Scandals: Two different Reactions from Voters and Extremely Low Turnout


 Supervisor Horn

Supervisor Horn


June 4, 2014 (San Diego) In 2010 County Board of Supervisors District Five Bill Horn faced a tough race against Steve Gronke. It was a very difficult reelection which almost knocked off the at then 16 year veteran of the Board of Supervisors. This year Bill Horne is in even more trouble. As of this morning he is leading by a mere 1,378 votes, with 98,000 provisional ballots still to be counted. His opponent is moderate Republican, and former City of Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood.

This is coming on the heels of a small scandal that broke out very close to the June Primary. Horn used a religious charity to move funds, according to Inews source

This might have played a role with North County voters who decided to vote against the Supervisor who had trouble keeping his seat four years ago. This is a race that will take days, if not weeks, to be decided. So while Horn has edged a narrow lead, it is far from decided.

DA Dumanis

DA Dumanis

On the other hand, the County DA race was decided yesterday. Never mind that people have pled guilty in the Jose Susumo Azano case, and that there are still questions lingering about the role of Bonnie Dumanis in what looks like a foreign national playing a role in San Diego elections. The voters have given her a new term.

While Bob Brewer ran a strong campaign, he was unable to break the 40% mark, and Dumanis has been outright elected to a new term as San Diego’s District Attorney. She ran a tough on crime campaign, while he said the office had become political. Regardless, he failed, and we need to ask if the voters cared, or were even paying attention. (Insert link to my own blog)

Assembly Member Lorena Gonzales

Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez

In the round up of races, we must also say that there were races to the State Assembly that were uncontested on both sides. There were two Republican seats in the North County that had no challengers. They were Mary Waldron and Rocky Chavez, While in Central San Diego County both Lorena Gonzalez and Shirley Weber were reelected with no opponents.

Some of the races are moving on to November, while others were decided last night.

While both parties said it was a good night, with the Lincoln Club declaring this an excellent night for Republicans. It was truly a mixed bag. The new system has already decided some races, but that is on both sides. In reality, even in an extremely low turnout election, the Registrar is placing it in the 20s, it was not a knock out to either party. It also did not help to increase voter participation in traditionally low turnout races.


UPDATE: As of this afternoon the County Registrar reports these are the numbers of votes received by both sides

BILL HORN  28970  51.22 %

JIM WOOD  27592  48.78 %

We are confident to call it for Supervisor Horn, since this is outside the range that would trigger an automatic recount, which is 1%.


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