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Video: Nadin Abbott

Sep. 15, 2014 (San Diego) “El Grito de Dolores” signaled the beginning of the war of independence from Spain by Mexico. Every year in every plaza, and government building in Mexico the head of the local government comes out at midnight to recreate the act at the church in Dolores, state of Hidalgo.

In the United States Latin communities maintain that link to the homeland, and recreate this event as well. While this Grito may have many familiar aspects to their counterparts in Mexico, such as flags, food, dance, and talk, it also has another aspect to it: Resistance.

To people in the United States who do not belong to the community this might sound strange. What is this resistance you speak off? Part of it is identity politics, but part of it, is fundamentally the identification of working class, as working class.

Jose Gonzales, from the Frente Indigena de Organizaciones Binacionales spoke of this day as a day when “father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla made the bells peal in Dolores, Hidalgo… we call the people to unite to fight all that which destroys the world.”

He added that we “need to work and unite that fighting spirit that started before 1800.” He added that the crisis today includes family separations, the lack of education for children and privatization of education. He also said that there is a problem when only those who have money can get justice.

“We as a native front, are convinced that we need to work for a just world. The world is for all, not just a few.” He concluded that we need to continue to fight so our children will have a better future.

Rene Sombrozo spoke about the fight to keep education in the hands of the people. He is a member of the Asociacion de Educadores de la Raza, (ARE.) Sombrozo said, “education is essential for the preservation of civil and human rights.” He then spoke about how school privatization is a scam.

He said that many of the charter schools claim to give children things like computers that break down very fast. He added that this is a neoliberal plan to create cogs for the machine that will not be able to think independently. Constant testing and common core, in his mind, are not part of the solution, but part of the problem.

The problem with education is poverty and racism, as well as lack of resources. The plan to take over education started, according to him, under President Ronald Reagan, and has accelerated apace.

He called for people to retake the schools, as schools are at the heart of the future of future generations.


Some dance from the Folklorico group.



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