DeMaio and Boehner Hide from the Public

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Warning: This report has some explicit sexual content.

Oct. 11, 2014 (San Diego) There was a fundraiser at Pacific Beach for Carl DeMaio, running for the United States Congress against Scott Peters. One of the guests was the Speaker of the House John Boehner.


There were many passers by who were also asking what was going on, due to the heavy presence of Secret Service, San Diego Police and California Highway Patrol. People were curious, but none of these two men chose to come out and face the heavy media gaggle.

DSC_3968Demaio shot

DeMaio inside the house

The way that DeMaio was brought in, was in a San Diego PD vehicle, and the doors to the garage were closed, where you could not see him. The Speaker came with his Secret Service Detail, and also rushed into the house. When leaving, the Speaker was whisked away without addressing the media, or the public.

This video shows a member of the media saying that you could not see anything either.

The event had a slight protest from a few Democrats, led by Jess Durfee, former Chairman of the San Diego party. He, and many of his supporters held “dirty DeMaio” signs, a nice echo from the Bob Filner Scandal.

They were there not just to welcome the Speaker, but also to point to posters that there is a scandal brewing, and that we do not need more “dirty politicians” in Washington.

So what is the background of the scandal?

According to Politico Wednesday coverage, DeManio was peppered with questions on whether he had sexually harassed Todd Bosnich, who is a former staffer for the campaign. According to DeMaio none of this ever happened and he charged Bosnitch with the break-in at his headquarters in May.

According to Politico, Bosnitch said that on June 27 he tapped a radio interview with Mike Slater, a conservative radio host in San Diego.

According to the same story Politico ran, the campaign denied any of this, and said that Bosnitch is the prime suspect in the break-in of May 28.

In an interview with CNN yesterday, Bosnitch said:

“We were making small talk on the way back. And when he pulled up to my car, he reached over into my lap and grabbed my crotch. And I flipped out. And I pushed his hand away,” Bosnich said. “I just was shocked because I’d never had anyone do something like that to me, especially in a position of authority and trust. And, at the time, I just figured, well, maybe he was drunk and blew it off. But he progressively and progressively, the inappropriate touching incidents continued from there.”

Bosnitch has also said that he was offered $50,000 in exchange for a nondisclosure agreement.

Earlier Charges:


If this was the first time rumors and innuendo came up, we might say this is just politics, brass knuckles politics. But in Aug. 22, 2013, after DeMaio was no longer a candidate for anything, Rex Dalton wrote for the that DeMaio had “alleged sex issues.”

According to Dalton:

“But there never has been a public accounting of how during 2009 DeMaio allegedly would leave the San Diego City Council dais during meetings to masturbate in a men’s room — events known by elected officials and suspected by members of the media.”

It was not just Ben Hueso, currently serving in the State’s Senate and having his issues with drunken driving, who saw this. According to Dalton, Marti Emerald confirmed this to him. Bosnitch told CNN “It corroborated my account of being sexually harassed by Carl DeMaio,”

Just like today, DeMaio’s representatives denied the matter back then. Recently they also said that the police has cleared them from any wrongdoing, but San Diego Police told CNN that the report of the break-in has been sent to the DA, but the DA has not taken action.


So this brings us back to the counter protest by Democrats. Durfee said that the people demonstrating came to “bring attention to the fact that John Boehner has come to town to help elect a tea party Republican, a Republican that this week has been embroiled in scandal based on allegations of sexual harassment.”

Durfee also said that he “sent a letter to the Attorney General (Kamala Harris) asking that Bonnie Dumanis be recused from the investigation since Bonnie had endorsed Carl and that Carl had hosted fundraisers for Bonnie’s election as District Attorney.” He added that it was “extremely inappropriate that it would be she who would investigate Carl for Allegations of criminal activity.”

He also said that it was something the voters should have in mind when they vote Nov. 4.

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Updated to reflect a correction from Dalton.

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