The US Congress Passes the North American Energy Infrastructure Act

June 29, 2013 (San Diego) Last tuesday the US House voted to pass the North American Energy Infrastructure Act (H.R. 3301). This was passed on a roll call vote at 238 ayes and 173 nays. The San Diego Delegation voted as follows:

Susan Davis (D), Juan Vargas (D) and Scott Peters (D) voted nay, while Duncan Hunter and Darrel Issa voted yay.

From the legislative analysis for the Democrats this Bill will do the following:

“The bill’s new approval process effectively requires approval of all transboundary pipelines and transmission projects with little or no federal environmental review.   Modifications to existing cross-border pipelines or transmission lines would not require any approval or review at all.”

This seems targeted at the XL Pipeline.

It also would make it much easier to build more cross border transmission lines between the Sierra Juarez and the San Diego East County, if that need ever came. This is clear from the language:

“The revised language still effectively requires approval of transboundary oil pipeline and transmission projects.  Under the revised language, the relevant federal agencies must issue a “certificate of crossing” to a company seeking to build a transboundary oil pipeline or transmission line unless the project is deemed not in the public interest.  The revised language significantly narrows the environmental review process to just the segment of the project that crosses the border, ignoring the other environmental impacts along the project’s route. “

The Bill is now on it’s way to the US Senate for consideration.


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