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Comicon International Day One 2013

Comicon International Day One 2013

June 15, 2014 (San Diego) When reading City Budgets one encounters just how important Comicon is. And with no further… from the 2015 City of San Diego Proposed Budget:

In 2014, the ConventionCenter is forecasting to surpass $1.4 billion in economic impact and $20.6 million in tax revenue. San Diego has also been home to Comic-Con International for the past 40 years, an expo showcasing comic books, science fiction/fantasy, film/ television, and other pop culture elements. With an annual attendance of approximately 126,000, Comic-Con is the leader in generating revenue for the Convention Center, and projected to have an economic impact to the City of approximately $178 million in calendar year 2014.


These are not minor numbers, and why the City will go out of it’s way to keep the Convention here in San Diego. It is one of those many pieces of data in the document, together with fire engines, stations and police. So next time you think, but what is all the hoopla about, read that.

It also bears saying that Comicon started in one room, and it was just Comics. It has grown into a critical element of the Summer season in San Diego, and it is the place to be for four days of the year if you want to know what is going on in popular culture. It is a party, it is fun, and $178 million is nothing to sneeze at.

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