Major Earthquake hits Napa, California







Update Two: 120 reported injuries, six critical, among them one child. 

Update One: According to officials in a press conference, 15 to 16 buildings have been red tagged. This means no human occupancy. Injuries no further reports. 89 with injuries, two adults in critical condition and the minor who was airlifted. 

The downtown district was hit hard. They are assessing damage and making sure there is no imminent rescue needs. They have also an Urban Search and Rescue task force, fire engines task forces and water tenders. They are looking for calls dealing with gas leaks. 

They are starting to enter recovery mode for public works. Water main breaks have been identified. Five crews will be working in two shits, and mutual aid is in place. So they will be able to repair mains, but the larger mains seem fine.  Water pressure is still good. 

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is also in the process of identifying those who have lost power, and it might take a full week to fully restore power. 


Aug. 24, 2014 (NAPA) 89 people were injured, three in critical condition, one a child who was flown to UC Davis for treatment. The quake, a 6.0 magnitude with an epicenter at the American Canyon, hit Napa and surrounding areas, early Sunday morning.

There are reports of buildings that have collapsed, and others who have suffered major structural damage. This includes water mains breaking, as reported by NPR, in a mobile home park. This made it very difficult for fire personnel to fight that fire.

Governor Edmund Brown has declared a state of emergency in three counties and information is still coming out. There are also multiple emergency shelters opened.

Aftershocks are expected.

A live feed through the NBC station in San Francisco can be watched here.


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