San Diego City Council Adopts Minimum Wage and Sick Leave Ordinance


July 28, 2014 (San Diego) In a vote of six to three, along partisan lines, San Diego City Council has adopted the ordinance raising the minimum wage and granting sick leave.

 This amends Chapter 3 of the San Diego Municipal Code by adding article 9, division I, mandating five days of earned sick leave to workers, and also raising the minimum wage.

 On January 1, 2015 minimum pay will go to $9.75, with $10.50 on January 1, 2016 and finally to $11.50 on January 1, 2017. Starting on January 1, 2019 minimum wage will go up annually adjusted to the Consumer Price Index.

 Today a single speaker, Steven Greenwald, spoke against it. He raised the specter of inflation, and how people on Social Security will be more pressed to make ends meet. He also pointed out that the minimum wage increase would really not help, as inflation would quickly eat it.

Peter Brownell of the Center for Policy Initiatives told the Council that these stories of jobs lost, and business fleeting never materialized in San Jose. This is the last city were the minimum wage was raised. More broadly, he spoke of how these higher wages grow the economy due to pent up demand and people spending that money in the local economy.

Council President Todd Gloria before the vote was taken, said that over the last two weeks he has been thanked by people who will be helped. He pointed out that a constituent told him this was an extra forty dollars a pay check, which is a tank of gas.

Gloria also urged Mayor Kevin Faulconer to join the city council and sign the initiative.

The mayor is expected to veto the measure according to his spokesperson Craig Gustafson, but the Council has the necessary votes to override the veto.





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