Border Patrol Confiscates 447 Pounds of Marijuana at San Clemente

Graphic courtesy of Border Patrol

Graphic courtesy of Border Patrol


July 23, 2014 (San Clemente) The United States Border Patrol confiscated 447 pounds of Marijuana from two attempts to take it inland. Agents first detained a 27 year old driving a 2007 Yukon. A drug-sniffing dog was used at the secondary checkpoint.

When they checked the vehicle they found 206.35 pounds of marijuana encapsulated in foam.  The marijuana was valued at $123,810. The driver said that he was in the process of driving to Los Angeles.

On July 11 the Border Patrol sent a female driver of a 2000 Mercedes to Secondary after she tried to avoid agents. A dog also alerted. After the check Officials found The marijuana weighed 240.97 pounds and was valued at $144,582.

Both suspects were arrested and turned over to Drug Enforcement for possession of a controlled substance.

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