San Diego City Council Thanks First Responders

ImageChief Javier Mainar with Council Member Marti Emerald


May 20, 2014 (San Diego) It was a well timed award for the City First Responders. The Council had voted to make this week Emergency Medical Services Recognition Week. What usually is just a pro forma presentation, became an emotional moment for both our first responders and city leaders.

While Emerald was presenting the plaque, Council Member Mark Kersey interrupted. Usually this is a breach of protocol, but in this emotional moment nobody cared. He relayed his story of being among the thousands of San Diegans to be evacuated last week, as the fires raged in the North County. He represents District Five, which is the affected district in San Diego city proper.

The Declaration recognized Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, Nurses, Emergency Physicians for their life saving work. We also learned from Emerald that next year it will include the Police Officers in the City. Donations came from Kersey’s district to equip every supervisor vehicle with Automatic External Defibrillators. Soon, Police supervisors who reach a scene before the Paramedics do, can start saving lives.

During the declaration we also learned that the City left EMS in the city, and used firefighters in the fire lines, and Fire Personnel just responded to critical medical calls. Suffice it to say, this is not rare or strange. Of note, the bulk of the day to day calls in any fire department are medical calls.

ImageCity Council Members Ed Harris, Myrtle Cole, Lorie Zapf and Kersey applauding first responders

When the City Council stood en mass and started applauding, there was clear emotion in the room. The City Leaders showed that they are proud of the job these men and women did for the rest of us last week. While many businesses helped during the crisis, and others have offered to give Fire Fighters some free services, it is a nice change of pace to see the City Leaders recognizing the work they did.

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