Well, Every Pothole Should be Safe…

Since the Kevin Faulconer term in City Council has less than a year to go, the City Council will chose his replacement. It looks we are well on our way to true divided government in San Diego City. If what is happening in DC is a sign of things to come, I don’t think San Diego potholes will have much to fear, let alone more serious matters. (I know, I know a pothole can be serious, especially if you drive into one. The last time we had a lot of those, there were a LOT or small claims court cases. It got expensive, the potholes were fixed in the end.)

The city has a Strong Form of Mayor, passed in 2004 and made permament in 2010, with Jerry Sanders as it’s first incarnation in the current period. Here is a handy short history of San Diego City Government history by the way.

I know, this could just be my cynical side coming out. It’s not like I had much sleep last night. So let’s rise our glasses to our potholes. They are safe. HOORAY for the potholes!

Of course if this becomes the case, 2016 (Yes that is a Presidential election year) should fully be the he said, she said kind of an environment, and lord help us if in 2014 one or two Republican members of the Council are voted out as well. Then full on gridlock might be in our future. Then it will be fully an interesting exercise. I hope they all remember that we the people need them to govern, and that there is this dirty word (compromise) in the dictionary.

In other words, in the off chance any of the principals involved reads this…. current day DC is not a good model of how to do things.

For the record, if the shoe were on the other foot, I would expect this to happen as well. It is the nature of modern-day American politics. On the bright side, it makes for interesting times at City Council. Trust me, discussions over easements are not what they are cracked up to be, but fireworks keep us political reporters busy.

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