The Demolition Derby…

Parade of Cars, with the Flag

Parade of Cars, with the Flag

Photos by Tom and Nadin Abbott

June 8, 2014 (San Diego) The Derby is a tradition, and it is put together by the Kumeyaii Tribe at Viejas. It benefits the Burn Institute of San Diego, which helps those of lower resources deal with the devastating injuries that can be major buns. As Leah Hubert told me, the Institute runs this on a need basis, and they work on whatever the client needs. Some need help with food. Others might need help to get to appointments. Burns are a life time issue, and people need help. The event raised $65,000 from sponsors, and it also raised $5,000 from State Farm, the other sponsor.

This Fire safety exhibition\ slash demolition derby is very popular, and the latter started at the now gone El Cajon Speedway. These days it is held every year at the Del Mar fair, so if you are in the mood for a piece of classic Americana, (that is loud and noisy and dirty and smokey), well, this is one place to come. For your enjoyment, here is a short video of it. And with no further, some of the photos of the event.

It is only at a demolition derby where one of the sponsors is Mary Kay Cosmetics, that a fire fighter will drive a pink car.

May Kay Cosmetics... one of the vehicles entered by Heartland Fire.

May Kay Cosmetics… one of the vehicles entered by Heartland Fire.

This is not without any risk, so two Engines were standing by in case drivers needed help, which as it happened, one of the vehicles did catch on fire.


More of the action



Some vehicles were removed by forklift. This one came back to fight another day, in the third heat




And the hits keep on coming..



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