The Terror of ISIL Continues

Child soldier in Iraq, confirmed by Human Rights Watch.

Child soldier in Iraq, confirmed by Human Rights Watch.

Sept. 3, 2014 (San Diego) The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) beheaded two American Journalists. Both, Steven Soloft and James Foley worked as freelancers in one of the most dangerous areas of the world. They have threatened to execute a former British soldier next. His name is David Cawthorne Haines.

We should not lose tract of another fact. ISIL has conducted a war of terror on Christians, Yazidi and other minorities. They have driven over 600,000 from their homes. They have beheaded children.

As we are horrified as to what they did to two of our own, realize this is a group that has been conducting a pretty medieval war on those who they consider to be less than human. They also have made their intent clear: A GlobalWe Caliphate.

We might question whether they have the power to project outside the Middle East, but the objective is clear. They intend to drive their ideology to the rest of the world. In the view of this observer, this is an ideology of death and destruction, not one of life.

Some people question all this as American propaganda wanting to drive us to another war, because the military industrial complex needs another war. The last war in Iraq was pursued on a bed of lies. We can even say, without a shadow of a doubt that the problem with the Middle East in general, but in particular to ISIL, is a product of that other war.

We destabilized the Middle East and forces that have been dormant for decades have been woken up. So yes, we built that, or at least helped install the corner stone of this crisis. But that does not mean we can just turn away and believe that all this is just Western propaganda trying to drive us to a war. In fact, a war is very possible, and it will not be a war of choice.

Children have been decapitated. Women have been raped, sold into slavery, and in some cases buried alive. Men have been forced to convert at the point of a gun, or killed, crucified, decapitated, or shot. All these things have happened. This is not Western propaganda.

The reason for that is that they are not the right kind of Muslim (some of this goes back to a conflict in Islam going back hundreds of years, almost to the origin of the faith.) Or they are simply not Muslims, period.

So, as you look through the events that are unfolding, realize that yes, real people are very much dying. Most of them, we don’t even know their names. This is genodice.

I could, because they are on the Web, post some very disturbing pictures of dead toddlers, in a pool of their own blood, who are lying on the ground… headless. If you doubt this exists, have a strong stomach and go look for that. The one I am thinking off was beheaded inside a Church.

There are also photos, mostly produced by ISIL, and videos as well, of people being buried alive, or prisoners both at Tikrit and a Syrian Air Force base, marched to the side of a pit and executed. These are not pieces of western propaganda. They are part of a recruitment effort, as well as ISIL produced propaganda.


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