Things to do at Comicon that you Would Not Necessarily Expect…


Photo: Tom Abbott

July 25, 2014 (San Diego) San Diego Comicon engenders visions of people in costumes, great premieres, previews and other aspects of popular culture. The last thing you would expect at Comicon is…legal education.

Over the last two mornings we have been attending seminars that count in California for continuing education units for lawyers and paralegals. Michael Lovitz leads these seminars; he is from Los Angeles. He is an Intellectual Property Lawyer.

He was joined this morning Mona Metwalli and Terri Lubaroff who works in conflict resolution. The panel covered all aspects of contract law, and essentially it comes to this: Put it in writing.

So if you only think about Comicon as people in costumes and merchandize, and previews, you are missing a world of what is out there. This is just a small taste of the variety of forums you can attend. Yes, you can stand in line for hours at the Game of Thrones panel, but you can also look for different things that you would not necessarily think go hand in hand with popular culture.

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