The President Delays Immigration Decision Until After Elections


Photo Courtesy of the White House

Photo Courtesy of the White House

Sept. 8, 2014 (WASHINGTON) President Barack Obama has once again delayed to enact an executive decision on immigration. The White House said that they will delay this until after the November election.

This will lead to more family separation as immigrants are deported. Enrique Moroenes of the Border Angels told Reporting San Diego that he is “disappointed with another delay. This means more deaths at border and more deportations.”

Many democrats, according to CNN, are also blaming the president, but also with Republicans who have refused to work with them.

It is clear that this might affect turnout in November, especially among Latinos. Latino Decisions writes on this:


For Latino voters, immigration policy is often a personal and symbolic issue. In our June 2014 poll we found 62 percent of Latino registered voters personally knew an undocumented immigrant, including 30 percent of Latino voters who said they have a family member who is undocumented (and the additional 32 percent saying it was a friend.)  What’s more, one-third of Latino voters reported that know a person or family who has faced detention or deportation for immigration reasons.


This leads to important questions. While Latinos continue to become a critical voting block in the country, it remains to be seen, how long will political leaders continue to ignore something that matters to this growing group.

 Latino Pew gives some of the answer:

 The number of Hispanics who say they were registered to vote in 2012 reached 13.7 million, up 18 percent over 2008. That was also a record. However, the voter turnout rate among Hispanic registered voters was lower in 2012 than in 2008.


Latinos are a growing political group, but for the moment other interests are driving politics, That said, this delay will affect people at a very personal level and will cost lives.


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