


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