City of San Diego Joins Others in Treating E-Cigs as Tobacco



July 29, 2014 (San Diego) During the July 28 regular San Diego City Council Session the Council voted unanimously to treat E-Cigs as tobacco. Where you cannot smoke a cigarette you will not be able to use E-Cigarettes either.

The measure was brought to first Committee and now the full city council by Council Member Mark Kersey. This is coming from a concern over public health.

Steve Greenwald was the only speaker against the measure, and his concerns ranged from the lack of science on this, to how this will affect businesses who also carry tobacco products. He also said that these things cannot start fires.

Before the vote Council Member Scott Sherman echoed that last concern, and asked how the permitting process works. The Office of the City Attorney clarified that a business that already has a permit for tobacco will extend to E-Cigs, though they will have to add that to the city permits forms, no further red tape.

The rest of the speakers were for the ban. They ranged from the American Heart Association, who’s speaker emphasized the good science they have done over the decades, to the American Cancer Society and citizens.

One particular speaker emphasized that they can be used to smoke pot and that we have had a lot of explosions related to hash oil production.

The vote was unanimous. 

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