Winner Twins Have Lots of Success with Writing

Photos: Tom Abbott


July 24, 2014 (San Diego) Brittany and Brianna Winner started writing as a way to “overcome our dyslexia and we never thought that we could do anything.”


As authors of script plays and a full trilogy indeed they are.

These days the twins are very successful authors and scriptwriters. They write “science fiction, sci fi romance.” Their new book, called Perfect Compatibility Test (PCT) will be available later this year in Ebook form, though you can get a preview at their booth, #1601.

This is the latest of their publishing success with three other novels, collectively known as the Strand Series:

  1. The Strand Prophecy, Howler Publishing, March 2008
  2. Strand Book II – Extinction’s Embrace, Howler Publishing, September 2011
  3. Strand Book III – Red Moon Rising, Not yet released

They are also involved in production for a movie to be released in 2016.

So going back to the dyslexia, it was very difficult in school to become good readers. They found “success in things like Dragon Naturally speaking.” They added that while “it’s a struggle, we have a passion for story telling.”


They have a message to youngsters now in High School and Junior High who are struggling: “Focus on your strengths, and focus on what you are good at, and have your passions.”

They have also formed a non-profit, called Motivate 2 Learn. This non-profit was formed to help kids with learning disabilities, youth literacy and education. You can learn more about this at their Wikipedia entry, which was just launched.

The twins will also have a panel at Comicon. It will be on Sunday July 27, at 4:00 PM at room 7 AB. The panel is titled: How to Create Your Own Novel: From First Idea to Publishing and What You Need to Sell Your Work to TV and Film

The World Council for the gifted and Talented have also recognized the twins as prodigies.

You can find more about them at their website.

Now that we have wi fi we are including the taped interview in full.

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