Pensacola Principal Cancels Little Brother Reading Program

June 13, 2014 (San Diego)– This little note came from the Comic Book Legal Relief Fund (CBLDF). A Principal cancelled the One School/One Book summer reading program. The reason was that he thought Little Brother by Cory Doctorow was not an appropriate book for ninth and tenth graders.

According to the CBLDF the reading was approved by the administration. The Principal though did not like the idea that questioning authority might be a good thing. Doctorow’s response was a classic:

I’m hoping you guys are intrigued that there’s an adult in your life who thinks reading this book will somehow harm you. I hope that will make you want to read it. Your principal hasn’t destroyed this book but has destroyed the chance to discuss this book and talk to each other. When you censor a book, people want to know why you’re censoring it. And they want to see it.


In a world where kids usually do not read, stopping kids from reading is crazy. Moreover, this kind of censorship has been done for classics such as Huckleberry Fin as well. We thought, while this is not a local story, this would be interesting for anybody who still believes in the freedom to read, and to think for oneself.

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