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May 29, 2014 (San Diego) We are about to go to the polls, and one of our politicians was involved in the Susumo Azano scandal. What is amazing is that while our media is discovering how important Azano is in Mexico, so far it has not connected a lot of the dots.

Bribing officials, and trying to buy politicians is not new for Azano. As KPBS writes, he is not a stranger to the power games in Mexican politics. In fact, he has been a big player, and I did confirm that by extensive reading of the Mexican media.

He is well known, and very well connected. Among other politicians that he had direct connections with was the former President of Mexico Felipe Calderon. As Lindero Norte writes during the previous sexenio that Azano ran a security company, Security Tracking Devices, which sold electronic equipment to the Defense Department (SEDENA). He also financed many political runs and has been the man behind more than a few influential politicians.

Azano has been arrested in San Diego by the FBI for trying to buy politicians in San Diego. According to NBC 7 Presumably Azano’s goal was to buy influence in City Hall that would be friendly to him and his development goals.

“A federal prosecutor previously said Susumo Azano had hoped that local politicians, including former Mayor Bob Filner, would help him in his quest to build up the San Diego bayfront, at the foot of Broadway.


Susumo Azano is the fourth person charged in the investigation into recent San Diego’s mayoral and Congressional campaigns.


Lobbyist Marco Polo Cortes, former San Diego police detective Ernesto Encinas and D.C.-based campaign services executive Ravneet Singh also face charges in connection with the case.”


Azano has been in the influence business for decades, and has been called a very dangerous man. So, as we go to the polls on Tuesday, we must ask, what else is going on? It is not just a man arrested for influence peddling. He has been in that business for decades. As we wrote in the previous story, some of this might be related to the Sempra case.

In Mexico a few journalists, including well respected Carmen Aristegui (among other outlets she is an analyst for CNN Mexico) have suggested that partly all this is to make him untouchable, and a dirty man. Therefore, this will make his influence in Mexican politics greatly diminish, and perhaps make him untouchable. The rumor campaign is also clear in the Mexican media.

We will wait as to the process in the Courts, but given that two of the people who were the middle men already pled guilty, this will be an interesting case to follow. These are Retired San Diego police Detective Ernesto Encinas and Marc Chase, a car dealer in La Jolla.

On a side note, Azano used Citizen’s United and Superpacs to his benefit. This alone should give San Diego residents pause.

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