Children Returned to Honduras Killed


Aug. 25, 2914 (San Diego) Several outlets have reported that at least five children who were deported back to Honduras were killed shortly after getting home. The children are coming to the United States due to a fear for their lives.

Among these outlets are Huffington Post and Think Progress.

These children are not crossing multiple borders to get to “El Norte” for economic reasons. They are crossing for fear of their lives. Yet, there are people in the country still advocating treating this just as normal and take away the legislation that allows them to make a positive case with immigration.

This is a humanitarian crisis, and one that has to be treated that way. Fearing for your life makes you a refugee under international law. The United States has signed international treaties regarding this.

Moreover, according to the American Civil Liberties Union Immigration officials are also making it hard for people to exercise their rights, in at least one detention facility at Artesia, New Mexico.

Immigration officers staffing Artesia routinely interfere with the ability of these families to contact a lawyer. Phone calls – even calls to lawyers – are permitted only once per day and are routinely cut off by immigration officers after just three or five minutes. Many lawyers have been denied access to clients or told by the authorities that they are not allowed to speak up in hearings to defend their clients’ rights. When one detained mother attempted to find an attorney by asking an official at Artesia if she could get one, he told her that an attorney was not necessary. Another detained mother was told by an ICE officer that an attorney would only facilitate her deportation.



We as a nation should be better. We have received refugees from warzones from all over the world. These are not economic refugees, and the United Nations recognizes extreme gang violence for what it is, a reason to flee.

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