San Diego’s Climate Action Plan

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City of San Diego Seal

UPDATE: The item was pulled from the docket to be added in a future meeting. This is according to Council Member David Alvarez’s office.

August 6l 2014 (San Diego) Like the County’s this plan is partly inspired by California Law such as Assembly Bill 32. Unlike the County’s, this plan is still in draft stage. It was put together during the short tenure of Council President Todd Gloria as Council President.

The emphasis is also the creation of a green economy and green jobs. You already have seen some of it at work. The green bike lanes, are a result of working with the Plan but chiefly with another plan, and that is the San Diego Regional Planning Agency (SANDAG). SANDAG”s plan is slated for a future look.

Nevertheless, the plan states boldly what anybody looking at the issue knows “Research from state, regional, and local agencies indicate that the City of San Diego faces serious vulnerabilities from climate change impacts.”

These are expected at the Port of San Diego (which also has a plan), as well as the interior. The threats from Climate Change will impact San Diego not just with more heat waves, and more with fires, but also with more pollution, and problems with water,


These are the major effects according to the document, but by no means limited to them:


  • Increased temperatures

The City will see hotter and drier days and more frequent, prolonged heat waves.

  • Deteriorating public health

Hotter and drier days create more air pollution by raising ozone levels and this can exacerbate asthma and other respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

  • Introduction of new public health issues

Warmer temperatures year-round could lead to growing mosquito populations, increasing the regional occurrence of West Nile virus and potentially introducing tropical diseases such as Malaria and Dengue Fever.

  • Reductions in fresh water

Water and energy demand will increase while extended and more frequent droughts will cause the water supply to diminish.

  • Increased rate of wildfires

Drier weather may increase the frequency and size of wildfires.

  • Rising sea levels

Projected sea level rise, coastal erosion, and increasing storm surges may cause fragile sea cliffs to collapse, shrink beaches, and destroy coastal property and ecosystems.

  • Negative impacts on wildlife

Native plants and species may be lost forever as entire ecosystems are challenged.

The City intends to incentivize green development and green technologies. These range from participation in things like the PACE program, all the way to developing a green economy with green jobs. These are seen as middle class jobs that will also help the environment.

Tomorrow night Council Member David Alvarez has introduced a resolution to ask Mayor Kevin Faulconer to adopt this plan. This will be at a Special Meeting at Council Chambers starting at two.

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